I was Cosplaying Starlight and ran into Deep 😂

  1. He weirdly gets a lot sympathy, him and A train. I don’t get how people don’t see they are pure sociopaths.

  2. People cosplay as various villains all the time though… even Disney villains. Doesn’t mean you personally relate to them, just that it’s fun to dress up as them.

  3. Damn I didn’t expect all the hate in this comment section. I’m the dude in the photo. just kidding I’m not the dude in the photo but y’all are mean lol

  4. Why does everyone who cosplays as Starlight go with the outfit that she hated? This is exactly what starlight was fighting against.

  5. I’m a woman, and I actually prefer her leotard costume. I think it’s cute, and I love the boots. But Starlight doesn’t like it, and it wasn’t her choice to wear it, which is why I wouldn’t wear it if I cosplayed her.

  6. It’s interesting/amazing how often the themes of the show, which are even more often thrown in your face through satire, are completely missed. Like yeah, the best way to represent Starlight is with the costume she was made to wear when she was forcibly being sexualized by Vaught/Homelander

  7. This is a weird argument to me, but it’s one that cosplayers often get the most flack for by non cosplaying bystanders. You’ll see this in many cosplay posts. So here’s a bit of insight to the cosplay community. The person themselves are not the character. They enjoy the outfit, that’s all there is to it. It’s not that deep. Enjoyment of a character doesn’t necessarily mean you’re anything like the character. It’s a very common conception that non cosplayers don’t treat cosplayers like regular people, they expect cosplayers to act and be like the character.

  8. Because unlike Starlight, they like how it looks and made an active choice to buy or make the costume on their own. Simple.

  9. Shouldn't this be kept for a cosplay page... I will never understand people wanting to post pictures of themselves dressed up...

  10. Cosplays are welcome on this subreddit (particularly in the off season. If they're too frequent while the season is ongoing there may be more restrictions). But we're willing to take feedback on what people want more of/less of, if you missed the earlier survey feel free to mod mail.

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