So we can all agree this is the most powerful family of all time excluding the Avatar right?

  1. Yes. Psychic bloodbending at any time is on a whole another level (well, Combustion bending also is as well in terms of how insanely powerful and dangerous that ability is itself).

  2. If there was a family of combustion benders that would be a heck of a match lmao It is worth noting that all 3 of these guys needed an Avatar or suicide to take them down. So they were never beaten by normal ranked benders.

  3. I'd put my money on the Yakones, too. Maybe a combustion bender would be able to give them trouble, as they don't need to be able to move much to use their combustion bending

  4. Yeah Combustion Benders have to breathe in heavily and then they can fire. For bloodbending it seems to be instantaneous. Meaning combustion benders are vulnerable for a little bit like when Su took advantage of that to incase P’li’s head.

  5. Zaheer’s suffocation technique isn’t as powerful as people think. Yeah, if he’s able to actually do it, the person will die, most definitely. But he could only do it to people who couldn’t fight back, & it also took some time. The earth queen had no way of fighting back, so that was easy for him. It takes 1-2 minutes, & the person has to be completely incapacitated or like the queen, no way to fight back. If Korra wasn’t poisoned & practically unconscious, he wouldn’t have been able to even start that technique. There’s a reason he doesn’t just go around doing it to everyone in his way.

  6. I mean, the Fire Nation Royal Family would be a hell of a contender, especially if political power is considered.

  7. Well I meant in terms of bending ability lol. Bloodbending outmatches basically everything, and they can do it without the full moon and 2 of them can do it only using their mind.

  8. I think bloodbending beats out any form of fire or earth bending. We even saw Yakone overpower Toph pretty easily.

  9. The best thing is, we have absolutely no idea because there are still so many stories that are to be told in the next 20 years.

  10. If cheating while bending during the day aka bloodbending then possibly. But it’s hard to be out the royal family who have all had lightning, aside from Zuko( don’t know about Izumi or if she’s even a bender.)

  11. Nah that would probably be the Beifongs. Or the fire nation royal family Iroh and Ozai were some of the top benders on the planet. They are up there though but once you get into who's the most powerful things get complicated cause every element has an incredibly powerful form of sub bending I would say combustion bending is probably the most powerful. Then lightning bending its possible that toph could defend against it with a metal wall though and with metal armor she can't be moved by blood bending.

  12. Did you even watch Korra? Lol. Toph was literally bloodbent off her feet while wearing metal armor and that’s while Yakone’s hands were in handcuffs. The 3 of these guys together could have rocked anyone who came their way with literally just a look.

  13. Doesn’t really break canon, hard to break a canon that’s steeped in mythos and powers constantly changing and awakening lol.

  14. Bei Fong's have wealth, status, placement in multiple levels of government, and invented metal bending, which is not illegal. Also, they're... ya know... still alive?

  15. He is talking bending power The beifongs aren't as powerful as you think politically anyway. Saying has one city Lin police chief

  16. Well..yes. It’s just not known that it’s he avatar until later in their lives. But I think this is referring to like Aang and Katara and their kids and other, past avatars’ families.

  17. I disagree; they are extremely strong but only with the element of surprise. If the enemy knows of there blood-bending then they’ll just be killed @ a distance. So strongest family in my book go’s to the Fire nation royal family…..Sozin, Azulon, Iroh, Ozai, Roku, Zuko, Azula and Izumi and (little) Iroh aren’t shown off as much but they come from a good line so I believe in um

  18. We’ve never seen anyone else develop true psychic power. They could be a tier beyond everyone in skill. I wonder if the next season of the show will explore if its truly limited to bloodbending, or just a result of high skill.

  19. That depends. They have a very specific gift that's totally broken against people, but I'm not sure it's the same as being the most powerful.

  20. Beifongs would be 2nd best and would be destroyed by these 3. I wonder if they have any other children/grandchildren

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