Mark Cuban is a blessing

  1. fell out of SputnikX window from 350 miles, what a tragic accident. Health insurance claims O-rings are not covered. /s

  2. It’s crazy how all countries have a million brand names for one drug and can pick the one they like/trust/can afford while America only had one till now.

  3. because it doesn't really help people who have insurance. you could either pay your $12 copay while your insurance company pays $1000 for the drug. or you can buy it from mark for $50. $12 is still less than $50

  4. It is done. These prices are not that different from most pharmacies. Only a couple outliers. Its like walmart that sells novo nordisk insulin for like 4 dollars as a generic AND sells regular novo nordisk for 150 dollars. They are the same.

  5. 100% worth using his company for prescribed medications. I recently switched since i already didn't have insurance and my prescription cost dropped from around $120 for a 60 day supply to $35 for a 90 day supply. It doesn't carry everything, but it has most of the generic versions of pharmaceutical medications.

  6. Wanna know the sad part? He is still making profit of it. Its not like this is a bad bussiness move or anything. It was just locked behind a giant investment wall.

  7. You know things are bad when we have to rely on billionaires to keep prescriptions affordable. Complete policy failure

  8. I'm glad that this gives people a more affordable means of getting the medication they need, but we absolutely should not have to sit around and hope that a billionaire will come along and set something up for us.

  9. Or is it? It means capitalism is working, but at highest grounds got corrupted, Pig Pharma owns governments, how? Easy, as a Big Pharma you do something ilegal and made millions of dollars out of it, then you get caught, got punished with billions, but wait, here is the trick, I have to pay more of what I actually make? Well the trick is the payment deal, no deadline to pay the sanction but by accepting the punishment you are just making the government your bitch, it is now your employee that expect a salary every month, and you will be allowed to make money because they need to receive the money somehow, so, better said, emergency use authorization (EUA), after all, it is just business and we are just numbers in the formula, fighting each other because of politics points of views.

  10. And just like that, he killed himself by laying on some train tracks, then he hung himself, than he shot himself three times in the back of the head, then he went to the server room where his online pharmacy is located, and he covered the entire area in gasoline before lighting himself on fire.

  11. The more impressive thing is the group that is reverse ingeniering insulin and are planning to make it open source. Edit: since this spiked a conversation here is the source:

  12. I don't even know what that means. Insulin has already been both extracted from natural sources, and made biosimilar synthetically. Also the big pharma companies patent these methods- that means they tell you exactly how they do it, because if you try to do the same thing, they'll sue you.

  13. I'm not American, so this whole thing is utterly inconceivable to me... I pay tax, so that I can get my healthcare for "free" (and significantly cheaper than in the US). And I get some of the best health care in the world.

  14. Canadian here; I find it baffling as well. For me, prescription medications are free; the most expensive it can possibly get is a $5000/year deductible (for people earning more than $150k/year).

  15. So many of these “heartwarming” stories where rich dudes rescue normal people from a living hell caused by their utter lack of healthcare in the US are really testaments to how broken the US social welfare system really is.

  16. Now imagine you dont have to rely on a capitalist to hopefully undercut the market so your children can get basic health care. All you have to do is fund your health care system the same way you fund the police and the military.

  17. He wasn’t the first to do this and his prices aren’t always better than competitors, he’s just using narratives like this as ads

  18. Mark has always been cool. He joined a fundraiser and cursed on stage live on TV. Was told he got a $10K fine for doing so that would go to a charity. He simply replied if he would get fined more if he did it again. They replied "yes"... He replied "fuck it".

  19. 10k to him is like 1 cent to someone making 50k. Imagine calling someone a blessing for giving a penny to a homeless person. It literally doesn't matter. Imagine what america could do if we took all these billionaries money that they got through exploitation and just provided these basic services to everyone.

  20. Everyone has heard of it and everyone uses it. However the prices on costplusdrugs can blow goodrx prices out of the water.

  21. No, he is not. He is a billionaire, and he is doing this to make a moderate profit. Does it help people in our broken system? Yes. Does it solve, or truly address any of the substantive problems in our Healthcare system? No. Do not worship billionaires; tax them.

  22. Things can be both an ad and a genuinely good service to society. This seems to be the case here. Cuban and co still makes a lot of money because of mass volume and the average consumer pays less. All while giving a middle finger to these pharmaceutical companies and their absurd markups.

  23. Moderate profit off of 15% mark up? That's a small gross margin to cover operating costs. Grocery stores are a standard 15% because of the volume they deal in. Clothes stores and most other retail is 50% to 70%. Most pharmaceuticals is 100% plus. Buy a book and read. A guy comes along to help save millions of people millions of dollars and your response is to tax him more. That makes you a disgusting human being. Why don't you try to contribute to society for a change.

  24. Apparently it's necessary, because people here go nuts over american healthcare costs when there's so many ways to make it affordable. People are legit simping a billionaire just for selling generic drugs. Reddit needs this.

  25. Make sure you get the pharmacy number off the website to give your doctor. Otherwise it causes them confusion and you have to call to correct them to send it to the right pharmacy. If you just tell them the name, they get it wrong. At least in my experience. But it’s SO worth the hassle that may or may not occur. No driving to the pharmacy for refills, or messing with insurance copays. This man is truly doing the Lordt’s work.

  26. Though what he is doing is good for consumers, it’s not anything special, like GoodRx already does this and many other companies in the U.S

  27. Stop fucking posting ads for mark Cuban. And on top of that this is no solution to healthcare. I think it’s just generics, and any drug made in the last 25 years or whatever it is don’t have generics. Why are the people in this sub so dumb

  28. Can confirm how epic he is for doing this. A three month supply of all my meds (and without insurance because they don’t take it) cost less than a one month supply WITH insurance. And they email you a reminder to refill well before you run out so you end up with a stockpile which they specifically mention you should do in the paperwork they send with the meds. They don’t have all medications yet but they’re constantly adding more. This man is a hero and this service should be told to everyone in the U.S.!!!

