Can a 13 Year old watch the boys?

  1. Eh I’m 15 rn I saw gore videos when I was like 13 (I’m not trying to say that as some stupid flex just sayin) they disturbed me and still do but it’s made it not so hard to stomach the fake gore from the show

  2. I mean it's your kid. If your comfortable with your kid seeing gratuitous levels of gore and violence mixed with nudity then sure.

  3. If they have functional visual input devices (AKA eyes) a screen and access to either Amazon or one of the other video streaming sites that have access to the material then yes, technically they can

  4. i think it might be just too violent and explicit (not that i wouldn't have loved watching something like that when i was 13 and edgy lol), but read the parents guide for a few episodes and make of that what you will

  5. Depends on the kid. Back when I was 13 I was watching worse shit than The Boys, but I've seen grown people complaining about blood in their movies.

  6. I wouldn’t recommend the show to anyone who isn’t at least in HS yet. A 14/15 yo could handle it when they know a little bit more in life and are mature enough. But 13? Kinda reachin

  7. bro the show was first released in 2019, you haven't even left High School yet, it's too soon to know how you turned out lmaooooooooo

  8. Depends how well you raised him. I have no problem letting my son around the same age watch things like this (he's not really interested in them though) because he understands when certain types of humor are appropriate and when they aren't. He understands the difference between movie violence and situations and real life ones. He also understands what sex is and the purpose of it. He isn't going to be traumatized by anything he sees on this show and it isn't going to affect how he behaves or thinks. If something does confuse him or bother him on the show he will ask me about it and we can talk it through.

  9. I wouldn’t recommend it since It tackles serious topics like rape , racism and all types of brutal violence and of course there is a lot of swearing

  10. It’s your child, if you believe they are mature enough for it and are watching it with them that is your choice. I was about 13 when my mom let me watch game of thrones and I became a die hard fan. I’m 21 I turned out mostly fine.

  11. If I were a thirteen year old boy, I would've tried to "sneak watch" it. When I was a kid and cable was a brand new thing, I would try to watch the nudie channel (I forget which one it was) through the scrambling. Thirteen year old boys do stuff like that. If it were just regular violence and nudity, I'd say that depends on how liberal or conservative your views are on those things but, violence and nudity aside, there's some seriously messed up stuff in the show that I would recommend not have anyone not mature enough to handle it be exposed to.

  12. Idk depends how mature that person is. I’d probably say no but at that age they’re smart enough to watch it if they want to whether or not their parents say yes. I would probably just watch it anyway but I would recommend no

  13. Look I would’ve, but I’m also from the time where you had to bring your nuts to the internet when it was taking off and it was PvP lobby 24/7. Live leak prepped me for this shit, but I digress. Probably not best of judgement but if said 13 year old isn’t ready than no.

  14. Damn my 14 year old has been watching. With herogasm I threw a blanket over his head in the over the top bits. He spent most of the episode like that.

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