Do you think Zuko had become a better fire bender than Azula at the end of the show in the final Agni Kai?

  1. I personally would like to believe that being able to use a more primal, original source of firebending with a more solid understanding of how firebending operates would give him an advantage against a warped version used by firebenders at the time, but I do mostly believe it’s because of Azula being far from her mental/strategic peak. It’s also possible that sozin’s comet made both of their bending capabilities so powerful that previous advantages in ability were just embers in the inferno .

  2. Yup also, I always feel the need to say this but what changed when Zuko saw the dragons was the source of his fire and his mindset. It doesn't mean his fire is inherently stronger, it just gave him a healthier source. Ozai was the most powerful firebender in the world despite not learning from the original benders. Furthermore some of Zuko's most powerful firebending feats was actually in Season 2 finale when he was at his angriest.

  3. Azula was a more skilled fire bender but her destructive technique, fragile mental state and generally being unfamiliar with Zuko’s new fire bending worked against her.

  4. No. I think Azula was still superior in any raw metric, she was just in the middle of presumably her first mental crisis and completely unprepared for it.

  5. Considering her intelligence and mental aptitude is her greatest strength, Azula was probably in the worst state she could be in. She was actively suffering from insomnia, erratic breathing (the source of firebending) and hallucinations all the while undergoing a complete mental breakdown as you said. Anyone's who has suffered from even one of these issues can tell you how much it physically and mentally absolutely wrecks you.

  6. Azula was having a complete mental breakdown while probably not even having heard that term before, let alone knowing what it was or how to handle it

  7. I would say that Zuko had indeed become a better fire bender than Azula towards the end but Azula would wipe the floor with Zuko anyday with her raw power. He is better in other aspects since he did learn from the dragons but Azula's power is on an entirely different level

  8. Wouldn’t that make Zuko the better fire bender though? Being able to not crack under pressure, being mentally strong, and never giving up is what gave him his strength. Doesn’t matter how powerful you are if you can’t deliver when it counts.

  9. I think Azula was still probably the better bender on a technical level, however she was mentally at her lowest and definitely farther away from the spiritual essence of firebending than Zuko was.

  10. I think, he wasn't a better fire bender than her in any time of the story. The problem was in Azula's mental instability at the time. She lost her cool. Zuko improved greatly, of course, but the gap between them was so big that it took Zuko's deep understanding of firebending from dragons + Azula's mental instability to best her. In their last encounter before that, in western(it was western, right?) air temple their duel ended up in a draw, at that time zuko already learnt from dragons but Azula was a lot more stable back then, than in time of the last agni kai.

  11. I think the point was he wasn’t. She was always going to have more power and had years of higher skill and perfecting her technique. Anytime he tried to value power the way she did to get to where she was, he lost. But she was abandoned for her choices and suffering whereas Zuko had a solid trusting team.

  12. In terms of power and resources it was even at that point, maybe Azula had the edge by a small margin, but what changed the ties in favor of Zuko was her mental state.

  13. Even with his new fire bending, he hadn’t reached Azula level but he was close enough to stand his ground. Her mental state definitely was her disadvantage.

  14. In a 1v1 where both charecters are of sound mind azula would win. But axula being crazy is what allowed zuko to win (at the start of the series he would have lost). Its like azula is level 80 and zuko went from a 40 to a 70

  15. They do fight to a draw in the fight previous to this one while they are both at least more mentally well. On top of the blimps. So I think by the end is very close.

  16. i had this idea too. I think Zuko did what most great benders could do which is blend the style of fighting of other benders into his own style. He hadn’t mastered it but was for sure on course towards it. His style was smoother, calmer and flowed almost like water, whereas Azula’s was crushing you with its sheer volume

  17. In this fight, at this point in the series, Zuko is definitely the better firebender. Zuko knew she was not on her game, and he was 100% focused. Without the mental breakdown, Azula is deadly and edges him out.

  18. Zuko would have won regardless, because he realized he had an unbeatable secret weapon- that break dance spinny move. He only brings it out a few times in the whole series but ever single time he does he wins. First time being vs. Zhao. Kinda ioking, but kinda not. Whenever he has a decisive victory, it’s because of that move.