  29. Or hes just doing the thing all capitalists do...find a way to drastically undercut the market, develop a loyal customer base and corner the market, and then slowly increase the costs over a decade or so.

  30. Mark Cuban is a legit scammer. How anyone would think he is a blessing for reselling cheap medicine at a markup is beyond me.

  31. Does he have to pay employees? Like you can make the argument he could do that out of his own pocket but that can only be a thing for a little bit? Running a site, money, running a hr department, money, paying employees, money. Things cost money to make available. It’s a product and a service. The 15% mark up isn’t all that much, especially going towards making the company functional.

  32. No different to any other generic. The ‘big pharma’ invest the vast majority of their income into research / development of new drugs, he doesn’t have to.

  33. Imagine if the number one game in town was billionaires trying to one-up each other by having the largest positive impact on the world. Not saying we should have to rely on them, but it wouldn't be a bad game for them to play all the same.

  34. The simple fact that he doesn’t work with insurance says it all. That is huge for people without insurance to not have to even think about it, or for people that do, to just skip the hassle of dealing with them and get the drugs cheaper anyway.

  35. Anyone who thinks that guy is operating out of altruism is adorable. Wait until he has market share and then watch what he does.

  36. Word of advice when you go to order from his website. Don't wait until you're about out of your current medicine. Order them at least two weeks in advance. Gives them time to get it put together and shipped. The meds I'm waiting on are much cheaper through his website, but I'm getting them more than a week after I ran out. That's more on account of my doctor being an asshole than a failing of his website, just something to be ready for.

  37. Can’t argue this is socialism at least for the idiots who would argue that anything that helps regular people is socialism. Bravo.

  38. My anxiety meds were $10/month on my old insurance. My new insurance (new deductable and everything - the bastards) wants $746, and that's with the coupon. What cost me $120 per year (after insurance) three months ago now costs about $6k once the insurance deductable is met and they start peeing their percentage.

  39. What this proves is that actually the government should have been stopping all of this bullshit long ago. It isn't a secret that the prices for so much of healthcare are all fake and allowed to be that way because nothing has stopped it. We shouldn't be required to suffer and wait for a rich person to do this stuff. We shouldn't have to see or setup GoFundMe's just to literally keep being allowed to live another day when the cure or treatment is very much available. Private insurance is a racket and keeps going up and up. It is a cycle that must be broken and those that keep it going should be tried and executed for crimes against humanity! They all do it because of greed and because laws are written to allow it to keep happening!

  40. Thank you so much for sharing this! I just went on the website and found out that the only medication I really really need that Medicare doesn't cover is available for $12 for a 3-month supply 😧

  41. I don't take any meds that are thousands of dollars but even GoodRX is the shit, I was getting prescriptions filled at CVS and decided to switch to Publix and the cost went from $81 (GoodRX price) down to literally $18 (GoodRX price) for the same med/dosage/count.

  42. PSA: Mark Cuban is not doing this because he wants to help people. He's doing this to capitalize on the fact that a lot of people can't afford their medication normally. By all means, use his service if it helps you, but don't praise him for it.

  43. I've showed this website to my patients that have to pay insane out-of pocket expenses for their chemo meds!! One of them was paying a couple hundred with insurance and their med was $13/mo with this site!!

  44. Never misunderstand a sociopathic billionaire doing anything as altruism. They simply aren't built that way. They are always narcissistic, evil greed machines. You don't get to where Cuban is by having a moral compass. Thinking anything he does is out of kindness is like inviting Hannibal Lector over for dinner.

  45. As a pharmacist who’sd getting ripped off by wholesalers, I wonder if there’s any provision for independent pharmacies to buy from him.

  46. I'm super anti capitalism but I gotta admit here's an example of the free market correcting itself. Very interesting to watch happen

  47. GoodRX is better. Cost Plus Drugs only uses it's own mail order pharmacy. GoodRX works with all major pharmacies, and you can pick up your medication locally. Cost Plus Drugs only sells generics. GoodRX works with generics as well as name brand medications.

  48. Imagine you already bought all the things you want and you have 999 million sitting in your bank. And then instead of building a library or whatever thousands of people would be helped with you stack that last little million straight into your bank account.

  49. He will either be 'suicided' or become a nuisance to the people making money from big pharma, either way he will not beat them. It's ridiculous and scary.

  50. It's PR stunt. He even endorsed a failed stablecoin promising high interest rates and was also associated with the voyager scandal. Having said that it is fair to say that those drugs are probably, indeed saving lives. It's a much more "ethical" way of reselling cheap drugs to make money than endorsing failed cryptocurrency ventures.

  51. Now wait until neighborhoods bind together in a collective where everyone pays a few dollars a month and meds for everyone are then provided. Like an insurance but without the mind boggling assholery.

  52. You guys are acting like you're anti-Big Pharma but were in favor of mandatory shots paid by tax dollars directly to Pharma and ridiculed and censored anyone with a differing opinion. Bravo.

  53. “A wealthy, hillbilly tortoise was seen slowly leaving the scene of Mark Cuban’s suicide after the celebrity millionaire shot himself twice in the back of the head at long range.”

  54. My moms arthritis meds are around $1300 without insurance or coverage, from Marks website theyre available for less than $30, Marks the hero we all need

  55. Yeah it’s not surprising to see people shitting on it since he is undercutting the pharmaceutical industry. But it’s not at all a terrible company. I’ve used them for awhile now and it’s not half the hassle of a local pharmacy and is literally a third of the cost of what I’d been paying for a month supply, for a three month supply.

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