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  1. He started appearing in front of my house. I had only ever seen him once... in my dead mothers house. I was scrolling through twitter when I found a news flash. It was the man. But something wasn't right, his face was growing bigger. And he was behind me all along.

  2. Sire was a quiet and simple person. But every night, he came back home, his eyes looking even more tired than ever. The next day he went down to the cellar. He didn't come back for hours. It was twilight when I heard shuffling. Over Sire's limbless, eyeless and heartless body was... me... and I killed his wife and children.

  3. I must admit, I have a fetish over arms. After all, I have a basement full of them. from my father to my dearest neighbor.

  4. My sister said her tummy felt funny, then she let out a fart... soon after, a scream. She had Sharted her organs and blood. Her digestive track spilled on the floor as she bled out.

  5. Her eyebrows are immaculate. I am ugly. She is so pretty... it wouldn't hurt if I borrowed her face for a bit. Yes... a knife will do.

  6. As I finished the chant, our sacrifice blood caught in a black fire. His eyes were orange and he grinned. We had summoned the lord of flies himself. In a flash of red and orange he had killed everyone. a few days passed and the Orange sun burned. And the lord of flies said "אלוהים מת, הם אנחנו באים". God is dead, we are coming.

  7. It fell down in the river with a splash. We were young.... thoughtless. With blood on our hands we washed it off at the river itself. Later that night, the news showed my brat of a brother found dead at the river, what a fun little game we had

  8. The body fell in the river with a splash. Maybe my brother would like to swim. What a nice game we played. He didn't move after i let the doggies play with him.

  9. The Avocado was very tasty. I ate the whole thing! But late one night i felt strange. I went to the bathroom to do the doo doo. I wasn't expecting a 12 inch snake to fall out.

  10. I was playing upstairs when my mom called me down for dinner. Before i went down, someone grabbed me. It was my mom and she said" Don't go down dear, I heard it too"

  11. I̸̡̛͇̝͐̍̆́͗̋̊̓̓̍̕͠͝ ̷̧̛͙̪̠̪͉̫͔̩̲̤̯̋̍̓̓͋̇̈́͒͛̍̀͊͜a̵̢̨̨͖̳̗͎͈̘̍͂̑͜m̴̨̜̞̰̻̬̤̦̺̈̃̇̿͜ ̶̢̖̈́̍͆̓͝͠i̷͙̱̫̞͍͙̒͑͑͋̑͠n̴̛̬͕̭̹͇̦̩̭̞̺͈̞̰͐̔̋̃͜ ̷̢̢̪̮̺͈̠̩̜̙̳̗̗͋͑̐̏̏͌̌ͅȳ̸̟͇̯̘̲̳̜̹̼͓͙͓͈̳̋́̀̍͐͐̒̕̕͝͝͝o̵̳̯͙̦͙̹̹̻̰̿́͗̔̆̄̅̇̕͠͝ü̴̙̓̇̇̃̈́̽͛͊̆͆̐͝͠ř̶̰͕͎͑̿̐ ̴͇̹͍͉̦̻̯̹͖̱͔̣̀̎̂̅̈̾̇̅͛͊́̓̏̕͝w̴̬̣͐̀̉͐͒̃͗͊̀̿̐͘a̷̧̛͕̗̳͚̥̖̲̫̞̠͆͂̅̍͊̉̀͝͝l̴͍͍͇̦̗͉̥̲͙͚̙͌̅̊͋̐̓̈́̈͊͐̎̀̉͒ͅl̵͕̱͎̩̻͌s̴̟̝̠̠͒͊͑̀̄́̀͝