  19. I’ve said this about Azula in other Avatar discussions: I personally feel the writers had to make her insane in the finale episodes because she honestly is the most calculated and perfect fighter in the series. However, since Aang could only fight Lord Ozai, they made Azula go crazy over her mother, just so she could be easier to defeat, without that, I don’t think any of them stood chance against her

  20. Azula was at her worst and still putting up a good fight. I don’t think Zuko was a better Fire bender than her at all.

  21. Uhm in Agni Kai he was never seen to use "rainbow fire"... it was only the 2 dragons who did produce the rainbow fire.

  22. Zuko had shown himself to be a stronger combatant than her back in the season 2 finale. He dueled Katara to a draw while Azula had difficulties against her and would've been defeated since she was off balance with her arm and leg caught in water tendrils. Their next 1v1 came at the Western Air Temple and that was a draw. I'm not counting the gondola fight at the Boiling Rock, because Zuko had Sokka providing assistance.

  23. I think that they are even in total level but they each have a completely different technique, approach, and philosophy when it comes to fire-bending at this point. Azula is fast, precise, and vicious in her bending (at least when not having a catatonic breakdown) while Zuko’s style is unorthodox, firm, and flexible (again when not having a catatonic breakdown). The fact that azula was in an emotional crisis is what gave Zuko the advantage in this last fight. but I would have loved to see a full blown fight in that post dragon-dance/pre Azula breakdown time frame

  24. I think Zuko and Azula became equals when Zuko learned from the Masters. The reason why Zuko won here was because of Azula’s mental state.

  25. A little off topic, but I love how Zuko’s chracter evolution is mirrored in his fire bending/fighting techniques. Early in the show, he’s always on the offensive. Wild and emotional and out of control. After being taught by Iroh and the Dragons and joining the Gaang, he’s taken on almost a completely steadfast defensive style while staying cool and collected. Neutralizing his opponents attacks, then countering them and waiting for them to make a mistake.

  26. I think so. Azula was erratic and uncoordinated in that final Agni Kai. She had no plan, and so she just blasted away at Zuko from every angle she could.

  27. Azula is far more talented but in that fight Zuko had far better technique, mostly because of Azula having a total mental breakdown

  28. No. I’ve said this so many times before but I’ll repeat it again here: Azula is, and always will be, a better firebender than Zuko. And that’s okay.

  29. No they are equals Azula only lost because of her mental state. If she were "sane" she would have won because a "sane" Azula would have still gone after katara and katara I don't think would have stood a chance at that point.

  30. Azula imo would beat Zuko completely healthy. Her mental was gone and she still held her own. I think its close but Azula is on another level when stable.

  31. it’s explicitly told to us that zuko could only take on azula bc she was ‘slipping’ so no he wasn’t the better firebender but zuko stans will constantly claim he is

  32. Absolutely. Watch Zuko bat away every single attack she threw his way. She had been trained classically, but Zuko had learned from every other bending style, and how to apply them to fire-bending.Watch that fight again, and think of each of his moves and think how they may have been influenced by earth, water, and even air bending.

  33. Ehhh…at the time, Zuko was the better firebender. Azula’s focus- something that served her so well before- was askew. Given that firebending is based on drive and willpower, this crippled her fighting ability and tipped the scales in Zuko’s favour, as seen by his greater control of the fight.

  34. Like Toph, Zuko learned from the originators of the form. Azula was instinctual and rage based. Zuko would have ultimately won because he could play the long game without exhausting himself as Azula would.

  35. I can't see Zuko being better due to how skilled she was even as a child, the mental state definitely affected her while Zuko was more calm and determined than ever in his life

  36. I always took it as even if she was at her peak Zuku had himself become better so it would have been a closer fight than previous

  37. Azula, like her or not, is probably the greatest firebender in ATLA. She only lost to Zuko cause she was having a mental breakdown lol- She was 14! imagine her at age 25 ? even Ozai would be shaking

  38. I agree she has so much more potential than Ozai and could dominate him in her prime, but you shouldn't dismiss Zuko as a worthy adversary since they have battled evenly on several occasions.

  39. Yes, but If Azula had control over her emotions, and a little love in her life, and trained with dragons: she’s beating his ass. The moral and personal development of Zulo is what made him strong. His story, not his power. His path made him the firelord.

  40. That's just not true tho. In the past two fights they had against each other, Zuko was on the verge of beating Azula.

