What is your comment on the photo?

  1. She is really well proportioned to be that tall. Without the banana cheerleader for scale I wouldn't have realized she was that tall. I'm just under 6'2 and a gangly mfer.

  2. Why? Just why do people have to go and photoshop this crap. The original is significant enough, no need to lie about it!! Argh!!!

  3. What’s amazing about the human bodies and sex is we line up fine for penetration no matter each other’s height.

  4. Is photoshopped. But simple, direct, uncomplicated thirst / lust, is healthy. Don't internalize tom, dick or harry's particular idea of what's shameful.

  5. If she’s 6’8” then this photo is definitely altered. There is no way that Bama cheerleader is 3.5-4 ft tall

  6. It’s definitely shopped. Looked around the cheerleaders feet, also the volleyball players arms are cloned mirrors. And the space between them has artifacts.

  7. Now take them to one of those optical illusion rooms where the one side looks bigger than the other for maximum effect and then switch sides to see them almost identically tall.

  8. I saw a video like this last week and I thought at the time why don't they do more big girl / small girl videos, and then this. Probably a coincidence.

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