The Dollop #560 - Rodney King and the LA Riots

  1. I turned it off pretty quickly. This podcast I’ve come to depend on for some lighthearted laughable escapes. Now it’s just political and reinforcing the awfulness I’m trying to forget about momentarily.

  2. I wonder if he's going to cover how we got the tape of the beating, they were filming Terminator 2 in the area, I believe, and some guy was in the area with his camera trying to document that, just happened to capture the beating and without him, none of this is ever known.

  3. I was in college when this happened and I remember crying myself to sleep that night and swore off having children ( I failed ) .

  4. Is the Past Times Dave’s way of being like…here’s your lighthearted comedy but now shit’s gonna get really real on the Dollop? Because I’m here for it. Still waiting for his episodes on Obama

  5. All I hear when people are saying it’s too serious and not the same comedic history podcast anymore is the following:

  6. It's really insane how people will listen with their full human ears and still just. Not process anything except what personally benefits them.

  7. Or…. People are quite aware of one of the most known and publicly discussed instances of police corruption, brutality and the actions that followed. There’s a distinction between bearing witnesses to something that doesn’t get enough attention and immersing oneself in despair. If you don’t know much about this topic or find it really interesting, great. If you already know what happened and that basically nothing’s changed, it’s ok to skip an episode.

  8. I feel like this going to be a tough one. Hopefully they release an episode of The Past Times this week as a palate cleanser or do a baseball/old timey grifter episode next week

  9. When can we stop calling this a comedy podcast and call it uncomfortable history to make car rides to work feel awkward while Dave goes on a justified crusade while Gareth awkwardly tries and makes jokes about the absolute worst sides of humanity to continue trying to pass this off as a comedy podcast?

  10. You had me for the first sentence. In my head, I now have a mental picture of a very awkward work car pool

  11. one of the few i’ll likely never listen to. love that they tackle issues like this and ferguson, but selfishly i’m just not trying to ruin my day. i doubt putting myself through an hour and a half of absolute police bullshit will change my opinion of the justice system in america.

  12. COPS is such a sick show. i remember being like 13 and seeing a bit and feeling very wrong seeing someone get arrested at the low point of their life on TV

  13. Does anyone have any info on the story Dave was talking about at the end? The one about the gang following a cop and beating him with baseball bats? I can't find any news coverage about it.

  14. I’m really curious why they didn’t mention the car chase at all, they made it sound like he was just pulled over for a traffic stop. I feel like it’s important context that they left out.

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