  41. How is this even a discussion?! Of course he had!! He learned from the dragons, he was more emotionally stable and didn’t grunt with every movement. He was able to stand up in front of his father and be honest about things for a change, he had to literally redirect lightning Ozai bent otherwise he would’ve died and been toast

  42. I think the playing field was much more even. On a good day id give azula the edge. They have different strengths. Zuko is a smart fighter but his boldness and stubborn endurance are his strengths. Azula is coldly calculating and creative. With the loss of her mental stability she lost her the strength she notmally would have brought to the fight

  43. I’m going against the grain here to say yes, Zuko was the better fire bender and would have beaten Azula even if she wasn’t in the middle of a mental breakdown.

  44. How would you define “better”? I think if Azula had found the original source of firebending like Zuko did she’d have won.

  45. But how in the world you expect the Dragons to judge her worthy ?? If she went to the Sun Warriors island (she would need to fight the Sun Warriors first bc I 100% think they wouldn’t greet her as they did Zuko), and she found the Dragons, they would burn her to the ground no doubt. And even if they did show her, Azula’s mindset wasn’t as opened as Zuko’s, she would understand nothing

  46. Better bender? Yeah, almost certainly. However, he wasn't willing to kill or even severly harm, while she was willing to destroy not only him but all that he held dear which gave her the advantage in the fight.

  47. No the point of this fight is to show how he became a more centered person that azula. Axils was and likely always will be the better fire bender but on this day that didn’t matter, he was more calm and centered and therefore more able to control the chaotic nature of fire.

  48. If she was still mental stable and as calm and collective as she was in season 2, she would've won. Zuko's firebending only then matched hers and that's Azula and her lowest.

  49. Yes. The whole point of the dichotomy between Azula and Zuko's paths is that bending is not just an exercise in raw power. Being a gifted bender isn't enough. You need creativity, instinct, and fundamentals.

  50. Nah. At that moment in time, Zukos mind was calm and focused, a lesson his Uncle tried to teach him multiple times. Even while going through a legit mental breakdown, Azula was able to use lightning, which was supposed to only be achievable if you were collected and focused.

  51. I think that both in top form at this point in the show were equals. Even during their fight at the Air Temple this book neither could truly get the upper hand. Azula’s mental state during the final Agni Kai I think is a large factor in why she was losing to Zuko 1v1.

  52. I think they’re essentially equals at this point, it could go either way between them. In this moment though, zuko’s spirit was steady while azula was out of balance. That’s why she lost

  53. Depends. Azula can win her battles through raw power, just blast anyone in your way. Zuko tried to do the same for the first 2/3rds of the show and it never worked out because Zuko never had anywhere near the raw power Azula had.

  54. Given more time to implement techniques from other elements like he did in the fight, I think he would be but I think he ultimately held out as he did cause of Azulas mental break down.

  55. in terms of raw talent Azula is best, but Zuko trained ad nauseam and can draw power from his own self-worth, not anger. I feel like he coulda won

  56. I think OP is right on the money here. This scene is a full arch for both of these characters. Azula was and is the better fighter here, but her bending always came from a negative source. That path was always going to lead her to this, her weakest moment.

  57. I think people in this thread are underestimating Zuko and his growth. Sure she was “born lucky” and he was “lucky to be born”, but he struggled and fought every step of the way which made him strong, and as people have pointed out found his inner peace and discovered the true meaning of fire bending. I agree that he had the upper hand in the end because she was losing her mind, but no way does she stomp him if she’s sane. I think the point of the story is by the end they’re near equals in pure ability, which makes it such a great match along with all the built up emotion/tension of the story.

  58. Yes, because he could control his fire, she could not. Not just because she went insane, but because Zuko learned to create fire from something other than rage, while Azula did not.

  59. No. But he knew that Azula was slipping. That how he won. All bending is predicated on inner peace.

  60. Well, to put things into perspective, Zuko never lost to Azula in any circumstance where he is wasn’t outnumbered. Not that he was better, or maybe would have won. But Zuko was outnumbered by a lot every time he tried to have it out with Azula. The Agni Kai is the only time they ever actually went toe to toe with no one intervening. If you go back and watch the series through, Azula always goads Zuko into a fight he could never win. Again, idk that he was better than her until the end, but there’s not a good way to judge that. He was always dealing with extra firebenders, the Dai Li agents, or something. There was always something. And she did it there in the Agni Kai. Zuko got the upper hand, so she went for Katara to make sure he couldn’t beat her. Zuko was definitely the better bender by the end, but Azula just had too many underhanded tactics to make an appropriate assessment before the Agni Kai

  61. I do. There’s a lot going on with both characters but what’s highlighted to most, and is still the most prominent is where both are in life at this moment.

