If you were an Elf, which Elf type would you be & why?

  1. Okay, so everyone doesn't immediately choose Startouch elf, I'll say this. Remember that Startouch elves can live to 5000 years and, according to Aaravos are not very pleasant company. You will outlive everything and everyone you love.

  2. Startouch elf; even if we don't exclude the Aaravos factor, they're so mysterious and otherworldly that I just find them iressitable.

  3. A Moonshadow or Tidebound Elf, since I’ve gotten both before on the arcanum quiz, and I like Moon and Ocean magic.

  4. If we're going by how closely my values/personality align with what we know of the arcanum and elf type... maybe earthblood? Specifically the kind of druidic, plants/animals type.

  5. Skywing with wings. I would love to have that much freedom, to be able to just fly up and get away from it all for awhile would be amazing

  6. Startouch. I’m fine with watching people grow old and die around me as long as they’re growing old in the first place. I don’t mind the concept of living a long, long, long life. Because there’s so much to learn. Not to mention, like Araavos I don’t leave my room.

  7. The only ones I really know a lot about are Moonshadow elves, Startouch elves, Skywing elves, and Sunfire elves. I don't know enough about the others.

  8. Yeah, we need more dwarves. All these elves talking about killing humans and hugging trees blah blah blah... lets talk about alcohol and rocks.

  9. I can never decide between Earth and Stars on this question. I consider myself to be, in equal measures, an outdoorsy nature type and the kind of person who would read through an entire set of encyclopedias.

  10. For real, I think we need an even longer quiz with the primal sources, I'm too smart and figured out how the original one worked in five seconds. Either way, I'd say that I'd like to be a star-touched mage, just so I could use my reality-bending abilities to make a pile of rocks into a human body, then use dark magic or moon magic to transfer Sol Regams soul into the body.

  11. Dwarf. Because dwarves are better than elves. Dwarves are like elves but slightly less racist and come with built in beards for coolness points.

  12. Skywing mage with ability to summon mage wings on my back in a similar style to Angel from X-Men (where the wings attach to the shoulder blades instead of the lower back) because losing the use my arms/hands during flight just seems stupid. I also wouldn't want to have to deal with constantly having wings. I'd use my wings to travel the world and explore everything, and I'd use my Sky Magic to wreak lightning-fueled havoc on any who dare cross me.

  13. Moon elf. A lot of my aesthetics coming together there, even down to the kind of nature they hang out in and the characters i lean towards in rpgs. You’d think id be an earth elf cuz im obseesed with forests but where reyla’s family lives is legit my ideal fantasy forest. (Although my ideal fantasy setting is a castle and kingdom like Katolis, right down to the crown, armor, and color scheme)

  14. I’d like to be a tidebound elf because why wouldn’t you want to freely explore the ocean blue and see the colourful reefs, swimming alongside the marine life and playing pranks on fishermen.

  15. Well I'm actually playing a Moonshadow atm, so that's my first choice (plus it's not that different from now, only better in almost every way) - but Lux Aurea (pre-Viren) does seem a less screwy place to live than Silvergrove does, so being a Sunfire does have that advantage.

  16. Moonshadow, because illusion seems fun. You could pull of some Loki stuff. Or Skywing, because sky magic= lots of cool magic like lightning and ice and wind.

  17. Hmm. Startouch. What I got first from official quiz. Got also Earh. Sparkly elf with understanding of Earth Arcanum? Maybe case of trouble with seeing things the way you're supposed to. Mindset? Can't see bigger picture when you tend to obsess on details, little things.

  18. Startouch. I like to imagine the things I could do with such a long lifespan. I also love studying heavenly bodies or astronomy.

  19. Sunfire, I love the militaristic feel to them. And also they’re expert smiths and warriors, crafting and combat sports are dear and near to my heart

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