Photo of a teenager and her 80-year-old great grand... son

  1. There is probably a significant number of Avatars that are the descendants of other Avatars. I mean, after 10000 years, this is just mathematically extremely likely

  2. Am I the only one who thinks 10000 years is just a large number used by the spirits? There always appeared to be more than 10000 years worth of avatars at the air temples. And, I'm no expert of the Bible, but didn't it use '40 days' as a large length of time?

  3. Unless air benders can spontaneously generate then all air bender avatars are their own descendents after Aang.

  4. I don’t think so. If the average lifespan of an avatar is only 50 years then that’s still only 200 avatars. I don’t think it’s hard to find 200 unique bloodlines on an entire planet.

  5. Zuko is an interesting character from a history perspective. His grandfather was Avatar Roku, he fought against and along side and trained Avatar Aang, and he also met and (slightly) tutored Avatar Korra.

  6. Azula is also interesting. Her great-grandfather was Firelord Sozin. She fought against the Avatar, then she fought against both the Avatar and Zuko, then she fought against the Avatar with Zuko. She also conquered a major capital city when she was 14 without any casualties. After all, if her father hadn't lost, she could have done great things - terrible, yes, but great.

  7. ... I read that as "(slightly) tortured" and I was like 'When tf did that happen?! ... and how do you 'slightly torture' someone?'

  8. Avatars are all reincarnated. So they are the same entity imo. I don't think this is an avatar specific thing. I think everyone is reincarnated, but avatars have Raava to connect them to their past lives.

  9. Every Avatar is a reincarnation of the previous life. Raava says it herself at the end of the Beginnings two-parter that she will follow Wan throughout all of his lives. They're the same soul, just a different body and mind.

  10. No, Korra is a reincarnation of Wan and all other avatars. The only way a person can become an avatar is by bonding their spirits during the Harmonic Convergence (that's what made it so important in S2), so Raava wouldn't be able to simply bond with other people's spirits after Wan's death.

  11. The idea works for a meme, but you are correct, in Buddhist understanding (which is what Avatar's... uh, Avatars are based off of), this is not at all how reincarnation works. Korra is not by any stretch of the imagination Zuko's great-great-grandfather.

  12. I would say this is somewhat open to interpretation. There is evidence to the contrary of your point though. Take for example Roku speaking to Jeong Jeong in "The Deserter." Jeong Jeong says to Aang "You are too weak." Then Roku appears before Jeong Jeong, and retorts "You think I am weak?"

  13. I don’t know why you’re all so mad about it not working perfectly with the story. I think it’s a funny joke.

  14. Slightly off topic, I feel like a tiny minority of Avatar fans don't understand how reincarnation works. It kinda flies over their heads.

  15. I'm not surprised. Many of them also do not understand the purpose of the avatar state and believe that it is the avatar's ultimate attack weapon used to settle any fight.

  16. Wan's spirit is also the same, as he and Raava fused due to the Harmonic Convergence. However, their conscience and personality aren't the same.

  17. well it wasnt that many generations down and Ozai decided to seek her out specifically to make powerful kids so who knows. fire nation is very regulation and paperwork. wouldnt be surprised if there was a family registry. plus for Roku to have grown up with the crown prince he had to be of noble stature in the first place so his family probably kept their own records cuz yknow important position and family honor and whatnot

  18. Normally I'd agree with this but at the time this screenshot was taken Korra had no relation to Aang or Roku anymore. She's related to Zuko just as much as Biden is related to Eric Trump.

  19. When I rewatched avatar when it got back to Netflix I realized that I skimmed over the fact that Avatar Roku was Zuko’s grandfather on his mother’s side, so it was quite the revelation. Really reshaped my perspective of Zuko’s relationship to Aang.

  20. is make clear tha zuko is Hozai ' s son...the whole plot the Zuko ' s mother met other man was a political decption to cause Hozais anger

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