Who wins this battle, the Airbenders or the Red Lotus? Is this a close match?

  1. how would we know this lol the only feat any of the airbenders have is Monk Gyatso killing those Fire Nation soldiers (and we don't know how he did it)

  2. Also the definition of the Red Lotus. Like are we just referring to Zaheer and his gang, or the whole of the Red Lotus.

  3. Okay, so I agree and all of that, but like... FN? I get what you mean but my brain immediately went like: Those sum' fuckin' nasty soldiers my broski!

  4. Hard to say, as we know being a bending master doesn't necessarily make you a expert fighter. Like I doubt Toph's old teacher will be winning any Earth Rumble matches for example. But still kinda torn here, Gyatso alone took down comet enhanced soldiers and that's no small feat, and it shouldn't be too much of a stretch that his fellow masters are around/at that same level. On the other hand the Red Lotus are all expert fighers who have defeated other masters with relative ease.

  5. Here's the thing, as Zaheer showed, pretty much NO ONE at the time of Korra (or even Aang when he became active again) had any idea how to combat a competent air bender due to the style being more or less extinct for over 100 years.

  6. I reckon if Tenzin can handle Zaheer by himself (as was happening in their fight until he got taken out from the side) you can assume one airbending master can take Zaheer as well. That leaves a four on three situation, given a roughly equal ability level amongst the others I'd hand it to the airbenders. The one disadvantage they may have is a lack of fighting style variety.

  7. Don't compare air monks to Tenzin Tenzin is a top tier benders and fighter he isn't the average air bender. And none of these monks would fight like Tenzin.

  8. Ooooooo, probably the air masters, they were capable of teaching aang advanced stuff until he ran away, these guyes knew there stuff just never got a chance to flex

  9. I look at it as roughly 5 Tenzins worth of airbending masters. We can assume a few of them were stronger than Tenzin. Tenzin alone was able to fight against all of them for a short period of time so having four more airbending masters added seems like over kill

  10. Red lotus. One of the most deadly groups in the entire universe and has some of the most unique bending as well.

  11. the flaw with assuming the airbenders are on par with Tenzin is that Tenzin grew up in modern circumstances which allowed him to understand how other styles of bending fight. He was trained both to master his own airbending as well as how it's most effective against other elements.

  12. We don't know any of the air master's fighting style details, though I give them a fair chance, a lot can be done with air mastery if they cat h them right.

  13. I would like to say the air benders, even though the red Lotus has more of a variety of all the elements being used, including all of their peaks sub elements, but I really do think that the air benders would win because they just master one key element, even though yes, Zahir did learn how to let go of his earthly ties resulting in his ability to fly I think the master Airbenders would still kick their ass.

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