Pre milled/ground product

  1. I’m not a senior but have arthritis because of an accident in my wrist. If I see a good milled. I try it. Larry was good. Thinking of trying pink Berry by PSF but can’t find any reviews.

  2. Im pretty certain it will continue to be a big part of flower products. Consumers want the cheapest thing possible and LP’s are probably loving it cause the flower doesn’t have to be high quality and they can use all the shake they want, while making a profit.

  3. I go through about an ounce per week and I buy a lot of pre-ground ( Shred and Back 40) due to the convenience of not needing to bring a grinder and it's quicker to load up the vape or I just throw a pack or papers in the bag and I' m good to go. It's not top shelf as far as a buzz goes but the taste is good with Shred, due to the added kief or wahtever they do. I enjoy it when Im walking the dog or going for a bike ride or a situation where the wind is going take a lot of it. At around $3-4 gram, it's hard to beat in terms of value. The money i save just goes back into buying the expensive stuff , for when I'm home in my smoking lounge.

  4. Off topic but the PSF Berry and Canaca Indica 24 from the new drop,both burned slow and consistently to a white ash for less than 24$ tax in/7g's.

  5. Oh I was definitely onboard with the shred gang... I feel they set the bar for that category and it's gonna be though for alot of LPs to meet it

  6. Pre-milled is the future of dried flower. Eventually only premium product will come in whole bud form and over time even that will be rarer and rarer.

  7. I think you will see more milled offerings as the things moves forward. Just makes sense as its one less step and one less tool (grinder, scissors etc..) to have on hand. I have to assume that you would also get the added benefit of no stem weight in the final package as long as the producer is hand breaking down bud from the stems before milling.

  8. Yeah, the reason it's milled instead of broken up is so those stems and leaves get ground down to nothing. No body is removing stems and breaking it down lol.

  9. Not sure how you think Shred did it "proper". They spray that garbage with terpenes, it says right on the package. Not sure why people think it's "great bud" they put in those bags.

  10. I can understand it’s part of the market. Not really my bag, the only time I could see buying it would be camping or backpacking. Simple to carry with papers and a lighter, no need for a grinder etc.

  11. Trying the diesel kush rn, it’s a lot more milled than shred or Saturday pre milled stuff I’ve tried, which I kinda like! I wish the bag came with a hydro pack of some kind, but the smoke is nice, hits pretty hard and lasts longer than the shred I’ve tried but I think they’re pretty comparable! I bought this guy because of the price point, don’t wanna go over my weed budget this month yah know!

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