[spoilers s5e4] what do people want with luke??

  1. Luke's own trauma seems to be pushed aside a lot because it pales in comparison to what June went through. I still see Luke very much as a victim trying to cope the best that he can. I do not blame him for not charging in to fight the Mackenzie's for Hannah. It would almost definitely result in his death. We know June didn't really fight back within Gilead for a long time, not until she had allies and an understanding of how it really worked etc, Luke never gained that insider knowledge. I think he is desperate and doesn't have a level headed approach. I don't believe he can act 'out of character' because I'm sure his own identity has been absolutely torn apart over the last 8 years... ( I mean yes if he suddenly spoke fluent Italian, decided to dress only in green Lycra and was training to be a trapeze artist it would be OOC but within reason!)

  2. i love your point about how nothing luke does can truly be 'out of character' - that being said i'm suddenly craving a subplot where luke decides to take up trapeze and italian!!

  3. I agree with your sentiments about Luke being a victim too. He was shot and left for dead, his wife and daughter were kidnapped, his wife was raped and abused, and he’s left feeling inadequate and unable to do anything about it. June’s experiences are far more traumatic, but trauma is trauma. He’s doing his best to put her needs first and he’s soooo patient with her. Far more patient than most people would realistically be. He’s almost an enabler, allowing her a pass when she makes (what I think are) poor decisions, while Moira seems to stands up to her more. But in episode 5 he seems to get all fired up with June. Don’t know if this is out of character or not, as he’s still trying to figure out how to deal with this situation.

  4. My utter confusion for the first several sentences thinking I was in the Gilmore Girls sub, whoops. I watch too much tv lol

  5. Luke is the 'everyman' but has more personality and charisma than fan favorite Nick Blaine - who has the personality of a manilla envelope glued to a beige wall.

  6. When Luke said he couldn’t promise he wouldn’t do it first. I was just like Luke that is the sexist thing you’ve said throughout this show

  7. God forbid though you say some of the Luke hate is rooted in racism or subconscious bias. People will riot. Recent winners I've seen trying to defend against this are "okay but Luke acts like any middle aged white guy so I don't see him as black" and "Luke wasn't black in the book." Oh and the ever present "But Max is biracial irl" despite the fact Nick is portrayed as white.

  8. You've articulated everything that I wanted to say way better than I could have. People are able to like whatever they like, and I don't have a problem with it - but some people really let their love for their ship to shape their perception of Luke.

  9. I'm with you on that I love to read and understand other's points of view. What I want with Luke is practical, and for me, the romantic stuff is beside the point: I want Luke to be an active participant in getting Hannah back to her parents. That's it. Making sure that Hannah is safe is my first priority regarding Luke. The writers have probably decided whether or not June will choose any man. Trying to put myself in June's shoes, I have to admit that I probably wouldn't want to see another dick in life again!!! LOL.

  10. 100% agree. I love Luke but the only thing I want for him is to get Hannah back. That’s it. His family will never be the same. I don’t know what’s going to happen to June or what direction she’s going to go in. June is a fighter & her path is destruction. Her destiny is to help take down Gilead. For Luke, I just want him to get his daughter back.

  11. I am guessing certain people don’t like Luke, because they prefer Nick. So the answer to your question, would be for him to be written out of the show. I personally like the character, as someone mentioned he’s written as a everyman, and they are realistic but not sexy.

  12. All I want is for him to do a backflip, snap the bad guys neck and save the day. Super easy, barely an inconvenience. Is that so much to ask?

  13. Everyone views characters through their own lens and associate Luke with someone (or multiple someones) in their life. That is ultimately going to drive how they feel about him and his actions.

  14. right, i totally get that part and that's super reasonable! i'm just curious about what the people who hate luke want to happen to his character!

  15. I think the best thing he could do is just be there for his kids, not the most dramatic path but it would free June up to go full berserk mode if he just said to her, do whatever is needed and I will be here stable and supportive for Hannah and Nicole. June needs to fuck shit up and her family life is holding her back.

