Spiders can see the invisible laser from iPhone LiDAR camera

  1. Chickens can see the whole beam of a laser, too. It scares them, and they will jump over it rather than run through it.

  2. What do you mean by this? I’ve bought an illegally powerful laser (strangely twice, both off the street in Italy) and you could see the green beam in addition to the destination dot

  3. So if I ever needed to, say, steal a priceless work of art from a well-funded museum, I don’t need to train somebody how to sexily dance around the laser beams. I could just use a well-trained group of chickens to do it for me!

  4. the potential to build obstacle courses for chickens using lasers and make a national past time of it seems irresistible to me. we could call them cockstacle courses

  5. Anybody who owns an outdoor camera with night vision knows that spiders can absolutely sense IR. Fuckers either love it or hate it, but they know it's there.

  6. I have a very determined one I keep relocating, but it keeps coming back to build a web over my camera. I have video of it building the web, which was interesting.

  7. Spiders have taken over all my IR enabled cameras by building their webs all around them...triggers motion detection all night long so I've had to disable the alerts but still have 50+ recordings of them in the morning to review.

  8. Well, those lasers that you see that can light matches and stuff are powerful enough to kill spiders.

  9. Humans have limited light wavelength sensitivity compared to many other animals. The Mantis Shrimp is a classic example: while humans have 3 colour receptors (RGB), the Mantis Shrimp has 12!

  10. Some humans are genetically blessed with tetrachromacy where they have 4 color receptors. It's estimated they can see around 100,000,000 colors (most humans can only see about 1,000,000).

  11. Human eyes see a very limited range of wave lengths compared to many creatures in the animal kingdom.

  12. Well according to a different comment, it’s not as much for some like the mantis shrimp. They don’t blend wavelengths, they see specifically the one color of the cone that fires. So they have a few times as many cones as humans, but our brains interpret minute differences in how much each cone fires

  13. They don’t see like we do. Most (arachnid) spider species can see light and textures but they do not see the world like we do. They sense/see through vibrations and touch.

  14. probably a video on the phone as you don't see the live view of spider at the same time. spider moves to the other side of the jar but when camera moves back to the jar, spider is still on the near side

  15. Question for smart people, could I conceivably wire my house and yard with strings of alternating lights that are outside the range of human visibility but are uncomfy for bugs and eradicate bugs from my house and yard? Like is there a light frequency that makes mosquitos lose their collective shit and I can have bonfires without bathing in Off or ending with “Ok, the bugs are too much”?

  16. Fun fact: If you're ever in a situation where you need to avoid night or thermal vision, throw your smartphone the fuck away. Immediately. A spider can see this. So can modern tech.

  17. I wonder how this effects troops in certain armed conflicts. I'd imagine a lot of soldiers are carrying their smart phones in the field if their personal items are not regulated.

  18. When a phone is off, it doesn't emit IR light. When you click the power button and put the phone to sleep, phones with face recognition will use IR to detect a face, but that's not off. And you can disable this on most or all phones out there

  19. i was like ok i got it after the first 7 times you made it jump, you can stop then it just kept going repeatedly and rapid-fire

  20. Someone should come up with a way to make that a bug protection product you can hang on each corner of your house.

  21. Well after seeing this video it taught me something, while trying to get a picture of my bearded dragon she stared at the camera, i started messing with the LiDAR and she reacted. Seems lizards can see it too.

  22. Before I believe this is real, I would have wanted to see the actual jar while they tapped on the phone rather than the jar through another phone camera. Every time OPs camera goes from the phone screen to the spider, it looks like it hasn’t moved at all?

  23. Hang on…are people genuinely amazed about animals having a different spectrum of vision than humans? Just look up the insanity that is the mantis shrimp.

  24. Cool, great, fascinating, CAN YOU STOP????? Lol poor guy is trapped in a prison of refracting lasers blasting his 8 sensitive eyes with no escape!!!

  25. fun fact, its been hypothesized that there are other beings and/or entities that exist around us that are imperceptible to us because of how our eyes work. and that it is possible for some animals to see them because they see entire spectrums and wavelengths that just dont exist for us.

  26. Spiders will actually chase a laser pointer dot. I keep a laser pointer around to lure them out of hard to reach places so I can smack them with a shoe.

  27. when i was wearing my oculus quest and had passthrough mode, the first time i did face id i freaked out at a light flashing from my phone that i could not see without the headset. then realized its scanning for my face

  28. Every time you tap on the screen, the phone measures the distance between the camera and the thing you're tapping through the screen, that's how camera focus works. Some insects have a wider visual awareness on the the electromagnetic spectrum specially past the infrared parts to help them see in the dark.

  29. There was a fact on No such thing as a Fish podcast about this fact specifically Zebra jumping spiders how they are like cats that chase lasers

  30. There’s plenty of creatures that see it and sense it. Wonder why your dog won’t take a selfie with you? This is why.

  31. So does this mean that the reason nature hates humans is because our technology pretty much turns on a laser light show constantly for them.... they did not ask for this rave!!!

  32. What's even weirder is that spider does not see nor feel her tapping the table at all! Maybe spiders can only sense in lasers and they have to shoot an invisible laser beam and wait for it to bounce back to see their surroundings

  33. There was a similar video of this but with zooming and a horde of small fish, I've been looking for it for a WHILE. Can anybody link me to it

  34. Clearly a fake video. They never show the spider in the glass and on the phone at the same time. She's tapping a recording on her phone

  35. Just want to put it out there they never actually show the arachnid reacting to the laser in the jar. This very well could be fake and probably is since near the end it starts "reacting" on the phone before she even taps it.

  36. So from google, “Scorpions are negatively phototactic animals, and physiological data suggests that their photoreceptors are differentially sensitive to light wavelengths ranging from red to ultraviolet.” Buuuuut, iphones use near-infrared lasers in the lidar tech used to focus iphones, so isnt it technically still out of their visual range?

  37. Whenever I turn on my iPhone while I’m walking around in pass through mode on my oculus I can see flashing coming from the front facing camera and back facing camera so that makes sense

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