Joel Montgrand has been cast as Hakoda (Sokka and Katara’s dad) in the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series!

  1. Before he gets hate for his skin tone, Joel is Native American Cree. It’s not fair to invalidate people’s ethnic identities just because they don’t look like your stereotypical view of what a Native American “should” look like.

  2. Yeah, I'm mixed hispanic but I inherited my mother's lighter skin so most people have no idea what my actual ethnicity is. Same with my brother. People are always surprised to see my father has dark, dark skin. Genes are funny that way sometimes.

  3. But that hairline! The eyes! I don't (personally) care what his background is, visually he is such a good match.

  4. It would have been really nice to see black-native mixed actors cast for the water tribe characters. Since most native people are mixed. But mixed white-native is certainly not the only legitimate option. Another great option could be expanding casting to ethically and cultural native people in Latin America, such as Honduras or Peru, or indigenous Mexican, think Danny Trejo. This would be neat as it’s not just a matter of skin tone, but also facial features that represent Inuit and other First Nations people before colonizers forced intermarriage (and mostly sexual assault tbh).

  5. Yeah it pisses me off when people say someone doesn’t look native even if they are. I’m with the gwich’in, Cree by blood, but white as rice (because that’s what happens when your family has kids with white folks). To outsiders I’m white, but to my community, family, and other natives, I’m as native as them. If I had a nickel for everytime I was told I’m too white to be native, I’d have a very nice savings account.

  6. This is the comment I was looking for, seemed wierd they would cast a white actor after they were so gung-ho about ppl of Asian and Native-American descent.thnx!

  7. I am mixed too, and white washing isn’t cool. If you have a fully native character it should be played by a full native. He’s way too light and I’m so pissed.

  8. I don't mind the skin tone too much but i think it would fit a bit more in-line with Hakoda who has spent an excessively long time at sea and fight outdoors. I actually just hope that he can wear blue contact lens or they modify post-filming.

  9. Yeah, but I would like him to look like the actors for Katara and Sokka. I would like them to at least look like they are from the same race/ethnicity.

  10. "Before he gets hate for his skin tone "...... no one can see a problem with this? Because the dudes lighter skinned or looks European it's acceptable to make hate comments?

  11. White washing honestly doesn’t just reference the swapping of ethnicities. In cases like this the fair skin tone kinda is “white washing”. It’s like how when it comes to the castings of black actresses in Hollywood it’s usually a bi-racial light skin woman rather than someone who has a darker skin tone. Dark toned natives that would better represent the water tribes depiction in the show do in fact exist.

  12. I’m mixed too, but a full blooded native should be played by a full blooded native. This is still white-washing and after Sokka this is not a harmless mistake. I’m tired of us being portrayed so light.

  13. All of the natives are white washed so there’s no point in liking this white passing man over the last one

  14. I'm getting a little bit worried. Doesn't Hakoda only appear in season 2/Book Earth? Why would they cast him for season 1?

  15. I was really holding out for Kalani Queypo, I knew fudging the truth about his age would hurt him rather than help him. He is older than the 35 he has on his profile, been following him for years.

  16. Not be rude but more of just asking out curiosity is does he not have any real Native American heritage or is just not the right skin tone of his descent.

  17. Obviously a person's skin color is obviously more important than their personality or acting capability you racists in the comments.

  18. I would’ve liked to see some water tribe members be played by a few Polynesian. The creators did say they took Polynesian influence regarding the water tribe, and the people of the Water Tribes do heavily resemble Polynesians.

  19. The water tribe in the series is primarily inspired by the Innuit, whom live primarily on the north-east part of what we call Canada and further towards the poles. There is quite litteraly a continent and an ocean between them and the Polynesians. : P

  20. How the fuck do people have an issue with his skin colour? Their skin colours are so close to each other, actor's skin colour is like one tiny shade lighter.

  21. Their complexions aren’t similar. It’s more than one shade. Ppl taking issue with it is fair since since most of the actors with darker complexions actors are of light or lighter than the characters skin tone.

  22. Ya know I’m sure this guy will be great and all and but am I the only one who doesn’t like the live action idea? I mean, they already botched it once, do we really need it again?

  23. So far it looks like they've been making sure as to stay faithful to it. We can't really know until we see something, but I'd say it's earned giving a chance.

  24. I just don’t think live action is a good medium for this show. Half the charm of the original was the goofiness that could come from the animation. And I just also don’t trust child actors, and hell even adult actors sometimes.

  25. Idk why people are upset at this. It's better then the casting for the live action movie. Oong would be happy at this casting.

  26. Really tired of this white-washed casting with the water tribe members. I know I’ll get downvoted because this is reddit, but I’m pissed with the casting. All the other castings are perfect except for the brown people.

  27. Yeah the sucks that could get a full native person but I am more focus on the actually acting from each actor more so the accuracy of the skin tone.

  28. Every time I see a post about the live action show, I need to remind myself of the many failed live action remakes of animated shows over the years. I don't understand all the hype when basically all we have is a lot of casting (the casting does seem good, dont get me wrong) and very little tangible info on what we're in for. I'm not saying we need to all go doomer mode here; but some tempered expectations are in order, I think. Good casting cannot make up for poor writing and direction, and we know very little about what we're in for with that, beyond knowing Mike and Bryan exited the project very early on (which is an ill omen to me).

  29. Lol many of those lDisney ive action adaptation are also based off books. The same books where those animated movies are based on like the Jungle Book.

  30. You people are all like “make him go tan!” like that wouldn’t be an issue if they casted someone dark in the first place like Hakoda should be. This and Sokka’s castings are just so bad

  31. People keep stating he is native American... yea like what 16% native? Obama is probably more native than this guy

  32. 8 episodes of an hour each or something covering book 1. It will also use new CGI things like they used in the Mandalorian and some high end CGI artists like one who worked on DUne will also be working on it. So that plus the pretty good casting makes it look pretty promising in my eyes

  33. Some creamer definitely got put in the coffee of his bloodline😂 but he looks pretty good for Hakoda, and I’m diggin the beard

  34. Whilst the comment lacks class, yeah, a lot of non-white people got white in their families when the Americans arrived. Either by choice or not.

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