PornHub’s message to Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Feels like lawyers helped write the first half and after a while just got fed up with the PH crew and said, with a sigh, yah sure go with that.

  2. We used to have a common drinking game quiz where you had to name a porn star or lose(it goes in circles until one cannot), so that's why I recognized like 5. One friend there could name like 50 on the spot.

  3. Agreed that everyone should be treated fairly as long as they follow the rules. But does PH really loose revenue because they don’t have an IG or social media platform? I mean, who follows those types of social media pages?

  4. I can't say much about Facebook/Instagram but when PayPal found out I was doing porn a few years ago they banned me by my social security number so I can never have another account again. Everything I was doing was perfectly legal but still they banned me. No response to my appeal.

  5. Honestly it’s insane that we live in a world where a letter from a company as shitty as Pornhub to a company as shitty as Instagram makes news and people think we should all do something about it.

  6. Instagram is not a public service and doesn’t even pretend to be fair. They do whatever the fuck they want as long as it serves their interests. It’s the donkeys that use the platform that give them that power. It’s the donkeys that think this is a free and democratic platform that get surprised with this. You enter the devil’s nest and expect justice…

  7. It's a pressure campaign. The letter itself may or may not make the change, but by sending it they've laid the legitimizing groundwork for further pressure. If the letter and related campaigns attract enough public interest, Instagram can be pressured financially to change its selective moderation enforcement around porn actors.

  8. Well, they are not wrong. A lot of male and female hoes are allowed on IG including The Kardashians, cardi b etc.

  9. PornHub and former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK Nick Clegg is not something I thought I'd ever see on the same page.

  10. Claims it is violent to the porn workers but I wonder how many women/kids are sex trafficked and exposed to violence in the porn industry? How many are under the influence while "consenting" (some states a person cannot consent to sex while under the influence).

  11. Think the point was that actual content creators with a well-established reputation (famous or not) don’t deserve the treatment they’re receiving. Instagram’s practices against such content I can almost guarantee don’t actually have anything to do with caring for trafficked individuals.

  12. I always found it funny that if you pay to have sex with a prostitute and get caught you get in trouble but if you pay to have sex with a prostitute but you are recording the sexual encounter then you can’t get in trouble because it’s a porno lol

  13. The difference being the lack of physical contact can prevent the spread of STDs and STIs, can potentially save lives (with prostitution being an extremely dangerous job), and is also a lot easier to track, which comes in handy.

  14. I can honestly say that I never in my life imagined I’d see the names Nick Clegg and Asa Akira on one document

  15. Pornhub profited off of user uploaded videos where it wasn’t possible to verify wether the performers consented to the video being uploaded or even if the performers in videos uploaded to their website were 18. This is a large reason why Pornhub was unable to accept credit cards for payment as companies like Visa black listed Pornhub for the practices I previously mentioned. Do not feel bad for Pornhub as the guys that run it and profit from it already have more money than god. The independent sex workers they mention are not collecting their paychecks from Pornhub as it’s only a very small percentage of a wider income portfolio associated with Onlyfans and other cam streaming websites. Pornhub not having an instagram is a step in the right direction of giving the power of profit back to the performers and not some virtual media empire internet pimps.

  16. They (pornhub) exploit children sexually and are being sued in several states and international territories. They’re having a fit and rightly so, they’ve lost a lot of revenue. Good riddance to these pedophile protecting prostitutes.

  17. I only follow a handful of creators. Only 1 in 10 posts are from who I follow. The rest are ads, sponsored bull and other shit the mic picks up when I talk. Is caca maca.

  18. They have to ZUCK it off… While I hate Instagram and Zuckerberg is driving Meta to failure, they can do whatever they want with their platform. They can delete, block, manipulate, whatever they like. Sorry pity PH.

  19. Idk why they can’t just move to other platforms. This is what OnlyFans and other sites are for. Obviously Meta wants to avoid turning into Backpage 2.0, because they want to stay SFW and advertiser-friendly.

  20. Porn only belongs on porn sites. There's no need for a company like pornhub to be advertising and normalizing themselves on mainstream social media platforms, which children, and most likely porn addicts use...

  21. So TLDR a bunch of hoes can't make money on their own platform so they want to go to another and abuse free advertising to lure people to their own.

  22. They should organize and fun the legal work for a massive class action against instagram, it's ripe for a legal battle and instagram has the resources.

  23. Oh no porn deviants are silenced. Good I'm proud of marks business(which is probably not even a personal decision on his behalf).

  24. I kind of want to wear a PornHub T-Shirt because of how cool they are. Then again I kind of dont want to aswell..

  25. The biggest dick on that ist is Nick Clegg. Total liar and shitbag in the UK and managed to use that to his advantage to get a job at Facebook.

  26. A porn company really trying to call themselves a 'marginalised group' is fucking hilarious. They exploit so many young girls the day they turn 18. And it's funny how they only reacted when their brand's account got banned and trying to make it seem like they're doing it for the good of sex workers.

  27. Meanwhile literal scam ads and profiles as well as predatory games designed to target children are coming completely fine and do not breach the site rules.

  28. Why don't PH make their own platform and let people post whatever shit they want? Oh, nevermind.

  29. My girl’s instagram account was hacked and they told her that they couldn’t verify it was her even though every photo had her in it lmao.

  30. Cause Instagram is a child friendly websites and algorithms don’t need to forward or promote that content to kids im a software engineer and i understand that if you don’t take action to either shadow ban or block the pages it will be shown to kids .

  31. I agree with this sentiment, unfortunately it's their business. If they can make a legitimate claim for discrimination I say go for it but I doubt anything will come of this.

  32. Bunch of hypocrites. Got big by stealing from the adult industry, ignored all requests for takedowns, answered all lawsuits with a bigger lawsuit to make everybody back out of the initial lawsuit and now playing crybaby over the fact that insta makes up their own rules. Instagram is not a right, it’s a service. And if they don’t want you as their customer it’s their choice

  33. Isn't pornhub the site that refuses to take down revenge porn and videos of rape? They can go to the same place as zuckerberg.

  34. To be fair if they are free to show tushy everyone from Zucks Granny to Kardashians should be treated the same way as long as they are above age of consent

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