The last game you played, you are stuck in it. I'm screwed aren't I?

  1. Well fuck I’m on a wasteland planet filled with psychos and can’t get to any safe zones because there’s a damn flying city

  2. last game I played was Men of War2 Red rising…. that depends who I am in this scenario but yeah….

  3. Minecraft, so not too bad but it was 1.7.10 and there was mods installed plus I had cheats enabled, so can I keep the version, mods and cheats

  4. Keep on the surface , there is an easy food source and you dont have to worry about oxigen. Just avoid getting in contact with alien buildings and all that kind of stuff, it may be contaminanted.

  5. Hearts of Iron IV, guess I'm leading a country with instant commands and the ability to stop time to think what to do

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