China Tiger Attack Kills Woman at Drive-Through Animal Park

  1. I wonder why she did that and what she was thinking? I don't wanna shame her. I would not in a million fucking years go outside if I knew there were lions outside my car. FFS

  2. More like woman feeds her mother that tried to save her to another tiger. The first woman, the daughter, that caused it got out alive.

  3. sad thing is she wasn't the one who died. Her mother tried to save her and in turn lost her life. So the woman isn't stupid, she's stupid pro max.

  4. It's a really senselessly tragic case in which the first woman stormed out during a fight with her husband and put him and her mother in reckless danger. Her mother paid the price for her daughters emotionally immature actions with her life. I hope the daughter changed herself as a person afterwards

  5. On a human level of course I feel bad for the woman (or woman’s mother) but a) why on earth are you getting out of the car? And b) you are servicing a business where the animals are probably chronically underfed and mistreated (by not being in their natural environment if nothing else) - I don’t put any blame on the tiger’s at all!

  6. No, she lived but the woman, her mother, rushed to help and was killed. Also it all started because she was having an argument with her husband

  7. Shortened video, iirc in the original, the woman makes it back. But her mother does not. The mother is the person who gets out the rear passenger door.

  8. I'm putting my money on the tigers claiming self defence. I'm highly accredited to animal law and have many previous animal clients, believe me, the credentials go to another school tho, so don't go asking around

  9. Juste to be clear, the women who got out of the car was only badly injured. It was her mother who went after her who got mauled to death, very sad.

  10. Some people are just so insanely stupid it is in best intrest of our species if they die and dont pass thier genes down the line. This is one example.

  11. Wtf? Everyone is saying that she was stupid for getting out of the car, which I agree with, but how the hell is this even an attraction? Letting people run free among wild animals in a zoo park? Isn't that stupid itself?

  12. No, safari parks are a thing all over the world, they work like a reverse zoo, where the wildlife is more or kess "free", but the humans are confined to their cars.

  13. I dont understand why you got down votes, I think its a valid question to ask why it would seem like a dangerous thing not just for tourists, but for animals too.

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  15. Did they mention what was so urgent that she needed to get out of the car and wait outside the car for something in the backseat to take place?!

  16. I know that it’s a loved one just grabbed by a tiger, but what are these people thinking running after her, what are you going to do against a pack of tigers?

  17. As harsh as this may sound this is natures way of natural selection. Not sure why even get out of the car in the first place

  18. Why the hell would she exit the car !? Where TF did she think she was? Stupid People get Good People Killed way too often 🤦🏻‍♀️

  19. I’d they killed the tiger over that woman’s stupidity, they can fuck right off to an eternity of tiger attacks in hell.

  20. The older woman was the one who died and she was likely beyond child bearing age, and, as I said, had already passed on her genes.

  21. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Oh hey there's a bunch of tigers around with no fence, I better get out of my car right in front of one.

  22. I can see a far side comic with the tigers picking their teeth. See Carl I told you the cars has a soft and chewy center.

  23. What the flying f, no common sense at all. Reminded me of the time, the lion took away a baby from a similar kind of safari zoo.

  24. There might be something wrong with me, but o can’t help but feel my inner Stifler saying, “Yes! That’s Awesome!” 😂

  25. So what's the story...every one texting ..assumes they saw the tiger and decided to get out and shoo' it. Away...It don't look like that to me..I don't think she knew it was there..

  26. I remember this, her mum died trying to save her, she lived. She had an argument in the car and made a retarded decision.

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