  62. The battle was not just between Azula and Zuko. It was between Ozai and Iroh’s teachings of fire bending. Azula was using raw strength and anger to give her bending more power, while Zuko was using the teachings of Iroh, to maintain control of the battle. So while Azula was undoubtedly more powerful, Zuko was able to maintain control and win the battle in a strategic sense. The raw power of Azula’s bending served the authority of a royal house that derived its power from fear and shows of force much better than a style like Iroh’s.

  63. Unpopular since there are many Azula stans but imo he's not better, but on the same level as her. When he fought the so called "sane" Azula (she never was really) in 3x15 and 3x16, the fights were absolutely equal (in the boiling rock he even got her to a point where she was only balancing on two fingers, and there was enough time to shoot her of the gondela) and in the southern raiders, after the explosion, it seemed like she was blown back why harder (but maybe that's just due to visuals).

  64. He can redirect her lightning. The one thing she had over him is gone. Then it becomes all about who’s got the better mindset, which at this time is clearly Zuko.

  65. At this specific point yes Zuko is better, his state of mind is obviously miles better than Azula’s. When she’s sane I’d say they’re pretty equal, we saw in the short blimp fight at the southern air temple they’re decently equal fighters at that point. In a sane fight at this time I’d wager Zuko narrowly wins because of lightning redirection and he can last out long enough to get Azula to resort to lightning. It’s close regardless though

  66. Yeah because Azula was losing her mind by the final fight. I think season 2 Azula would beat season 3 Zuko, since she was a confident natural and in the best of times, Zuko’s a somewhat unconfident high effort mid range bender with a more liberal mindset that let him study more creative methods for fighting.

  67. Given that they seemed to almost be equals during their fight at the beginning of The Southern Raiders, I’d say he was a better firebender than her at the time of their Agni Kai. Whether he was a better firebender than she was before her mental breakdown is debatable.

  68. I think Zuko was a better fighter but not a better firebender. Azula's skills in firebending were superior. But while she was loosing her mind, Zuko was calm and know exectly what he's doing. He understood where the fire is coming from.

  69. Obviously not since he only won with katara's help. That scene has always kind of bothered me actually because didn't azula technically win? She knocked out zuko.

  70. Well I think Azula still superior than zuko, that time Azula had a bad mental state, but still being able to perform lightning bending perfectly.

  71. Azula was always the prodigy to zuko. They showed it in the episode where they flashback to them as kids and azula performs well in front of their grandfather, her namesake azulon, and zuko fails to do the same moves she did. Zuko was a great firebender, but like iroh said, needed his own path to become that. Azula, however, started to crack once mai and ty lee didnt back her at the prison. I think at that point, even if you remove azula breaking (credit to the animators, btw, who dont get enough love for really making you feel through the animation that she was unhinged), zuko wouldve bested her, sozens comet or not. He was poised and ready for anything azula threw at him. I think his journey made him confident in himself, his abilities, and gave him enough mental fortitude to be the better firebender.

  72. Zuko I believe became more strategical. While he vastly improved on his bending skills, he got way better at planning out his fights.

  73. I think he was better than her since the dragons, after, sure she was stronger, but I don’t think she was particularly more skilled than him

  74. Azula was still more powerful at this point in terms of raw strength. However, she’s near if not at her peak. Zuko drawing on the original source of firebending has far more room from growth, as theres only so much hatred and rage you can contain, but the human body has an infinite potential for passion.

  75. Maybe not better, but at least comparable. He did admit he couldn’t take on azula alone before he realized she was having a mental breakdown of sorts.

  76. Everyone mentions about how azula is stronger but crazy and zuko learned the original source but no one thinks about the bending fundamentals that zuko learned from iroh. im saying bending fundamentals because he learned ways and ideals from all of the nations through his journey.

  77. Zuko had matured so much at this point, and obviously found the true meaning of bending because of the sun warriors. This made him an incredible fire bender, better than the avatar at that point (not a real challenge though). Azula had been a far superior bender throughout their lives and most likely still was. Considering that she was in the worst possible mental state for anyone she still put up a great fight. Zuko struggled even with his newfound talent and confidence, if Azula was even 10 percent more stable he would have lost I think. Think about it, azula made a strategy to attack katara to make zuko slip up. Thats something she would have thought of way before if she was stable and for some reason losing the fight (kind of what she did to Iroh when she was surrounded by the gAang).