  16. It's annoys me so much, they definitely want to show us: "Well, he is no match for us, because he clearly doesn't understand what she went through, but in the other hand NIIICK"I hate Nick so much, he is still a part of that system, so no, I don't care about him

  17. Why? He finally got a taste of Serena personally. He's already been starting to shift the last few episodes this season. Then he actually saw what a manipulative bad person Serena is. I have a feeling June (understandably) isn't giving the dirty details of her time in Gilead with the Waterfords. And it's hard to fathom how someone who is a woman and a victim of Gilead (getting her finger cut off, beat, etc) is also a massive perpetrator and supports the regime. Tuello went through the same thing. But Luke got the force of Serena's bs and it really slapped him in the face with what he was dealing with. I get it.

  18. I think he now has a fire under his ass after learning Hannah is being groomed for marriage. For a long time, she was protected and as safe as any child in Gilead could be.

  19. I honestly don’t know what to think about Luke’s character. The writers really backed themselves into a corner by ignoring him the last few seasons. Now suddenly they’re trying to bring him into the fray and it just feels wrong. I guess my answer is, I don’t really care what happens to Luke. He’s a forgotten character to me.

  20. Absolutely. His possessive language shows how much he wants to dominate and control June, possibly because he feels emasculated. He’s so gross and basically a wiener 🤮

  21. I want Luke and June to find happiness and forgetfulness for Serena entirely, and eventual pleasure in their lives together. I also hope they get their daughter back but not if they need to continue getting their hands dirty.

  22. This is a tough one honestly because I too, feel the same way! I’d love to see Luke and June make a solid comeback with a full on reunion and progression in healing on both their ends. Be a family etc.

  23. LUKE IS SO THE FUCK OUT OF HIS DEPTH. Why on EARTH would he go there and tell her about the code violations AND THEN!!! Throw THE SPECIFIC VIOLATIONS at her when he leaves so now she knows what to fix?!!?!??? LIKE OH MY GOD. You’re a child who has played checkers before trying to fuck with master chess players.

  24. You do realize that when one gets building code violations, each violation is outlined with the section of the code it corresponds to. These aren’t small changes and even if they were to try to make changes, there’s to still a process to correct violations which is done on the city/county/province’s timeline based on the inspector’s recommendations. So it really doesn’t matter that she has those papers, doesn’t make a difference.

  25. Luke feels powerless to me because while he wants to burn it all down to the ground, he knows that won’t get his daughter back. His motivation comes from a place of love. That creates a lot of frustration and sense of powerlessness.

  26. I actually really like Luke. For the longest time he was very lukewarm (ha!) for me and I found him kinda boring. However, now that June is home he’s been so patient, loving, and understanding that I probably respect him the most out of everyone. He understands June’s anger, but he also tries to keep her grounded

  27. I haven't seen Luke doing anything to get Hannah (or June when she was in Gilead) back, besides that random conversation with Nick and the protest & outrage he showed toward Fred, when those 2 visited Canada.

  28. Tonight was the first time I finally felt like I understood him a bit. Saw his fight. Ive just been waiting flr hus breaking point to see some fire in him. I think its near.

  29. I didn't relate to Luke at first because he could fit in Gilead. He was a womanizer at first. His choice of holding on to Annie while being with June, not be sympathetic to Annie situation. Now life has him in the same predicament. Just as Annie tried to hold her marriage, her love, and her belief in a man she loves asked for time to understand and make it better with her husband, yet he moves on. I feel Luke is experiencing the same. I do like Nick over Luke. This is not about Nick. Everything Annie goes is the same for Luke at this time in his life. What I want for Luke is to accept getting Hannah back may never happen but maybe the death of you and June. Accept June is held captive in Gilead five plus years and what she has become will also take the much time if not longer for to change, if she can. Accept you have chosen to be a father to Nichole and give her the nurturing she needs.

  30. He needs to be killed off. God damn he’s useless! All talk, no action. Even without Gilead I couldn’t stand to be June and married to this guy

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