Am i the only one who wants to see their relationship and how they broke up?

  1. My assumption is that Tenzin really wanted kids and Lin didn't. And wasn't a way to compromise because Tenzin wanted there to be airbenders in the world after he was gone and Lin probably had issues relating to her own mother that prevented her from wanting kids.

  2. Even if Lin would be okay with a couple kids, he would also probably prefer someone who’d be willing to make many children and devote them to airbending.

  3. solution: sperm bank. use waterbending to freeze the sperm and distribute it all over the world and seed the next generation of airbenders

  4. Tenzin and Lin just had completely incompatible life goals. Lin didn’t want kids, and being a metal bender meant that any potential kids she would have wouldn’t be likely to end up as airbenders. Not counting Aang and Korra, Tenzin was the only living airbender in the entire world, with all the pressures of having airbending children and passing on his father’s heritage.

  5. To be fair, Pema was probably just the last thing that helped Tenzin break things off. They likely had a rough relationship towards the end that was incredibly unhealthy, but both of them are incredibly stubborn (just like their moms) and neither of them wanted to be the one to end it.

  6. On the one hand I would love to for me personally, on the other hand I think there would be a fresh wave of hate on this sub when people took sides during their breakup.

  7. "Emotional Affair" is kind of a vague concept. I am not saying it doesn't happen, but if you hypothetically met somebody while in a relationship and slowly started to realize you liked them more than your current partner is that considered the start of an affair? I feel that it is okay to recognize what is missing from your relationship and that there might be better options out there. It is when a person tries to maintain multiple intimate relationships that it becomes an issue.

  8. I’ll take the various characters’ words for it plus some logical assumptions. They dated for a long time but were growing apart, Tenzin pretty much needed kids (and seemed to want them too) whereas Lin is vocal about her distaste, and Pema. Nobody is a good guy, nobody is a bad guy, and while there were evidently some hard feelings, they ultimately treasured their non-romantic relationships enough to persist.

  9. Was it not revealed in the comics that Tenzin wanted children and Lin didn’t? He felt responsible for the air nation/the world’s only airbender.

  10. Just that? No. I want to see everything from the end of the first show all the way through Korra and Asami’s girlcation.

  11. Tenzin was the last airbender and wanted/had to have kids to continue the line, while Lin didn't. So that probably affected their relationship heavily. Plus Pema did admit to homewrecking so there's that, but it was the probably the straw that broke the camel's back

  12. I did read a cute fic about women all over Republic City committing crimes in a bid to get arrested and hauled before Lin. I feel like Bumi & Lin is not an unpopular ship either.

  13. The only reason I dont want to is because if you do the math, in the best case scenario Pema would've been 18 when she first got pregnant of jinora, and Tenzin was way too old in comparison already.

  14. That’s incorrect. Pema is 35 in Book One and Jinora is 10; she was 25 when she first gave birth. Tenzin is 16 years older, a significant amount, but not ridiculously older.

  15. I assume, because their parents were close friends, that they met pretty early on and Lin always had a crush on Tenzin. Eventually tenzin came around and they dated, only to be ended by his desire to have kids, which really wasn't that big of a deal when he was young but later on he had a moment like oh shit dad wants grandkids when he saw a cute baby

  16. Honestly I always thought it was a kid issue. Obviously he has to have kids but if she didn't want to that's a deal breaker

  17. Sue didn’t seem to like kids and Tenzin wanted to procreate big time. Also, Tenzin might have thought breeding with another bender would result in less air bender kids like his parents.

  18. I wonder if its a matter of Tenzin being a bit of a traditionalist. With his father and now him being the last airbenders he would probably want to invest in a relationship that would allow him to have as many kids as possible and Lin being a career woman probably didn't even want to have any kids. But this could go further in that Tenzin wanted a wife who was going to stay home and take care of the children and again Lin was not that type of person. While presented as a gag we've seen that Tenzin's wife fortunately produced airbender children but raising bender children while being a non Bender can take its tole. He also probably didn't want to marry a bender as it led to his father producing only one airbender child. It sounds shitty and borders on eugenics, but again an entire people was wiped out and it falls to you to try and reform that culture. Your gonna make decisions.

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