Last aid kit of the newly mobilized Russians...

  1. Had to google that one, why not just call it meth, is there actually a difference. Google just says it was an early version of meth but dosent specify what that means and most articles just refer to that chemical as meth anyway overlooking it

  2. That’s because it IS more modern. Some of these poor motherfuckers are probably being sent in with WWII supplies

  3. It’s terrifying to imagine being conscripted and being given these items in a bag with what looks like dried blood on it.

  4. I think that one of the saddest things about the whole thing is how the stereotype of "The reds" was fading - people were beginning to trust Russia and its citizens and see them as just regular people, and then Putin does this.

  5. Ukraine is very rich in deposits of both minerals and vespene gas and the zergs want to control those resources.

  6. Putin has grandiose, maniac plans on reclaiming ex soviet land. He also wanted Ukraine to be a buffer between Russia and NATO. The fact that Ukraine elected a pro Western president and government was too much for Putin. Also add in the fact that a lot of the major oil pipelines that connect Russia to Europe run through Ukraine and also a lot of Eastern Ukraine lands have oil- Putin thought he could invade Ukraine and people would just allow it to happen. Kind of how they illegally took Crimea.

  7. Putin's 69 years old. His mental cognition is likely declining (along with all these other elderly politicians, god damn, elect someone in their 40s)

  8. Solid take. The only thing I read that made sense - his rise to power was initially enabled by promising the old elites (whatever that's called in russia) that he would return them to the old USSR. Crimea 1st, Ukraine 2nd, ... 3rd? ...

  9. He has cancer and Parkinson’s. Probably wanted to go out with a bang and didn’t care about the consequences. Russia should have been able to take Ukraine in a couple weeks if it wasn’t for their widespread corruption.

  10. Yea legit that's the reason why I didn't expect he'd invade - not that he wouldn't be crazy enough to want to, but that they would clearly lose. Which they are.

  11. You can tell it's from at least the 1950s because it's rectangular. World War-era Soviet medic bags were kinda square.

  12. I haven't done like any real research or anything, but from what I understand Russia made some sort of deal with Germany in the 90s that basically said they wouldn't expand NATO east if they gave Ukraine there independence. Now NATO is literally next door to Russia and Putin is upset they didn't hold up this deal. and now he wants Ukraine back in his own hands.

  13. It’s what he views as NATO aggression. Biden said himself 25 years ago that if NATO expanded eastward, Russia would retaliate. The fact that people don’t understand Purim’s motive as a sign that the propaganda machine is working. I’m not a Putin simp, but to blame the Russian invasion of Ukraine on megalomania alone is just lazy. He’s the former KGB head- he’s not stupid.

  14. What's so odd about old, expired and unsafe medical equipment being terrifying? That, if anything, I'd expect to be creepy.

  15. You're right to be sceptical. The amount of pro and anti propoganda on Reddit and everywhere is crazy. Social media has made us quick to engage emotionally, and quick to forget.

  16. It's probably actually from a captured or killed Russian soldier but the title makes it sound like this is being issued which it definitely is not.

  17. In other videos the new soldiers were instructed to find their own aid kits because army won't provide it. So anything is possible.

  18. Lots of reports that Russian soldiers are being asked to purchase their own supplies and/or have family member send them supplies, so I imagine that you'd see all kinds of crazy things like this.

  19. Nobody verifies anything on the internet. It’s all bullshit that the sheep eat up. Just read these comments. It’s insane how stupid people are here

  20. Yeah I don’t believe it. Are the mobilized soldiers even in Ukraine yet?? What, they went to training camp for a few days?

  21. Nothing says we support our troops like bandaids that crumble in your hand. Fuck war, I’d kill myself before going to fight for my government. They dgaf about soldiers. Fighting in the war is not a noble cause.

  22. I haven’t heard about any killing themselves, but on some subs, they’re starting to breaks each other’s legs and arms to avoid conscription. I don’t doubt that some may have killed themselves, but I doubt we hear about them.

  23. saw a youtube video yesterday of a soldier's dad explaining how he had to buy his son $1500 worth of stuff to join the russian army. they don't even give you a uniform

  24. By Kruschev's ink blot, I didn't expect them to literally & figuratively to rub dirt on it. Jesus christ the secondary infections this will cause.

  25. I see two tourniquets there. They’d better hope only one extremity gets shot. Also, if they’re old at all, they snap. It makes one wonder what kind of meds/equipment the field medics have; if they even have field medics at all.

  26. Those tourniquets won’t work either. They’re too thin…. Similar to the RATs tq, they have a purpose but none of those would be a massive hemorrhage.

  27. Saw a video where a recruiter was supposedly telling new recruits they would have to make their own first aide kits, and advising them to get car first aide kits for the tourniquets and to ask their mothers and girlfriends for pads to use as bandages.

  28. I think OP was trying to be clever, which it's alright, but I'm liking "cursed aid kit" better.

  29. I'm looking for the tampons, they ain't got any, how u meant to plug the bullet hole? Lmfao.

  30. I see disinfectant for at least two bandages. Scissors as can opener. 20 slot bag with low profile. It's a good start.

  31. A Twitter post showed how this might be just propaganda, along with that rusty AK picture, and showed a lot of telegram pics with modern weapons/food/supplies

  32. Tampons are all you need, if your Russian, they plug the bullet holes, you will need lots when the Ukrainians are done with you, fuck Russia

  33. So is it "Last aid kit" in the titel as a typo or that any that get that aid wont need any after?

  34. I used to be addicted to war documentaries and it seems Russia has never given a shit about its soldiers and citizens in war time. Damn shame smh

  35. There's no way this isn't propaganda.. Right? No madman would send soldiers into battle with these scraps... Right? Please ?

  36. When funds appropriated for military and civil spending get embezzled and funneled into off-shore bank accounts stuff like this is the result.

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