How do skaters no get dizzy?

  1. Seeing your username, I may have dodged my way around you at a show or two. Walking through the spinners takes practice

  2. Hell yeah Phish 🤙. Sorry I have to do it every time. I promise I’m not stalking. Watching the 2000 roseland Jiboo right now

  3. i once spin for so long when i was a kid that i was dizzy like 3 minutes, since then i cant spin even once w/o getting dizzy :(

  4. Thank you for an actual answer. This is what I thought would be the case, though I was expecting someone to say something like "she focuses on a single point in her vision" or something.

  5. I was told you focus in something that's (for example) on your twelve, spin your head super fast around so that your "waking moments" during the spin are always on that point, so you never see a 360 degree, but that one point over and over again

  6. I was gonna say, with ballet, you’re taught to return your face and eyes to a specific spot at the end of each turn so you stay oriented. I think she’s also doing that because I her head angle return to the same position multiple times though sometimes in ice skating I don’t see that at all and I get dizzy for them 🤢

  7. In ballet class, I was taught to snap my head around ahead of the spin. I could never do it and that, along with having paddles for feet, caused me to be invited to find another interest.

  8. I don’t know, I rode rollercoasters a lot for many years straight, all year long because I live in Florida. It was basically one day to the next I couldn’t ride rollercoasters. It had only been maybe a week or two since my last ride on the same ride and suddenly, I was dizzy. I think unless it’s extreme like this, no matter how much you spin yourself, at some point, you just get dizzy from rides. I wonder if older skaters stop being able to tolerate the spinning as well as they did in their prime.

  9. Holy shit we are predictable. Literally what I said after the video ended and then here it is, you'r comment. Another sign im not special or original, just a meat sack with unoriginal desires and thoughts.

  10. I am not saying that I, a law-abiding mother of two, would commit ritual sacrifice in a dark pact for a tush like that but I WILL say that I am willing to be open minded.

  11. I’m not saying that I need instructions for said ritual if you find them… but if you do let me know too!

  12. I am not saying that I, a law-abiding father of two, would commit ritual sacrifice in a dark pact for a tush like that but I WILL say that I am willing to be open minded.

  13. Thanks for sticking to your guns and doubling down in the face of social adversity. We need more people to stand up for what they want these days.

  14. Depending on how old your kids are, maybe encourage them to pick up outdoor activities like skating and bike riding, and do it with them. You'll provide each other encouragement and get good exercise. If that helps with your tush-tone, great! No sacrifice necessary.

  15. I have never felt a comment on the internet so hard. I demand if a demon grants you your wish you send EXACT summoning instructions please and thank you sister.

  16. You, a law-abiding mother of two, don’t have to! You can learn to skate! Ice skating is a surprisingly approachable hobby. It’s a great way to burn calories (activates your quads and your hamstrings something fierce), most rinks have a budding community of adults who are learning how to skate and who are willing and able to help out, and it doesn’t take very much effort to learn how to do some pretty cool stuff. We’re actually in a good time right now, because a lot of adults are discovering that ice skating is something we can do, and the major regulating bodies are actually accommodating us. Learning how to skate will help your balance, will help you learn how to tighten your core, and if you do it long enough, you’ll notice more tone in your leg muscles and your glutes. And there’s the added bonus that if you put enough time and energy into it, you’ll find a creative outlet you might not have known you wanted, which will give you something special that only you can do.

  17. ice skating is SO FUNNNN and it’s a great workout. you really have to use all your coordination to stay balanced and move around at the same time

  18. those leggings are designed to be worn like that! it's no less comfortable than wearing women's underwear, which also tends to sit like that!

  19. In ballet we called it spotting. You quickly whip your focus around faster than your body and it keeps from dizzying.

  20. The way she exited her spin with a stumble shows she’s not really an amazing ice skater. She’s certainly had training and is pretty decent. But not next level/insane talent in any sense of the actual sport.

  21. Dizzy? that ass had me hypnotised spinning like that . Even more impressive as you know it’s come from nothing but the years of training that skill set. Bravo

  22. Someone has to say it? Really, kid? No one is saying anything else. What you really mean is "women are objects and I feel entitled to saying so just like every other malignant little incel on this website". What you really mean is you saw one body part and couldn't keep your mouth shut. What you really mean is "I don't care that this was a post about figure skating my penis is more important".

  23. If you look less closely she's wearing skates, that's how she's able to spin like that, took me 5 watches to figure that out

  24. Don't they have a machine that makes them spin for a while to get used to it? I saw it on YT but I forgot what it is called. Everyone's talking about her derriere but her sheer balance and grace is honestly admirable.

  25. Very uncommon at most rinks in the US. I think they may have one at the Colorado Springs training camp. I think I remember seeing Mirai Nagasu using one. That’s at the elite level. And that’s actually more for jump rotation, not spinning. I think she used one while working on the 3A.

  26. Totally objectively, the gluteus Maximus muscle is crucial to balance. In addition to a very helpful junktrunk, this woman must also have inner ears that also won the genetic lottery.

  27. I’ve read that they do get dizzy but they are just really good at not falling over so they can handle the dizziness till it wears off

  28. Came here cause I really wanted to know the answer. Instead, I find nothing but people trying to be funny. Thanks

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  30. It may just be an optical illusion but if you stare directly at her camel toe as she spins it starts looking like the Lincoln Tunnel in New York.

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