Were there any detours where you were disappointed that everyone chose the same task?

  1. In TAR 1 Leg 5, there was a detour option that involved solving an ancient Tunisian puzzle of some kind that sounded really interesting. Unfortunately, nobody chose it.

  2. I forgot what season of Amazing Race Canada it was,but it was something with Beer then the other was do the Can Can and I just love watching teams struggle on dance challenges

  3. In season 5, nobody chose mountain biking over paragliding. It was 6 miles down a mountain, which would have taken a fair amount of time, especially for a beginner in rocky terrain. I'm sure it would have been quite entertaining, I do wish a few teams chose it.

  4. In TAR Australia Season 5, all teams chose the olive task instead of the barrel rolling task. Even production showed the barrel task organiser looking disappointed that no one chose that task.

  5. I know the infamous ox task is iconic, but I wished one of the teams did the other side of the Detour (which was Fowl).

  6. My girlfriend and I just watched TAR 7 and we were disappointed that this happened twice in one country. When the final teams visited India, they had two detours.

  7. Yes! The Geocaching detour on TAR Canada one season (I forget which). I love geocaching and I was so excited to see it incorporated in a TAR challenge. But zero teams opted to do it :(

  8. Agreed, any of CAN2's Final Four even attempting "By Land" would've improved New Brunswick's first-ever visit over everyone just choosing the flag semaphores of "By Sea"; then again, all of them picked "Mussel" during the previous leg on Prince Edward Island instead of counting potato "Mass", which might've saved the future Hollywood stuntman and his chère ~

  9. The final Detour of TAR 9 that had Drill It or Deliver It. None of the teams chose Deliver It due to indefinite delay and all had took Drill It instead that it was a little easier.

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