FTR express a desire to win the Crockett Cup and NWA Tag Team Championships, NWA responds

  1. DO IT NOW. The only things NWA can capitalize on right now (and believe me I lm really rooting for them) is the NWA legacy and the allure/star power of Mr Corgan, and Aldis is a solid champ but desperately needs a real foil. If NWA can leverage FTR'S penchant for nostalgia, that would be a huge boost.

  2. GAHHHHH Billy if you see this the NWA helped AEW's women's division when it was at a low point. FTR are a top tier tag team, having them work several NWA shows would do wonders for the brand and recapture some lost momentum.

  3. This would be amazing for the NWA. Obviously FTR isn’t going to dethrone the Bucks anytime soon so why not allow it?

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