  78. I think, while he wasn’t better than azula (if at her prime mental state) at that point, his more solid foundation and appreciation of firebending will undoubtedly raised his skill ceiling far above azula’s. At both of their bests, I’d expect azula to go for a mental game /trickery to get the upper hand, and strike him at his weakest, like how she took the shot in Aang’s most vulnerable state.

  79. I think there is signs that it happened after visiting the dragons (you can see that after he and azula clash in her attack of the air temple , azula was thrown over the air ship while he didn’t)

  80. Controversial take but Zuko could've beaten Azula of sound mind. Zuko had learned balance, not just physically but spiritually.

  81. When I originally watched the show I thought that Zuko had surpassed her in terms of skill, however on rewatch it's quite obvious that even though Zuko was alot more confident in his own skills and abilities by that point, Azula was still naturally far greater than Zuko in terms of skill.

  82. A lot of people praise Azula's usual strategic and high technique style but don't forget that Zuko learned a lot about battle from Iroh and different bending styles.

  83. No, and I think interpreting it like that shows you didn’t understand the message of the show. Azula can be as powerful as she wants, she didn’t inspire people to care about her like Zuko did with his friends.

  84. I think Zukos is a better bender, but not better firebender, LET ME EXPLAIN, so you remember that episode where Iroh told Zuko to take wisdom from the different nations, well that he did, and therefore he wouldn've won if Azula didn't cheat.

  85. In that exact moment, yes, Zuko was a better firebender. She was completely losing it. If this version of Zuko fought the Azula from, like, end of Book 2, she would clap him.

  86. He explicitly was. He was employing techniques she couldn’t counter, many inspired by other nations. Hell, his most devastating move in that fight was an air bending move, a kind of spinning breakdance move that created a tornado of fire. Iron’s most critical lesson about learning from different sources gave Zuko the edge he needed to dominate this fight. If Azula hadn’t targeted Katara and broken the rules, he would have won handily.

  87. Zuko would have 100% won if not for the fact that he saved Katara. Azulas mental state definitely caused her to lose against Katara, but against Zuko it probably made her a bit stronger since her firebending was always fueled by emotion, and she had a lot of emotion during that fight, but that only goes so far even against another firebender, and against a water bender it was easy to exploit

  88. In terms of raw power, no. But raw power alone does not make you a greater bender. At this point in the series, Zuko had achieved Balance. And during the first 2 parts of the finale, the creators vividly tried to depict Azula’s spiral into Imbalance. Zuko’s inner fire burned with purpose, and the RIGHT purpose, giving him a more level head in his fight. Azula just fought with blind rage and power. I don’t know if he was a “better” bender at that point, but he was much more prepared to win a duel with a greater mission in mind as well

  89. Oddly, I think it’s suppose to be a fair fight as in equally matched. Hence, it’s a battle of choices to highlight Zuko evolution and Azula fall. A fight about virtue

  90. Better overall? No. He was in a more calm and content state, azula wasn’t thinking and that’s what caused her to lose.

  91. Azula was a more refined and powerful bender, but Zuko was a wiser bender (knowing how to redirect lightning by using ‘water bending’ techniques)

  92. Zuko came pretty far in just a few months. The whole series is less than a year, I think. So he went from using his rage and one style, to balancing his emotions and using a style that combines moves from other bending martial arts.

  93. I think Zuko was much better in this fight. He exerted hardly any energy and was able to easily counter anything Azula threw at him, yet she was the one that exhausted herself trying to attack him. He didn’t break a sweat the whole time

  94. No I think she was distracted by losing her friends and she was furious at zuko so it clouded her fighting ability and I think zuko was wiser and more calm during the fight so he's was able to be more rational even tho her firebending was stronger

  95. Luke vs Vader in ROTJ situation. Luke is powerful but not as strong as Vader....but Vader being in conflict with himself is what gives Luke the advantage.

