Compared to Iroh, could Azula have been a better teacher for Zuko when it came to lightning bending?

  1. azula would have taunted him every time he messed something up so he'd get more n more pissed off. then hed be too frustrated to train and would quit and azula would be too prideful to invite him again. azulas lightning was also from emotionlessness and precision before it was freely usable to her from practice, whereas in irohs teachings it was more about neutrality and balanced emotions

  2. Judging by how Zuko’s attempts to create lightning while emotionally unbalanced basically led to him inadvertently Combustion Bending, I can imagine Zuko learning how to generate lighting under Azula’s tutelage resulting in a nuclear fission event.

  3. Id comment but everyone seems to have the same points. Azulas is not as good of a teacher as iroh and shed be more like "just do it already its not that hard"

  4. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you’d be a good teacher at it. (Ex: my dad teaching me how to fix a car)

  5. I do think that Azula has a lot of potential to be a good teacher though. Considering how we saw her training in the show with Lo and Li, she was analyzing and studying every moment of herself to make sure they were perfect for lightning bending (and remember, in the show, that was only her first year learning lightning). Furthermore, in the comics she shows new lightning techniques that even Iroh had never done before, learning them on her own.

  6. Yeah, i feel like azula is way too young, immature, prickly and has no patience, which are all characterisitics of a bad teacher, while iroh is wise, patient, mature, kind and caring and wants to see people be the best they can be.

  7. No. Azula is a prodigy she is naturally gifted and talented. She didn't really have to learn. Zuko had to train tirelessly. She couldn't properly explain the dangers involved with lighting bending. Not to mention she would push him too far and likely kill him.

  8. He had to train cause he wasn't balanced inside. Lighting is from controlling emotions. This is why when zuko fights her at the end she has had control over her bending. This is also why zuko needed the avatar cause althought he taught Aang to bend Aang taught him balance.

  9. No matter the subject, I think Azula would be an awful teacher. Especially with Zuko who she has a load of baggage with and constantly riles up.

  10. It reminds me of Zuko's fever dream in season 2, with Azula as the blue dragon and Iroh as the red dragon.

  11. Nah. Azula was a prodigy, & talented people often make terrible teachers. Sure she worked hard, but she wouldn’t be able to understand the ways other benders can struggle. Paired with her impatience & perfectionism, that all would simply make for a poor a teacher.

  12. As someone who was considered “highly gifted” in childhood and who is also the best teacher out of all of my siblings, this isn’t true.

  13. I agree. Given that Iroh says he developed the technique based on the principals of waterbending, I suspect the technique was unique to Iroh or at least "rediscovered" by Iroh.

  14. Generating lightning and redirecting it are very different skills. Generating is a high level technique already known and practiced by the most powerful benders. We see Azula training for it, before she masters it. Redirecting lightning was a theory Iroh had based on waterbending techniques, and I'm pretty sure the first time we see it in the show is the first it was ever done by anyone. I think redirection is even more difficult and dangerous than generating lightning.

  15. No. Iroh was a wiser, more patient teacher with much more experience and a deeper philosophical understanding about bending techniques.

  16. I don’t think she would be. A teacher can’t be arrogant, she was a prodigy and natural bender from the start. Azula never had to struggle and did things almost easily.

  17. I think not, Azula does not have the patience, empathy or compassion needed to be a good teacher - she can inside an person's head some of the time, but only to manipulate or out maneuver not to empathize, or connect with, as shown in The Beach. Any pupil she did take would only learn as much as she thinks she can give them without said pupil becoming something more than her.

  18. Azula would be a terrible, terrible teacher, probably because being so naturally talented, it all comes almost automatically to her. And she isn't the most patient lass either.

