Tiny detail from the latest episode:

  1. Yea, I liked that no one even attempted to answer the question and they didn't bother with him trying to sell the punchline. He just made the joke, no one responded, and we moved on.

  2. Yeah, I'm only 27 and I had the "What's black and white and red all over? A newspaper" just known somehow for as long as I can remember

  3. I dint think a nun, even after seeing a priest shot to the head, would jump to someone back and shouted “die motherfucker” or something like that

  4. The actor also makes the same joke in supernatural season 4 episode 22. There’s a lot of supernatural callbacks this season.

  5. Where I grew up, the punchline to ‘what’s black and white and red all over” was “a nun falling down the stairs” …. Soooooo I lol’d for that reason at SB’s line…

  6. There's a lot of answers though, "skunk in a blender" is the one I remember best. But nuns and priests work too, blender optional

  7. Actually, the answer, “a nun with five bullet wounds” is a twist on the joke that’s been around for decades.

  8. It was a reference to the joke, but more than that it was poking fun at their clothes. The priest was in all black, the nun in all white, and both covered in blood.

  9. It's very interesting what he said in the original Version. In the German dubbed he said "Herr lass Hirn regnen" after their death. Which is a phrase for people who are telling or doing something stupid. Translated it would be Something like "Lord, please let it rain brain"

  10. Reminds me of Stormfront saying to Starlight her favorite character was Pippi Longstocking, a character from the 40s. Starlight would have no clue who that was.

  11. Why wouldn't she? Starlight us a year or two older than me and I know who Pippi Longstocking is. Theres was even a cartoon about her as recently as 1997 and a whole bunch of movies from around the 80s. She's not that obscure at all.

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