Things go from bad to worse in sec.

  1. yeah, no one should be in a spot where they can possibly be hit by one of those... it's not a person moving that thing, it's a robot that is moving it towards it's target, no matter what is in between.

  2. The welding robots I used to run had “light curtains” you break the light curtain and everything stops, it was a decent sized arm, not only would it kill you it would make a mess too

  3. Damn beat me too it. I work for a Maschinenbau company her in Germany and no i way we would allow robot arms swinging shit without a proper enclosure. And a giant red button that turns everything off.

  4. This is China. They are still stuck in the Industrial Revolution-era of manufacturing where there are little safety concerns and everything remains exposed. Things like this do not surprise me

  5. There are easy to install light curtains around them that work the same as a wall but the machine can pass through

  6. When you don't care about the rule of law; when you don't care about human rights; when you don't care about the sovereignty of nation states; do you really think worker safety is a concern? China, cheap for a reason...

  7. If you watch the guy who runs and helps, he goes over to some computer and types something in… or he’s sending a text.

  8. I work in an American factory that has several of these kuka’s and all of them are in cages that kill operation if a door is opened. We would never have them in the open amongst workers for this exact reason… thank god for osha and unions…

  9. The worst part is that no one seems to know what to do. Like it's there no kill switch? There's always a huge red emergency button somewhere.

  10. Someone should put up one of those velvet ropes or something. Gotta keep people out of that area.

  11. Probably a yellow line on the ground, that'll definitely work. Those 2 guys definitely died one of them gets his face scraped off and squished.

  12. There's a new cooperative robot initiative happening right now. I had a company come and demo the tech for us last year. It uses three time of flight cameras to create a 3d map of the work area. Anywhere a human is becomes a DCS zone. If you approach the robot it stops dead in its tracks really, really quickly. I'd say in 5 years or so you'll see industrial robots and people working hand in hand.

  13. Every robot and automated machine I’ve ever installed has triple redundant safety systems, ie; mat guards, light curtains, magnetic interlocks, and so on as standard safety precautions. This is criminal.

  14. Why TF aren’t estop being wailed on after the first incident?! Aren’t the motors controlling the arms being current limited and timed out in the logic?!

  15. Looks like they at least collision detected out into an E-Stop, but those poor workers are now pinned till some clears it and releases them manually.

  16. That robot arm should have collision detection and stopped immediately when it hit something that’s what our robotic welders do

  17. First task a new factory worker in China does, is to clean red stains around his working space.

  18. I built 15 robots that assembled the mini explosives into air bags for cars. The Mexican workers kept losing their hands when the mini explosives blew. I was personally thanked buy a man that was referred to as "leftie". (I made up the last sentence because, well it was funny BUT I did build the robots.)

  19. Can’t say for sure what happened after the vid but the left guy that got crushed by the seconed one looks a little worse for ware, just spamsed then completely still, horrifying

  20. No way to shut the line down? They should have big red STOP buttons every so many yards, hope no one was injured

  21. Oriental manufacturing very cheap full of glitches and so unsafe. You need to care about your workers of you want good products

  22. OMG this is why you have a giant button on the wall you fucking run and push and shut everything off.

  23. Does anyone know further info on this / if there is an article on it? Wondering if they made it out alive :(

  24. Haha shit. Gallows humour perhaps but if you were to add laurel and hardy music here, it’d be quite amusing

  25. Nah he's fine. He waves his hand in the end, "just wait until the other guy stops screaming I guess".

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