  19. You can’t teach talent. People who have worked hard and also have talent are better teachers, not saying azula doesn’t train hard she’s just extremely talented which makes a bad teacher

  20. I kept expecting zuko to lightning bend in Korra to show that he's figured out who he is and is no longer at war with himself

  21. I know it hasn't been shown yet, but I'd be surprised if he hadn't learned it at some point in his life. When he tried to learn it the first time, he failed because of emotional turmoil. Who's to say he didn't resolve that after the 100-year war?

  22. azula had only mastered creating lightning. iroh also knew how to redirect it (which no one else knew how to do). so iroh still better

  23. Azula learns to both redirect lightning and modulate its intensity (something Iroh couldn’t do) in the comics. She uses it to zap Sokka and disarm him without injury.

  24. Being really good at something does not automatically make you a good teacher. Iroh was the best option for Zuko or anyone really when compared to Azula

  25. She wouldn’t have been able to reach him anything. Iroh was the only one who could manipulate lightning, and Zuko was so conflicted, Azula would never be able to guide him through that, for better or worse.

  26. No. She wouldn't have taught Zuko the way that he needed to learn .She would have been incredibly impatient and basically just berated him to the point that he wouldn't have been functional.

  27. Azula: Zaps Zuko Zuko: Arrghh!!!! Azula: You'll never rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation!!!!! Oh that was for another lesson Iroh: More tea please!

  28. I feel like Azula would be a bad teacher. Teaching isn’t about being good at something it’s about understanding the way someone understands something and articulating your understanding to them in a way that enables them to learn best

  29. Is she would give up trying to anger him, maybe. I just feel like she's too much of a little sister to do that, and she also might not relate to all the unresolved shit zuko has to deal with.

  30. I think she would be one of those teachers that wouldnt be able to describe somthing to you, she would just expect zuko to know how to do it just cos hes see her do it.

  31. Could the person who didn’t invent lightning bending, didn’t command an army, didn’t really care for Zuko, didn’t want to see him succeed, and didn’t care about anything besides being better than him and everyone else be a better teacher than the one who did?

  32. No. Azula is very talented, but Iroh dwarfs her in shere expierience and knowledge. Also somehow I feel like Azula teaching Zuko anything would lead to Zuko dead somehow.

  33. Most definitely not. Azula is fueled by rage and I wonder if she could even explain how she generates it. Iroh is the better teacher, with his understanding of the mechanics and his incorperation of other bending techniques.

  34. She doesn’t have the true meaning of fire bending in her that iroh does. And it counts in lighting too. It’s not completely destructive, but it can be if you let it get out of control. Like Jeong Jeong said. It’s a force of nature that is a very strong privilege to have and do it right. So the fact that Azula kept getting stronger in the comics bugged me…. It’s not a weapon. It’s a force that can be for good or evil, it depends on how you wield the lightning. Like if you’re targeting practice or actually need to redirect it at someone

  35. Using the literal definition: she is an incredibly skilled firebender and hand to hand combatant. I find it highly unlikely you could so thoroughly beat her in combat.

  36. Maybe for short term results, but it would probably be the same with his firebending not working after switching sides.

  37. She would have taunted him until he either played by her rules, and her rules only. Azula is big on control Ursula said it, so she wouldn’t be teaching Zuko lightning if it didn’t benefit her, so probably not

  38. What if she could also redirect lightning and taught that to Zuko? She 100% would have shot lightning at him for practice.

  39. While Azula potentially could have taught Zuko more than Iroh since it isn’t actually confirmed that Iroh or Zuko can create lightning as opposed to just redirecting it, Azula is FAR from the person to teach Zuko even if she was genuinely trying. I think we’re all in agreement that Azula’s teaching style would be to shout and threaten and use fear in order to force results, which just wouldn’t work with someone like Zuko, who wouldn’t accept that in the slightest. Not to mention Azula would likely only teach him about accuracy, determination and the violent side of lightning, which isn’t what Zuko needed

