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  1. Right? Her big thing was not to do that and then she ended up doing exactly what Clayton did to her. I was rooting for her but this made her come off extremely hypocritical and disgusted me. I really like Aven and thought he and Rachel looked great together... and then she pulled a Clayton on him. I'm beyond disappointed in her, especially since she'll be breaking one of the guy's hearts - and my guess is it will be Aven. Sad and disappointing.

  2. Johnny in the promo for Bachelor in Paradise before we see his fantasy suites date... Welllllp it's not him for Gabby!

  3. I want to know who is choosing Rachel's outfits? The silhouettes she's wearing are not flattering. She's a beautiful woman but her outfits are just off.

  4. Gabby picked the 3 that were out of her league and players out of the 31 guys. Rachel got dumped early on, but has her pick of her 3 now, and gabby is getting dumped now because she was unrealistic throughout the process.

  5. He’s a little too cheesy with not much depth in my opinion, not the best looking either. But of course I’d watch lol

  6. In my opinion I think it’s fair to not want your partner sleeping with another person a week before engagement. it sounded like Gabby made some off camera promises to Erich that we didn’t hear and while he didn’t need to meet with her again and bother her about it he’s not doing anything wrong by requesting that. They shamed Clayton for doing the same thing and now they’re going to do exactly what they were so upset about. I don’t think Gabby wont have the chance to though and Erich will be the only man left for her. I think she would’ve picked him anyways though. Idk I just don’t like the hypocrisy and hope they elaborate on it during After the Final Rose.

  7. My thing is Erich should have discussed this with her before fantasy suites though. If that's how you feel, you need to tell the person and give them space and time to digest it. I'm not a huge fan of Maddy but at least she was consistently upfront about that with Peter.

  8. The difference is the full blown I love you's to 3 women and announcing to God and everyone watching that he slept with 2 of the 3 women and full blown said I love you to all them with Susie the most. Those ladies were not expecting the rose ceremony from hell or for him to announce that he slept with them both. He also begged them to stay to save face and then group dumped them to pursue Susie. Rachel and Gabby both said it wasn't that he explored his bedroom options. It was the full blown I love you's to both of them that made them feel like he wasn't exploring, just using for sex, knowing he loved Susie the most. Susie just happened to go last and it blew everything up.

  9. The episode description makes it seem like this is only the first part of fantasy suites. Every date js so long

  10. I am so disgusted by Erich’s comments about feeling like Gabby is cheating on him if she hooks up with another guy!? I’m sorry but he has shown zero genuine emotion other than when he was with his family on hometowns. His behavior this episode is giving major red flags 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  11. At least she sees it and acknowledges it. I guess that’s the good thing about being an older bachelorette (Older as in not 23 years old, I don’t think Gabby is old at all.)

  12. Yeah... he should have been upfront about this from the beginning. However he waited until fantasy suites to tell Gabby he didn't want her sleeping with others (which like, you're on the show and it happens every season so why do folks act so brand new once it happens)??

  13. Erich should make Gabby not choose him. He is the most handsome bachelor this season. If not chosen, he could be the next Bachelor.

  14. So funny though when Gabby gave that, “I’m going to decide,” speech and they cut to the next guy monologuing, “I’m not ready for an engagement.”

  15. Can someone tell me the spoiler if any of the two girls got rejected in the finale and find no husband? Thanks. Jesse's final words made me think it is possible. Otherwise it won't justify to be the most shocking Bachelorette finale they ever had.

  16. What is wrong with you? Get out of this sub if you're going to shame people. You seem like such a miserable human being and I genuinely pity you.

  17. The morning after with Zach seemed really fake. It didn't seem like there was any real chemistry with him, especially after she had told Tino she loved him.

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