  96. One of my favorite things about ATLA is how the characters fighting styles and abilities were a reflection of their characters. I think Zuko’s mindset was a lot of what was holding him back. It wasn’t so much of the lack of skills, it was the overeagerness. A lot of his fights were him attacking irrationally. He was too direct and predictable. I think this stemmed from his desperation to prove himself, which was rooted in a lack of belief in himself. I think his self image was hurt a lot by the fact that he was discarded by his family. Every time he fought it was to achieve the goal of redeeming himself. he was trying to prove that he belonged, that he was worthy. When he let that go, he got out of his own way. He just needed to trust himself. He could see what was happening and react. he matured as a fighter.

  97. I’m not sure if he was better because of it, but I think it was a display of how far he’s come as a bender. He’s become much stronger and doesn’t rely on displaying strength through destruction but rather control.

  98. I think Azula is the stronger bender in terms of raw power. ATLA has alluded to the fact that some people have phenomenal raw power in comparison to other benders. But in terms of control Zuko had the edge. If Azula was in a clear mental state, she would've won because she's stronger overall. Both Zuko and Toph draw on the original source of bending which makes them neutral fighters and more in control of their bending. Iroh as well. I think Zuko was definitely a better fighter at the end, but I dont think he was stronger than Azula.

  99. Hard to tell. If we can take what the characters say as indisputable fact, then no. Zuko himself admits that he would still not be able to defeat Azula if she were at her peak, which is why he agrees to bring Katara (who oddly has a very good track record against Azula). Once they arrive at the coronation ceremony and Zuko sees that Azula has very obviously gone off the deep end, then he decides he can probably take her by himself. So if we’re taking the dialogue at face value, then it was Azula’s mental breakdown that dragged her down to a level Zuko could handle and she would have otherwise been too much for him even after all the progress he had made.

  100. No. It was explicitly stated that he only had a shot because her mental state had deteriorated. He's good, no doubt, it wouldn't have been a walkover, but she's more skilled and more powerful.

  101. with combat skill and with battle iq, yes. As shown in the show in combat azula is more crazy and unpredictable if fighting her for the first time, she would beat about anyone.

  102. Personally, I agree Zuko only dominated their last fight because of her insanity but at the same time I think people are too quick to dismiss his growth and forget he matched a sane Azula twice before this and yes he did match her in the boiling rock because by the end of that fight Sokka wasn't doing anything as they exchanged fire as equals. I think if finale Zuko had fought a sane Azula it would've been a coin toss.

  103. Technically? Absolutely not. Azula’ raw power and how she executed it was on a level Zuko might not reach for years after becoming fire lord. He just lacks the formal training. Spiritually? Absolutely. His connection to fire bending ran way deeper than Azula. And the show goes out of its way to show us spirituality and connection to your element is just as if not more important than your physical raw power.

  104. Either Zuko became better or Azula’s deranged mental state kneecapped her. I don’t think it matters in the end, since Zuko won

  105. No. Azula is the strongest firebender in the entire show- she only lost because she had lost her mind. It would’ve taken Zuko several more years (imo) to even approach Azula’s level of power.

  106. Absolutely- and even without Azula’s madness he would’ve won. I think the only reason HE didn’t beat her was that Katara was there.

  107. Better fire bender definitely not but a better bender than Azula for sure. Azula had raw strength, but was unable to control it leading to her downfall.

  108. No. Zuko was on commit steroids and his sister was coo-coo and only took the agni kai partially seriously, running after Katara mid fight.

  109. Azula and Zuko are the fundamental difference between talent and hard work. Azula was always a more gifted firebender, meanwhile Zuko always worked way harder. Of course Azula also trained, but nobody went through more shit than Zuko did. I think ka big thing is that Azula coasted so much on being stronger than Zuko in so many fights, that when Zuko started getting closer to her in power she just didn't know what to do. I think Azula was more powerful at the end, but Zuko closed the gap so much that the little push of her mental breakdown was all he needed to start beating her.

  110. As much as I like Zuko I'd say no He won because Azula 1: Qas outnumbered fighting against one of the best waterbenders and him 2 her mental health was non existent at that point

  111. I believe Azula is stronger in terms of raw power, strategy, and cunning. I believe Zuko is stronger in terms of mental state (being able to keep a clear mind in battle). Overall theory abilities on power are close enough I believe Zuko is the superior warrior.

  112. Yes. Azula was the kid in math class that memorized every formula perfectly and got 100% on all the standardized tests, while Zuko was like the kid that got nothing but Cs and Bs until after Algebra because they were focused more on understanding the concepts behind the math than on memorizing answers.

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