  40. I would say no. Azula used lightning out of anger and hatred. Zuko didn't need more hatred and anger in his life.

  41. The reason he couldn’t learn lightning bending wasn’t because of who was teaching him but because he wasn’t at balance within himself and he drew his fire bending from rage, he probably could have learned it if he tried again after the Sun Warriors taught him a new source to draw fire bending from but I don’t think he tried after that because he probably didn’t feel the need to learn it because he didn’t need to fight someone who could do it

  42. Whilst this is a question that is reasonable if it was just based on what we see the characters do, if you realize that Iroh has had most of his life to learn from all the nations and perfect lightning bending then you can start to see where it all falls apart. He shows, in multiple episodes, that he has an abundance of knowledge on the subject and has the patience to teach Zuko. On the other hand, one of the first times that we see Azula is when she is still learning lightning bending. Combine that with the fact that she has no prior experience in teaching then you can start to see how one sided the argument is.

  43. ...see that's kind of an interesting question; because something tells me Azula's style and understanding of lightning bending and generation must be different from Iroh's if she can bend lightning during a mental breakdown/lack of sanity whereupon Iroh states you need to be in complete control.

  44. I don’t know. Iroh is more generally at peace with himself and things, however he speaks in proverbs and riddles which do not work with Zuko save in the very long run. Meanwhile, Azula is…to say she’s a jerk would probably be an understatement, but perhaps if the two of them develop a positive sibling relationship then perhaps she would be able to explain it to Zuko in a less spiritual way which he would better understand.

  45. Zuko could never be able to learn to generate Lightning because as Iroh said himself that he needed a still mind and the focus to separate the positive and negative energies, Zuko with all of his emotional turmoil was never able to reach peace within himself and not able to balance the energies to do this. As a consequence the ability was locked to him. I like the fact that he wasn’t able to learn this skill because it ties in with his path of humility

  46. Zuko couldn't use lightning because he was too conflicted, but he was still an accomplished master at like 16. Also I'm pretty sure he mastered lightning bending later on.

  47. For being aggressive with it no doubt, but azula would have never taught him the redirect, that’s a very Iroh thing to know and want to teach

  48. I don't think so. Iroh said that it takes a placid mind to make lightning and Azula really never stopped needling Zuko, even when they were on the same side.

  49. Lightning is all about "cold fury". It's emotionless firebending, pure focus, which firebending is all about emotion anyways, but Zuko in particular is terrible at this because he's such a hothead.

  50. Nothing about Azula makes me think she's a good teacher. I read a fanfic -- Morality Chain -- where they did a scene but, even then, it required an AU Azula who actually, genuinely cares about her brother for the scene to work. Canon Azula wouldn't pull it off.

  51. Wow nobody is looking at Azula's character deep enough ok here you go: Y'all be forgetting that even in her fucked up brain she loves Zuko (she's still fucked up tho). She would definitely frustrate the hell out of him and right when he'd be ready to say "forget it" and storm off she'd be like "dumb dumb just do this" and he'll be like oh wow I actually did it and she'd just smugly walk off like Azula does. Why? Because one thing is consistent about Azula in her normal state is she can play her brother like a fiddle, and that she actually usually likes to do this to his benefit in a supportive environment.

  52. Azula would be a horrible teacher for anything, to anyone. She is a prodigy, preternaturally good at everything she tries her hand at, she is not only talented, but hard working and skilled. She is also psychopathic and has the inability to feel empathy. She would become frustrated at the first hurdle and blow up at her students, especially Zuko. She would have a genuine inability to understand why someone would struggle with anything and not fault her teaching style but the student. Any failure on her students' part would reflect on her and she would take it personally. She has a superiority complex and failure is not an option for her (as exhibited in the Series Finale), this would extend to her students and she would teach them lessons the same way Ozai taught Zuko one.

  53. I always felt that azula never truly mastered lightning bending, and when she would lightening bend it would negatively affect her chi or whatever, and this kinda started her steady decline into insanity

  54. Azul would be the better teacher... if she was forced into a situation where she actually had to teach Zuko, instead of just fucking with his head until he electrocuted himself.

