The way Zaheer was moving during his escape makes me wonder how deadly he was as a non bender.

  1. I remember one of the creators saying that a lot of Zaheer's style is based on the concept that a true martial arts master could pick up any weapon, even one they aren't trained with, and still use it with terrifying force.

  2. Even without his movements, just the fact that he was imprisoned this way by the White Lotus tells us how dangerous he had to have been.

  3. You can’t be an extreme ideologist like Zaheer in a world full of benders without a proclivity for violence. The man was highly skilled at fighting benders before becoming an air bender, and he took to it like a duck on water.

  4. Love Zaheer's charcter design, you can tell from his numerous scars and cauliflower ear that he was an experienced fighter before he gained airbending

  5. I always though that those guards starved in that cell because of zaheer’s comment about rationing the rice, but it just dawned on me that they probably used either fire or earth bending to get out the second he was gone. Either that or the spare set of keys the probably have.

  6. It took me a second rewatch to realize they could just bend themselves out. Also the other leaders knew about Zaheer’s new air bending, and zuko went to check on P’Li, meaning someone checked in on them or they got out.

  7. When people are caged alone, one of the things they do to pass the time and keep their mind and body sharp is to count and exercise. Although, that mostly applies to solitary confinement.

  8. Probably, there's loads of body weight exercises you can do without weights, especially if you're already in shape

  9. He kind of mastered the air element right after becoming a bender and he also knew a lot about air benders for some reason. It makes me think that he may have studied air bending and the Air Nation as a non bender. Is that too far-fetched?

  10. Zaheer mentions to Korra that the Red Lotus tried to kidnap her when she was younger because they wanted to bring her over to their side. On top of being fascinated with air nomads in general, it's possible he was going to be a substitute airbending instructor. Even though he had no bending at the time lol.

  11. Air is the element of freedom. Freedom is Zaheer's whole deal. Zero chance he didn't read up on it as part of the Red Lotus's philosophy. Hell, he's quoting Laghima from memory in his prison cell.

  12. Zaheer is so impressive that a comic about his and the red lotus formation story would be awesome, and the story that he told about trying to capture korra while still a little child should be told in detail one day. Unalaq was not arrested how? Xai Bai and the broke up with the white lotus all mentioned in that dialog. So much potencial.

  13. You can already kinda tell from this that he seems to have been influenced by airbending in his fighting style for a while. Once the he gets the gate open and throws the one dude into it, he spends the whole rest of the fight circling around the rest of the guards until he has them in line; he does very little actual striking until they're lined up with each other and the prison, and then he strikes really aggressively to get them in. It's just absolute chef's kiss.

  14. Very. He led three of the most powerful benders in the entire world as a non-bender. He’s ridiculously intelligent and adapts to bending VERY quickly. I would never want to face off against him even without bending.

  15. Idk this scene was always weird to me. Even if he theoretically knew all the air bending moves it’s a lot of belief to suspend that he can just preform them perfectly with literally 0 practice

  16. He could wave air around inside his cell. The door was opaque and nobody seemed to normally hang out near the cell anyway because the retractable bridge was considered precaution enough.

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  18. I love how he's like you have 3 weeks before the next shift, because there's no way a master water bender fire bender and earth bender could possibly break out of a metal prison 😅

  19. I never noticed before but I remember being really worried for those guys bc how are they gonna survive for 3 weeks but I just realized they can just bust out with bending 💀

  20. Think people forget this isnt prime Zaheer. This is him after 14 years of living on only rice and unable to train, and he didn’t even have to use air bending to dodge their attacks.

  21. I never bought Zaheer as a convincing villain despite how dangerous his ideology is he's still a nonbender which are going to go down pretty easily to any master bender Ghazan is dangerous sure but that's cause lava bending is overpowered and was terribly executed. I would buy it if Zaheer were a smart charismatic person who got powerful benders to follow him and that's what made him dangerous. But all of a sudden he is highly proficient with an ability he basically gained over night. Not to mention his evil plan was terribly planned anarchy creates a power vacuum for someone worse to fill and that's exactly what happened and he somehow did not expect that to happen. I really don't get why people think he's such a well written villain.

  22. Zaheer's the strategist and also the spiritual expert. It's established that he can keep in secret contact with Red Lotus agents (e.g. Aiwei) all over the world via meditating in the spirit world. Could probably do that even in prison. None of the other three core members can do that.

  23. Convincing, sure I can give you that. But sinister enough to kill the queen and almost kill korra and pretty change the political landscape of ba sing sa is pretty high up there when it comes to villains. Became a deadly bender in less than a few weeks. Dude has talent across the board. Not perfect since he was losing to tenzin but overall a fun villain to watch. Also this is same man who study air bending history and explore teaching from monks as well. It’s not super surprising that he was well proficient in air bending. Give him a solid 2 years could have been a master.

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