The Past Times - Episode 1 (with Karen Kilgariff)

  1. this is absolutely excellent; it's like the dollop but dave doesn't have to worry about research and we don't have to focus to follow a story if we're busy/etc. can't wait for more

  2. This is my main complaint with the show. If I get hooked into a story, I’ll pay attention and be entertained the whole time. If an episode does t hook me in the first ten minutes, I’ll just listen to words as I do stuff, not retain anything and move on. And yes, I know this is a personal problem.

  3. Today there are bone conduction headphones, which is likely the same basic principle as this dentaphone, getting the sound waves transmitted into your skull itself and having them travel to your ears through that path.

  4. When he was going deaf, Beethoven was said to bite down on a piece of wire connected to his piano in order to hear the music. It's called

  5. I went to Thomas Edison’s old house, now a museum. They showed up his phonograph and pointed out the worn out part of the wooden frame. Look like a dog had gnawed on it. It was from Edison have poor hearing and possibly dead so he’d bite the frame to hear via vibrations.

  6. My favorite moment was when Karen mentioned how much it sounded like the newspaper man from the HBO series Deadwood.

  7. Preview of the first episode was on Patreon a few days back, then again today on the regular feed for everyone.

  8. I laughed much harder at this than at any Dollop in the past year. Almost swerved my car actually. I guess new format so more unexpected riffing

  9. It is very good and I can only imagine how much better it’s going to get after they smooth out the kinks. So funny

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