The Dollop #558 - The Ty Cobb Strike

  1. I haven’t listened yet, but holy crap Ty Cobb is fertile ground for a Dollop. Fingers crossed for a cameo from The Rube - the baseball episodes are always perfect.

  2. I grew up in Michigan and my dad hated Ty Cobb. There is a line in Field of Dreams where they don’t invite Ty Cobb and I never saw my dad laugh harder at a movie scene. Might send him this episode.

  3. I was voraciously consuming baseball history in my youth, but one detail I never got about this was that the Tigers were in 6th place at the time and would finish the season there. Quite a tumble when they had just played in a World Series in 1909.

  4. I want to see the sources for this episode. In truth Cobb was not a racist. Most of the stories come from a discredited biography that was written by a man that hated Cobb because he would not cooperate with the author.

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