Rachel and Zach

  1. Did anyone else catch the hostility in her voice when they were drinking coffee in bed the next morning? She said something about him chewing coffee beans in this annoyed tone of voice and then he gives her a weird look. Then she’s trying to get him to leave, oh I’m sooo tired….She does not like him anymore.

  2. That was one of the most awkward conversations I've watched. And she seemed so fake when she was smiling and saying things like those were some hard conversations and I hope you gained some clarity to see where I'm coming from. Just really put me off her and I can believe Zach when he said she became a different person without the cameras.

  3. I think she’s super fake on camera and showed a nasty side when the cameras turned off, Zach is sweet but she definitely likes Tino/Avon more and just used the age difference bs as an excuse. It’s so absurd to bring up an “age difference” of a few months at the very end when it’s been known the entire time

  4. She was looking for an out but didn’t want it to come from her. Her fakeness was on full display the morning after, though. Her behavior was cringy.

  5. She definitely comes across as the type of takes “I’m the Bachelorette now” to a level where she’s now not acting like herself at all.

  6. I get the sense she’s so fake too. In the beginning when she was at the house handling the drama her tone was so different from when she talks to Aven she sounds all gitty, to when she talks to Tino, and then different tone of voice with Zach…

  7. He said inauthentic I need to know more! I hope he throws it all down when they show the confrontation next week... I have always got fake vibes from her and if anyone is not ready for a commitment, it's her. She seems like a spoiled child sometimes and honestly kinda silly.

  8. I think Rachel is wildly insecure as well. Tino has told her he loves her so that’s her most secure relationship. Probably a mix of self sabotage and religious differences.

  9. She is too afraid to outright break his heart so she’s coming up with excuses because I think she never got over Clayton so she’s going after Tino hard in spite of his parents being literal bullies, she’s willing to forgive all of his sins because he looks the closest to Clayton and that must be her type. The age thing was bs. I also was ticked how she didn’t seem concerned at all that Gabby just wasn’t gonna show up, she smiled and just moved on. No concern for your best friend? Really? I’ve been team Rachel the whole show, but she is making excuses to turn down this great guy (Zach) gently rather than just admitting to her own shortcomings. It’s breaking my heart. Tino just epitomizes so many of the guys I don’t like, he doesn’t bring much of anything to the table personality wise, but bc he appears a certain way he gets this pass.

  10. Completely agreed. She has brought Clayton up so often, she still hasn’t resolved her feelings or heartache over him.

  11. She is 100% fake. The age thing was a total lie and bs excuse. I actually felt really bad for Zach and he didn't deserve that but at least he saw her true colors I guess

  12. I feel like she is just so agreeable and is gonna pick someone based in making them up in her head as long as they are good looking. She was so mad at tino and automatically accepted his nice comments to brush over the huge issue of his family. But with Zach all this huge stuff is a problem all the sudden….

  13. I feel Rachel compared to Gabby constantly brings up Clayton. And always brings up how her experience was bad. Yet, she too throws the L word left and right.

  14. I couldn’t believe it! I think she was definitely trying to self sabotage maybe so that he would leave on his own and she didn’t have to send him home. I’m really surprised because Zach said it was like a “completely different person” so I feel like she might definitely be different than she is on camera

  15. I think it's actually a religion issue and age is more palatable for tv. rachel and tino are both italian and christian. christianity is a huge unspoken dealbreaker for a lot of these ppl. zachs jewish

  16. That's the premise of the show, though. The producers push for it and also don't allow them nearly enough time to get to know each other. It was even worse this season shoehorning two bachelorettes into one season/one season's budget.

  17. Hot take, when he brought up politics and religion....there are probably issues there, he pegs me for leaning on the conservative side while she is probably more middle ground/left leaning. When someone says they want to raise kids in a religion and the other doesn't, that also causes problems.

  18. His forced tears and approach to Jesse seemed inauthentic and it really felt like he was using a moment without cameras with Rachel to set himself up as future bachelor material. But that’s just how it came across to me.

  19. I feel like other ppl here that it was something not tv friendly her actual concern so this was the excuse she brought up for the cameras.

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