Unpopular Opinion: I don’t think Gabby saying “yeah” is a bad thing

  1. I mean I noticed it, but some people just communicate this way. She always seemed sincere throughout the show so I tried not to let my OCD judge her too strongly for that.

  2. I would be absolutely smashed by the end of every episode and completely forget what happened because I blacked out. Thus the cycle would never end, and for the rest of my life I’d be toasting to……. yeah

  3. I honestly think shes just trying to make the other person feel heard, like shes paying attention. Definitely not as serious as people act like it is. I dont find it annoying either

  4. Rachel at the least mixes it up, watch the first conversation from Monday night’s episode. She nods her head and says things like “right,” “awesome,” and “amazing,” it’s not that hard to mix it up, and why we get peeved is Gabby’s inability to do so. It is similar to saying “like” repeatedly when there are many synonyms or variations of that word too.

  5. Reminds me of the scene in the office where they’re trying to teach Dwight how to sell to women, and Erin says yes nod your head like a person so I can know you’re listening 😂

  6. I agree with others that it's her way of showing active listening. I do this myself, so Gabby didn't even stand out to me. Now I'm wondering if other people find me this annoying lol

  7. I AGREE! If anything I see her “filler words” as a form of active listening. I honestly think she is an incredible listener and empath. (However I do feel like in the last episode she was not extending much empathy to Jason or Erich… a little to Johnny)

  8. It seems like she’s impatient to get her thoughts in. She might have trouble focusing. Many Americans (at least) struggle with answering to talk instead of an interest in what another is saying.

  9. Same! I say "for sure" and "right" and "YAAAAAS" a lot lol. I understand how people could find it annoying but for me it lets me know that someone is hearing what I'm saying. I feel like I'm commentating, thus fully present in the conversation. She is looking directly into their eyes and acknowledging the points they are making. Also tone is everything. My mom is someone who doesn't like to engage a lot verbally. So she will be like "mhmmm" but like with an attitude and it's rude and makes you want to stop talking to her. We are super close but our communication is on totally different ends of the spectrum, whereas my dad is a journalist so we really connect conversationally. He is also someone who responds like Gabby. Like little one word comments to let the speaker know that he is with them.

  10. Saying yea shows Gabby is listening, following, and caring about what the other person is saying. This displays her ability to hear and acknowledge others ~ a rare gift these days.

  11. I’m a huge Gabby stan and think people really misunderstand her humor and her way of speaking as her being stupid but she obviously has good insight and emotional intelligence

  12. Not to be mean, she seems nice, I just don’t think she has a lot to say. I always thought she filled the silence by kissing whoever she’s with.

  13. No, it’s very annoying to listen to. She’s too old to not have learned how to not say “um” or “yeah” or “like” every two seconds.

  14. I personally love that about her, shows she’s engaged in the convos instead of just awkwardly staring. She’s validating things in her own way

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