Disney Parks shouldnt allow adults without children

  1. Disney is busy af because it’s Disney. I have kids, but I never went as a kid myself because my parents were broke. It’s not wrong for people to do things later in life for the first time.

  2. Sure, but you have the whole world to choose from. Leave some kids dedicated to childhood fun. Maybe have specific days where children are the main focus

  3. I'll use this argument the next time I recklessly beat children in a game. Who cares if they're not having fun, I am having fun

  4. At the price of Disney, they very quickly would find the parks rather empty. Kids are crazy expensive, travelling with kids even more so.

  5. I went to Disney with my then-boyfriend/now-husband right before Covid hit. Wanted to do Disney for “us” before marriage and kids and all that got in the way.

  6. No. And I certainly couldn’t afford to spoil myself at Disney… now though… I still can’t afford it but I can sign up for credit cards.

  7. Sounds like somebody’s pissy other adults are actually enjoying Disney while they’re stuck looking for the children they had without considering whether or not they even wanted to be a parent lol. Misery loves company and all that aye.

  8. What op is saying is they drop their kids off at Disneyland and then let their shitty children act like maniacs with no adult supervision while they fuck off to a bar or something because Disney is beneath them. Unless they too go to Disneyland and push their narratives on their kids, ie parenting.

  9. I never wanted to go to a Disney park as a kid but maybe I’ll go there now that I’m an adult just to piss you off specifically :P

  10. Honestly I'll make this deal once your shitty kids aren't allowed places I want to go without having to deal with loud ass germ balls with no human decency, or their kids.

  11. My take is that Disney should open another park that’s only for adults, all the time. It should still have all the Disney accoutrements; roller coasters; characters parading around the park; animatronic everything; but no children to get in the way of the fun!

  12. The adults don’t bother me - the real problem is parents bringing infants and toddlers to Disneyland. Kids that young aren’t making memories so you’re spending thousands of dollars for no reason. If you have to pack a stroller with diapers to go to Disney, you’re creating a hassle for yourself and everyone else at the park. Clowns.

  13. They’re also risking their too-young unvaccinated infants to all of these diseases from around the world. Disneyland has been the epicenter for multiple measles outbreaks in recent years.

  14. Fun is not limited to children. And if you think there is a point when one can stop having mindless fun, that’s a point you have worked YOURSELF into, and is not a fundamental truth of the human condition.

  15. Well I mean this is certainly a 10th dentist opinion, but more because it’s just stupid rather than a genuinely unpopular one

  16. Why do you care what people spend their money on? They payed for their own experiences. For all you know this is them experiencing something they wanted to as a kid, but weren’t able to actually do. Take your child to a playground or a Chuck-E-Cheese if you want them to have their own spaces. Kid only spaces do exist, you just don’t want to be there either.

  17. “Sorry, Becky. Now that you’re 18 you need to either have a kid or adopt before you can go to Disney World again.”

  18. I mean there are probably some adults out there who never got the chance to visit Disney as a child. There are adults who still like Disney or just want to go visit and have fun. This gatekeeping seems rather uncalled for since not only kids can enjoy Disney. I mean as long as Disney doesn’t try to cater to just one specific audience, then it doesn’t harm no one.

  19. Why do I have to be a kid to enjoy Disneys Stories and especially their theme parks? Disney isn’t and never has been a kids only company and neither should their parks be. It’s actually quite the opposite, Walt built them to make adults feel like kids again. To experience wonder and joy, having a good time. How dare you even thinking about destroying that.

  20. I honestly thought this was going to be a word for word repost of that one facebook post about the millienials in line for pretzels at Disney. this post isn’t an exact copy but there’s a lot of similarities.

  21. The four times I was at Disneyland as a child, I never once thought that adults without kids were ruining my fun. Edit to add: Walt himself intended the parks to be entertaining for everyone, not just kids and their parents.

  22. Exactly. Even as a kid the other kids throwing tantrums were more annoying than the adults. That and the unbearable heat.

