What was the saddest moment in ATLA to you?

  1. another underrated sad moment is when Zuko find Iroh again after betraying him and he asks for forgiveness and iroh just hugs the shit out of him and the music swells

  2. My dog ran away in the afternoon because the backyard gate was open and I remember looking for my boy til midnight and it coincidentally it started to rain. I thought of Appa and instantly started bawling. Luckily he was picked up by animal control and we got him back but god that night was horrible

  3. When the Kyoshi warriors find Appa but they get separated. They were all this close to a happy ending but instead Appa gets lost again and the Kyoshi warriors get imprisoned

  4. This part of Tales of Ba Sing Se, the entirety of Appa's lost days, and the climax to both backstories in The Storm (Zuko pleading with Ozai especially gets to me).

  5. Aang discovering Monk Gyatso's skeleton. It's not the saddest scene but it is sad when thinking about the total destruction of the Air Nation minus Aang. Plus it's a complete 180 from Aang goofing around with Momo before it happens.

  6. This. I'm a kid of a father who survived a genocide, and I also lost my mother when I was 16. This scene makes me much more emotional than other scenes. Damn.

  7. It was also the moment Aang realised that things were actually as bad as he'd been told. Until that moment he had hope the airbenders might be surviving and hiding somewhere away from the Firelord's reach. Seeing Gyatso dead was the moment he knew everyone else was dead too.

  8. Underrated comment. Katara just takes his hand and holds him. Makes me cry every time. Not as much as Tales but still.

  9. I remember a comic of Toph finding Sokka’s space sword and presenting it to him for his birthday but I don’t know if I can find it

  10. I o ly watched avatar for the first time a few months ago and I remember watching that part thinking "wtf is this show doing to me?!"

  11. First watch through, about to go to bed but just one more episode. Nice jolly little filler episode with some cool messages. Fun. Then out of nowhere, ‘if only I could have helped you’, I’m just blubbing. It’s such a gut punch because you don’t see it coming at all.

  12. Not on the same level but honestly the scene in Rick and morty when Rick contemplates suicide is always a hard watch for me haha

  13. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has made me cry way more and way harder. Of course, this isn't to bash ATLA, which is a great show, but it's never made me bawl like SPOP has.

  14. Aang finding Gyatso was pretty fucking tragic, as well as the episode with the storm where he goes "I never saw Gyatso again."

  15. when zuko was on the mountain screaming at the sky pretty much asking god or whatever they believe in to kill him and lashing out because it didn’t happen

  16. The ending of Zuko Alone is pretty sad. Misinterpreting his mother's words, getting pushed away by the family that had help him, getting said "I hate you" by the kid he just saved. Zuko in that moment sees that no matter how much good he does or tries to do, he is still a monster. I love this episode

  17. The Tale of Iroh gets me, but nothing guts me more than Appa returning to the air temple and having memories of his childhood

  18. This scene is pretty sad but Katara pulling a crying Aang out of the avatar state before he erases the sand benders hit pretty hard. Even tho Appa wasn't dead it immediately brought me back to my childhood after losing my dog.

  19. Awww I'm so sorry, yes that is all a sad scene and even more so when you make a connection like that to a personal incident.

  20. The most recent time I watched, seeing Azula chained and helpless after her fight with Zuko and Katara. Seeing her that way after everything just broke my heart

  21. When Appa hid in that cave after escaping the circus. Got me as a kid, gets me as an adult. Shout out to Suki for finding and saving him.

  22. This. You found it. Try a few seconds later when the "In Honor of Mako" pops up and it's like getting kicked in the balls after being gut punched.

  23. When Kya lied about being the last water bender in the southern water tribe to protect Katara. The way she smiled at her always makes me cry because that was pure love and such bravery. Another thing was when Katara faced the southern raider who killed her mother and she showed mercy in the last second, that also took so much strength.

  24. Everyone thinking in their heads "iM nOt GoNnA pIcK lEaVeS fRoM tHe ViNe, ThAtS EvErYoNeS pIcK, iLl Be DifFeReNt" Chads that don't hide opinions and honestly saying that they bawled because of it "LEAVES FROM THE VINE FALLING SO SLOW LIKE FRAGILE TINY SHELLS DRIFTING IN THE FOAM!!!"

  25. She had sad moments and just as much of a f*cked up bringing as Zuko it's hard not to slightly feel bad for her. Maybe she could have been different had things been different

  26. The only time I've ever cried at any show was when iroh started singing little soldier boy my heart couldn't take it

  27. Idk why but honestly the whole of the awakening. Just feel for aang when he felt like he failed and that he let the world down. Also loved all the links between him and zuko from book 1 in that episode.

  28. I have never ever cried to a show or movie before. Except during e.t. when I was seven, but that doesn't count. This scene and the Appa episode made me cry so hard

  29. Leaves from the vine. And finding out why the end of Iroh’s tale read ‘In honor of Mako.’ And that Mako, Irohs VA, wasn’t acting when he was crying while singing, he was genuinely crying because he knew he was dying of cancer and these were his final words recorded.

  30. Every time I watch the iroh short story, I either break into tears or am on the verge of tears. It's one of the saddest moments in all of everything, I know that's an exaggeration, but I don't care.

  31. Aang losing control of the Avatar State & threatening the sandbenders — he's so overcome with rage, guilt, sadness, and his love for Appa/the last of his culture, and you can really feel it in the music & when the past Avatars speak through him. That scene gets me every time because there's so much packed in there. It feels like a culmination of all the emotions Aang has suppressed throughout the series. He's acted evasive and childish, but when he loses Appa, all that grief and rage he hasn't dealt with (and understandably so — he's a 12 year old boy that isn't emotionally developed enough to fully come to terms with the Air Nomad genocide & the burden he bears for running away) resurfaces & temporarily takes control of him.

  32. Appa doesn’t understand why Suki starts waving fire, his biggest fear, right at him. He doesn’t get that it’s for his own good, for all he knows (in the moment anyway) someone he trusts during this rough time, one of the only people who’ve been there for him, just also started treating him like that.

  33. The realisation that to become the avatar the world needs Aang has to abandon his attachment to katara, and the realisation as the audience that he WILL eventually make that decision even if he struggles to hold onto it

  34. Appa's Lost Days. This scene with Iroh mourning his son is super sad and I cry every time, but I still watch it every time. Appa's Lost Days though, I skip on re-watches because it is ao emotionally difficult to get through.

  35. When Luke Skywalker fire blasted Rufio in the face for giving a damn about some peasant soldiers unknowingly about to be lead to their deaths.

  36. When Aang is dreaming about when him and Appa first met, and he hands him an apple and says “I guess this means we’ll always be together”. I think of my dog that died a few years ago and it gets me every time.

  37. Not sad so much as sweet when Roku “helps” Aang free his friends and destroy his own fire temple so the Gaang can escape the navy. Roku also saves his own grandson…

  38. I can’t take these shitty posts any more. atlas my favourite show but you guys are so unoriginal, see you when new content comes out

  39. Awe, sad boy. Get over it. We all love ATLA and are sharing that love and joy with each other. If you don't like it. Get off the post. 👏

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