What did Zaheer did for the Red Lotus before he became an airbender?

  1. My take was that he brought knowledge. His understanding of history and especially spirituality allowed him to guide the group in a way no one else could. It’s also what allowed him to master airbending as quickly as he did. His knowledge of the avatar specifically would have been invaluable to their goals.

  2. Dude probably had an intricate knowledge about martial arts and history. Being able to bullshit your way through things based on knowing your enemy before even throwing a punch is a huge advantage when you're outnumbered like the RL.

  3. I assume his martial arts style was very similar to that of airbending even before he got the power to airbend, so he would've been a competent fighter nevertheless. Not to mention, he was highly spiritual.

  4. The Red Lotus is a small group as far as we know and P'li mentions that Zaheer rescued her as a kid, so maybe Zaheer is the founder of the Red Lotus.

  5. I reckon he was the mind of the group. His skillful use and deploying of strategy was quite prominent in his season. He is evidently very intelligent even if misguided in his views.

  6. It's heavily speculated he played a Sokka-like role as the strategist and the generally good non-bending fighter. As people have been quick to point out, when we see him in his jail cell he's not allowed go anywhere near the bars out of fear that he could escape. He's clever and agile enough that they are afraid he could escpape being anywhere near people and that's before becoming an airbender. He's a very learned man, knowing alot about history, politics, philosophy, etc on top of all those other things. I would love to see a prequel to when the Red Lotus were after Korra because it's likely that a battle of wits insued between Sokka and Zaheer and it was a battle of ideologies as Zaheer and Sokka are so similar and yet Diametrically opposed.

  7. There are plenty of powerful non-bending fighters in the ATLA world, and he could have primarily been their leader. And despite what videogames would have people believe, a team's leader doesn't have to be the strongest fighter.

  8. I had a very similar question in mind after watching season 3: why makes Zaheer cool enough to be the leader of the Red Lotus and why could he pose a threat to any bender 1v1?

  9. I'm guessing his was already a master of the airbending martial arts even without the airbending itself. Kind of like the Kyoshi warriors.

  10. It always confuses me when people say Zaheer was a master Airbender. Did we watch the same show? His fight against Tenzin is a clear display of master vs novice. Zaheer was already a dangerous master martial artist. Once he gets airbending he's just slapping air blasts onto his normal fighting style. Tenzin is an actual airbending master and he has Zaheer on the ropes the entire fight.

  11. Accounting mainly, maybe a bit of Social Media Management; really good guy to talk to if you felt spirituality exhausted at the office, really good at trivia night, his team almost always won.

  12. Aside from his martial arts, I think he was the ringleader whom's convictions lead the RL down the path it did, his obsession with guru lahgima only informed his already extremist attitude.

  13. I have theory he was air acolyte that know the martial art (bending is martial art in the end) and philosophy of air bender better than most

  14. He was a martial artists and student of the original Red Lotus before betrayal from Unalaq. Also he fought a lot hence the cauliflower ear

  15. I think he was the equivalent of Ty Lee, a non-bender who got up close and personal to negate Bending's range advantage but more physical and brutal, a brawler more than a dancer. He was quick and agile but where Ty Lee was a scalpel he was a crowbar.

  16. Strategy, tactics, and charisma. The guy was brilliant. So brilliant three of the most powerful benders of their generation followed him.

  17. Do you mean for his crew or for the organization? For the former he sounds like the brains of the operation, the guy who planned and coordinated it all.

  18. I always figured he was the Sokka of the group. A skilled fighter even though he is a non bender, he focuses more on overall planning and keeping the team focused rather than raw power. I mean they had a combustion bender which is a lot of raw power, you really don't need a whole lot more.

  19. Absolutely totally agree that we should have seen Zaheer in his youth and the formation of The Red Lotus. Spin-off series/mini-series is a MUST

  20. He was their mastermind, and was a martial arts prodigy, he was capable of downing several master benders at once without chi blocking. His prison also shows he was the most dangerous member, a mountain top with no way down.

  21. The Red Lotus was going to kidnap and train Korra, I believe Zaheer would have been her airbending teacher. Even though he wasn't a bender at the time, he had studied airbending culture and techniques extensively.

  22. I cannot believe that zaheer really was okay with destroying major airbender artifacts and temples even tho he pretty much appropriated air bender culture and just held no regard or respect for the cultire.

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