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  1. White hair is a pretty common fantasy trope. It's a way for the creators to indicate the character is magical in some way.

  2. To add to the “girl with white hair and blue eyes is special” trope, in Yugioh there was an ancient Egyptian named Kisara and her spirit became the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which was considered one of the most powerful monsters in the original series.

  3. Characters having white/pale hair and rare/unusual eye colors for is a pretty common signifier of power in fantasy. The Targaryen’s from A Song of Ice and Fire also have white hair and violet eyes, but I wouldn’t say they’re inspired by/inspired Atlantis or Avatar. Likewise the myth of the maiden/princess sacrificing themselves for the good of all is also a very common trope. Both Kida and Yue an influenced by the same ancient story telling tropes, but are not likely based on each other or on the same myth.

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