  55. No. Cause hed literally run hinself into the ground dead and cold trying to not dissapoint. And shed watch and get a chuckle that shes superior

  56. I mean I think Iroh has the fullest understanding of lightning bending, knowing both how it functions and the reasoning behind those functions.

  57. no because azula can't redirect lightning and zuko can't produce lightning nothing for her to teach him

  58. While she is a better lightning bender than Iroh, she has no idea how to teach Zuko. Also, I'm not sure how good of a teacher she would be, considering she didn't really learn much because she was just THAT naturally talented.

  59. No. I don’t know or have the statistics but it’s proven people learn better with a caring teacher. Zuko does have a self destructive streak where he doesn’t care about his well being but dealing with lightening takes a certain amount of trust I would think.

  60. Creating lighting requires the fire bender to be clear minded, resolute, and decisive. Azula and ozai could do it not only because they were master firebenders but because they were sociopaths. They never hesitated or second guessed anything they did. Zuko, on the other hand, was all twisted up inside, was full of self doubt, and had so much internal angst there's no way he could produce lightning. Maybe in his later years as he matured He he would have been able to do it.

  61. Don't think so, since she will most likely kill Zuko with her "lesson" before she can teach him anything and then shrug and say it's because he's too weak too handle her lesson

  62. Lightning is a pure form that requires focus and confidence in one’s self. Bending is connected to the flow of spirit and emotions. Zuko deals with a lot of trauma and was scapegoated by his father. There was a massive amount of conflict within him that was crippling his spirit and emotions. His identity was in question. He wanted to be like his father but also knew that his father is bad. But, he couldn’t admit that to himself yet. Azula was treated very differently as a golden child. Her whole identity rested in that and she was comfortable with that. There was no way she could have gotten Zuko out of that conflict to teach him lightning. Only Iroh could guide him. Zuko needed a guru to open up his chakras so he could do lightning.

  63. Iron mentions that the key to lightning is taking the Ying and yang energies in a person, and causing an imbalance, then channeling the energy created from imbalance to create lightning. Zuko cannot use lightning because his energy is already in turmoil, a constant imbalance, resulting in no control, and explosions.

  64. Fuck nah, that water bending lightning technique alone fucks up Azula’s repertoire Plus Azula never learned much since she was already naturally gifted

  65. Iroh was the best teacher for lightning Zuko could've asked for. The fact that he didn't show him how to make some lightning when Zuko was still in his redemption is what saved him from a lot of grief and guilt.

  66. We don’t see if Azula is fully aware of the philosophy behind lightning generation. So I’d say until we can see how she thinks about it we will never know. Kinda like how the boulder is a perfectly good earthbender, but toph was a active practitioner of its philosophy so she was the better option for a teacher

  67. Ehh she is definitely a better lightning bender than Iroh, can’t disagree with that, but a teacher is more than how much they know the material they teach. If college has taught me anything it’s that even though someone may be an expert in their field, they can still suck at teaching it to others.

  68. No because Azula didn’t want Zuko or anyone to be her equal. She ruled through cheating and manipulation, especially with her friends. The only one she viewed above herself was her father.

  69. I think Zuko needed Iroh the Father/Mentor more than the teacher. Azusa could probably teach him to be a good to great bender, but Iroh provided him so much more.

  70. maybe i'm wrong, but Azula was not really a lighting-bender, I understand Iroh (and afterwards Zuko and Aang) was the only real "lightning bender" cause he could actually "bend" lighting besides than shooting them,

  71. Where does this thought come from? I don’t remember that from the show. Also, from what Iroh said, to shoot lightning, you have to be detached. Azula didn’t care about anything or anyone, so it was easy for her. Zuko would have to learn to detach himself. So to answer OP’s question, I’m guessing Iroh would be best able to teach that.

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