  23. Yeah, gotta disagree. I remember like a decade ago trying to go to Legoland and for some reason we weren't allowed because none of us had any children with us. Like what? I've got money in my hand and I want to see the Legos. What am I supposed to do, go ask that family with three kids over there if I can borrow one of them just for admission? Really ruined what should have been an amazing day.

  24. In a world so cruel as hours , why do you judge people who can still be kids and escape that? Let people feel joy

  25. Op ain't the 10th dentist, he's like the 1000th. I went to Disney with my gf last year as a 24 yo for the first time. Wasn't that great, but certainly was appropriate to be there as an adult. Especially epcot, it's like a tour of booze if you treat it right.-- take for sure.

  26. If I'm following this logic correctly, adults shouldn't be allowed to go to beaches, parks, any theme park in existence, bowling, get ice cream, go to the pool, go camping, go to the movies, go to sports games, etc. etc. etc; I mean the list is endless, since children also participate in those spaces and can be definitive childhood experiences.

  27. I’ve seen this hot take before and was hoping it was a joke 💀 unfortunate to know some people really think like this

  28. Most parents can't afford to take their kids on vacations to Disney parks. So, those kids grow up and become independent with some spending cash and live out their childhood dream.

  29. The purpose of Disney isn’t childhood, it’s profits. They make way more off adults, so I’m sure they’d rather have it the other way around.

  30. The whole Disney Adult meme has gotten so cringe, sure its weird to want to live at Disneyland or get married there but what's so wrong with going to Disneyland every few years and watching the movies?

  31. i used to think the same way for a brief period but then i realized "damn, why should i care what other people do or say, or how they act" this honestly just applies to anything. Like for example i see a tiktok about someone who has a different opinion than me, old me would leave a hateful comment or something like that but new dont care!

  32. Ever been a kid at a theme park? The last thing I was ever paying attention to was other people. I can't tell you about a single stranger I ever saw at a theme park. Didn't affect my fun one bit

  33. What about the people that never had the chance to experience such a childhood, many people can't afford it. Being too old to go is such a stupid reason not to go, you're never too old too have fun :/

  34. My wife and I (over 35) have been to Disney land and are planning a trip to dworld soon. We just want to have fun.

  35. Adults whose parents could never afford to take them to Disney as children, finally getting to live the dream of their childhood, being told off by this guy: 👁️👄👁️

  36. I want the opposite. Can we get one week a year where kids aren’t allowed in the parks? I like Disney but I hate children

  37. You are quite possibly the saddest person I have ever seen. Just out right say you're bitter that people are able to enjoy themselves more than you can next time

  38. Hey just because I get to please my inner child and come home to a quiet, tidy house at the end of the day doesn't mean you need to get your knickers in a jealous twist lol.

  39. Walt Disney wanted adults to be able to go to the park and feel like a kid again. This would be antithetical to the park's existance.

  40. Why do you think im miserable? Im perfectly happy seeing the little ones have their fun while on the sidelines. It annoys me when some 25+ year old makes themself the center of attention

  41. As much as I agree with this, Walt Disney prioritized making Disney for “everyone”. That includes all ages, even the insane Disney adults

  42. It's not just for kids. Get off your fucking high horse and let people have fun you absolute nerf herder.

  43. As a layabout 20 something year old I think more kid oriented places need adult only hours. I want to go to a indoor play park and have a birthday with sushi and gin.

  44. This post is definitely the embodimemt of this subreddit. A truly terrible take in which less than 1% would share the same opinion as you. Congrats on being miserable. It almost feels like you’re rage baiting.

  45. So those of us from poor families who couldn't go when we were kids and can now finally afford it aren't allowed to go? And couples that want kids, but can't conceive shouldn't be allowed to still enjoy Disney? Only children from rich families, and adults that are able to have kids?

