What are you waiting for, Billy?

  1. This would actually be a great idea. Aldis is very talented but he’s been known to be a difficult champion and that’s evident with his title defenses or lack there off

  2. I remember someone, probably in a magazine since this was back in the day, didn't understand why Dustin with all the pill dusty had in the back left wcw for wwf. I'm not sharing be would have been wcw champ, since nwo was right around the corner, but it makes you think.

  3. Dustin would be a worthy challenger. I can see him as a legit champ more than Trevor Murdoch. If Memphis Wrestling recently got Lance Archer then Billy should be willing to bring Dustin in. I could believe him getting the belt off Aldis, no disrespect to Trevor but that is just how I personally see it.

  4. I think this is a fantastic idea. Dustin challenging for the belt that his father and brother have held.

  5. Why does it have to be NWA gold and not the All Elite title? Don’t exactly see him being set up as the ace to dethrone Kenneth Olivier.

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