Hot take: The only character that needed to come back was Aang. Explanation below.

  1. But I guess it just comes down to screen time as well. Of course, I liked seeing toph and katara back, however I would have enjoyed a more coherent story better than just some fan services moments here and there.

  2. When it came to the story, each of the original cast weren't utilized enough to progress the story or they under stayed their welcome in LOK or just making decisions that weren't coherent enough to make sense. For example, the issue with toph being a cop. I had no issue with when watching the show and looking at her faults at face value. It was interesting to see how different toph life was as a child to now, but it is deemed very problematic in the community. I rather the 3/4 OG cast don't exist and rather focus the story on Korra cause at that point the show was already just giving fan service after fan service. I wonder if the writer sacrificed these moments just focus on making a compelling story, maybe the show won't be as mixed as it already is.

  3. Bro I don’t even think they showed up much Zuko was in like 4 episodes Katara was in like 5 a minimal tbh sokka was in 2 or 3 only seen in one mentioned in the others and toph got a few episodes in the last season and then they talked about her before but you can’t not have them in the show lol they all had kids and grand kids and stuff i rewatched the entire show and it was dope asf only thing I didn’t like was sokka died like tf

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