  46. I’m in my 40s and Disney World is my escape from adulthood. Life is hard out here - what’s wrong with being a kid for a day or two? And it’s usually the adults with kids that have a problem. My daughter could care less about the park being crowded. She was just happy to be be there. It’s usually the adults that are expecting perfect days for their precious child that ruin it for everybody. Kids are easy. I remember on one of my first visits sitting in the bus next to a family with a little girl. They were asking her if she liked Disney and if she was having fun. At one point the mom asked what was your favorite part and with a huge smile she loudly proclaimed “the bus!”

  47. My brother in christ I did not work so hard to survive to adulthood, finish school, and get a job and earn the money to go only to have some other whiny bitter adult tell me what to do.

  48. This is probably the most irritating thing I’ve ever seen, you really have to be insanely pathetic to complain about people having fun

  49. Buddy, let adults have some happiness haha. I’m not a Disney adult but I don’t blame people for finding joy where they can

  50. I guess fuck all the kids who grew up poor and never got to go, but now they shouldnt be allowed to experience Disney even once as an adult.

  51. My parents couldn’t never afford to take me to Disney as a child. I didn’t get the chance to visit Disney until 23 with my boyfriend. We didn’t have kids, and I’m so glad I got to experience everything I wanted as a kid without the stress of having my own children to look after.

  52. I fucking hate Disney shit and have never been to Disney, and don't ever plan on going, but your point is stupid and self-centered.

  53. I never got to go to Disney as a kid, and now I'm 25. Once my Disney loving girlfriend found out I had never been, she started planing right away. With how much it costs to go I better be allowed in regardless of age.

  54. Wrong; I say children should neither be seen nor heard. And they should make spaces for adults with dedicated daycare centers like a cruise ship so you can drop the kids off safely and enjoy your time.

  55. I partially agree! Dedicated adult spaces and child spaces could help facilitate the growth of both. Not everything should be, ofcourse. But having the option to go to an age specific area which isnt limited to 1 room like daycare or a bar would be highly beneficial

  56. I went to Disney World with my best friend when we were in our mid 20s and it was awesome. A couple of guys, geeking out on all the rides, getting drinks at Epcot, having a blast with none of the stress of kids. It was awesome.

  57. My mom was a pill popper and my dad an abusive alcoholic. They promised me for years to take me. They never did. I'm not a kid anymore. Fuck you for saying I shouldn't go.

  58. hell no! what if as a kid your parents weren't able to take you to Disney and that's all u ever wanted? so now as an adult that's what brings you happiness.... what would be awesome is a day where not kids are allowed... I would pay serious money for that

  59. Oh right, what about when my country don't have a Disneyland? Hell I don't know even where is the nearest Disneyland. I never traveled abroad (- Germany, but that is like a grocery store drive) and my parents never wanted to travel abroad because they don't know any English, with that circumstances my 0-18 yo ass would be responsible for whole trip, and that's too much pressure for a kid. So when I would be like 26 yo, and afford on my own trip to Disneyland I can't go? Because it's for kids and I had no opportunity or slight chance of get there as a kid.

  60. My wife and I found out that we can’t have children. I’m early 40s, wife is mid 30s. We really enjoy going to the parks together, and try to do it at least once per year. We both always wanted kids, and enjoy being around them. I mainly go because my wife used to go with her family when she was younger. Her mother died while she was in high school. It’s important to her, so it’s important to me that we go to the park, from time to time. It helps her remember and re-live the good memories that she has. I never went when I was young, Disney was too expensive. We are adults, and do plenty of fun things together, but it’s always the Disney trips that she enjoys the most. So I make it a point to go full Disney fan, and be overly enthusiastic about everything while I’m there with her. My point with all of this is that, you never really know what other peoples situation may be. If they’re not actively being a douchebag at the parks, then what’s the problem?

  61. My problen is that ive mostly seen adults being douchebags. Every time theres someone proposing taking up space and getting fussy if any kid runs past their friend filming. Other times some kids will be playing with mascot, only for some woman to run up screaming cause she sees her favorite character. Im sick of seeing it, just let the kids have fun while their innocence lasts

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