  12. I was playing a game and suddenly a loud screech came from downstairs, I went down and there was no one. I went back up, and my computer shut black, flashed a red message. "I̸̡̛͇̝͐̍̆́͗̋̊̓̓̍̕͠͝ ̷̧̛͙̪̠̪͉̫͔̩̲̤̯̋̍̓̓͋̇̈́͒͛̍̀͊͜a̵̢̨̨͖̳̗͎͈̘̍͂̑͜m̴̨̜̞̰̻̬̤̦̺̈̃̇̿͜ ̶̢̖̈́̍͆̓͝͠i̷͙̱̫̞͍͙̒͑͑͋̑͠n̴̛̬͕̭̹͇̦̩̭̞̺͈̞̰͐̔̋̃͜ ̷̢̢̪̮̺͈̠̩̜̙̳̗̗͋͑̐̏̏͌̌ͅȳ̸̟͇̯̘̲̳̜̹̼͓͙͓͈̳̋́̀̍͐͐̒̕̕͝͝͝o̵̳̯͙̦͙̹̹̻̰̿́͗̔̆̄̅̇̕͠͝ü̴̙̓̇̇̃̈́̽͛͊̆͆̐͝͠ř̶̰͕͎͑̿̐ ̴͇̹͍͉̦̻̯̹͖̱͔̣̀̎̂̅̈̾̇̅͛͊́̓̏̕͝w̴̬̣͐̀̉͐͒̃͗͊̀̿̐͘a̷̧̛͕̗̳͚̥̖̲̫̞̠͆͂̅̍͊̉̀͝͝l̴͍͍͇̦̗͉̥̲͙͚̙͌̅̊͋̐̓̈́̈͊͐̎̀̉͒ͅl̵͕̱͎̩̻͌s̴̟̝̠̠͒͊͑̀̄́̀͝"

  13. I always played Factorio as a child. I started a compony called that too. Maybe if John was mor careful he wouldnt have fell in the stone grinder.

  14. A shark was swimming beside me. I was afraid it would eat me. My fears nearly came true when the human got me in the net. The shark is my friend. Humans are murderers.

  15. He said "Hi". I didn't like him. He asked me to go on dates, I refused. He tried to woo me, I bottled my anger. It became too much and I finally agreed. We went to a forest. He took of his pants and i took out my knife. It was a nice night.

  16. Everyone owns a bean in my world. But they hatch in to beanlings. I told my children not to do anything to their beans. One quiet night, I heard a scream from my youngest daughters room. As I rushed to see. I calmed. My dear Bean grew and killed that pesky human brat.

  17. I don't know about it... a word... my mom told me to never say it. What was again. Oh yeah, להקריב את הילדים לאלוהי הדם. More of a sentence really... (google translate that)

  18. He went "hey bro, ur friggin knife will give us away, pick it up". "Oh yeah, thanks bro". Maybe killing the entire condo wasn't the best idea, my knife dropped somewhere.

  19. Feddy liked bears. I bought him bear armor. He put it on, and it squeezed the life out of him, it was beautiful. Feddy Fabear now lives

  20. (I already have a reply for that word) As I picked up the knife, I cut into his balls. His screams echoed through the night. Next were his eyes.

  21. His flesh tasted like beef. His screams and pleas for help were more or less hammy in a way. It was quite a good feast that night.

  22. My mom asked me what the secret to my cheesecake is. I told her, I like to put the skin of my friends in, gives it a texture.

  23. She liked Murder. I was her victim. Painful torture. She hummed to my screaming rhythm. She cut my head off. I say her maniac like smile. she just looked at me for awhile.

  24. He called me a poopyhead day and night. Ive had enough. I strapped little johnny to a chair, forced his head and mouth open, and forced feces down his throat. Whos the poopyhead now you little sh!t

  25. Mr. Mittens was my cat. Was my cat. He was a cat. Now he is outside my house. Chasing me, in his eyes, I'm the mouse.

  26. I woke up in the middle of the night. Something was wrong. It felt sus: there was no one in sight, but I felt it's presence. He's back. Big Brother.

  27. I'm struggling with depression. Not because I'm feeling down, or that life has no purpose though. I am because I know that he will eventually break free; eventually he will be strong enough to break through the barrier, and once he does, I will become a poster, left to be forgotten; Forever missing.

  28. It was an ordinary night in my apartment, like many others, but the usual neighbor argument stopped abruptly. Too abruptly. I thought "Maybe they both just gave up on whatever it was they were arguing about?" At least, I thought so until I heard the front door of my apartment CLICK! I checked the front door; it was wide open. Then I heard a silent whisper in my right ear "Obama"

  29. I was playing Roblox when my mom shouted at me for leaving a trail of mud up to my room. I said i didn't go out today. In the corner of my eye, I saw someone standing there, watching me by my doorway.

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