“Trump 2020” man pulls gun on kids who disagree & did nothing to him. Newsweek story below.

  1. I’m guessing it’s the fight or flight response. Higher reasoning went right out the window the second they got a glimpse of the barrel. Just watching the video made my heart skip a beat.

  2. I think very often about how much better off the country would be if they never put that amendment in the constitution. So much unnecessary violence and deaths would have been avoided. They would be so much better off

  3. Trump supporters are such pussies, they need to to flash guns to appear threatening. People are just too use to their cowardess to be threatened by it any more.

  4. Yeah if the cops do anything, with how fucking worthless they seem in the US I wouldn't doubt if he was just given a light scolding. Or nothing, thats probably more likely.

  5. Getting liquid thrown on you is not a reason to pull a weapon. He should have retreated to a safe area and if he was continued to be attacked then he could brandish his weapon.

  6. Imagine if a black man had pulled a gun on Trump supporters for throwing water on him. The cops would shoot him on site. Meanwhile, this guy isn’t even being arrested with viral footage of him brandishing a weapon at teenagers circulating the internet.

  7. Jesus. It not like he was doused in acid. If you react to water being dumped on you by pulling out a gun, you have no business carrying a gun. One of the smartest things I was told about carrying was “be a pussy”, essentially avoiding all confrontation. Someone bumps into you? “Sorry man” Someone with an opposing political view throws water at you? Walk off. The gun only comes out if you’re gonna use it and you only use it in defense of your life or another’s. This guy is a moron.

  8. Because no one ever cares about the facts. It’s immediate outrage from whatever side you’re on, because the other side is wrong. It’s never ending

  9. Also how is throwing some liquid relevant when talking about somebody pulling a gun? That is literally never a proportional response.

  10. The police response in the article is weird. I get that he was assualted with an unknown liquid and a bucket, but wtf does that matter if he pointed a loaded weapon multiple innocent people. Self defense doesn't include people you wrongly accuse as well.

  11. Thank god the cops are investigating what the liquid was. Some people are saying it was water but some people are saying there was dihydrogen monoxide in it.

  12. brandishing a firearm (what this guy is doing) in a threatening manner is a ten year minimum sentence in my state. You don't use a gun to win an argument.

  13. One more thing to add....the first couple of seconds of the video you can see his muzzle raised AND finger on the trigger. Once black puffy coat lady steps in, he moves his finger off the trigger.

  14. That's what I'm saying. Someone got some water thrown on them so you really gotta think whether or not the appropriate response is to take out a gun? Fucking hell.

  15. Reddit (and America in general) has a bloodthirsty fucked up sense of justice. They'll cheer on the vigilantes that take the opportunity to permanently injure someone for stealing a loaf of bread. I've been banned from

  16. It's less about them being annoying and more the "no reason" part. There's absolutely no context prior to the gun coming out.

  17. Pulling a gun like that on someone is a felony. That man should go to prison for pulling a gun like that.

  18. Most people don't get that the people making comments in favor of the fuckwit with the gun would be people crying in a fetal position if someone pulled a gun on them.

  19. The fact that half the comments here are about how the woman filming is annoying rather than the fact a grown ass man thinks pulling out a gun is a viable path to conflict resolution shows how fucked the USA is.

  20. The orange lying thieving rapist is gonna have one of the highest vote counts of all time, so we should all expect nothing less.

  21. It's not. You'll find a couple of videos like this in a massive country with 330M+ people. A few crazies isn't representative of the entire country believe it or not.

  22. It’s like this for the people that seek this. I live in the middle of a medium sized city. Never once seen people act anywhere close to this or like any of the other viral videos.

  23. Maybe I'm old fashioned but back in my day every other responsible gun owner would not be okay with the way that fire arm was brandished much less why.

  24. I'm pretty sure that majority of gun owners would agree this is not responsible. He commited a felony by brandishing his firearm like this. And by doing so he also revokes his right to own a gun.

  25. This is why I hate that it seems to instant first advice to stuff is “get a gun”. Like I once asked a sub about home defense (security systems ect) and all of the answers were “get a gun”. Like god forbid not everyone in the US should have a gun.

  26. To be fair, the Seattle area can get really fucking sketchy depending on where you're at. That being said not everyone that has a gun uses it/keeps it correctly.

  27. What you didn’t see is the incel jizzing his pants when he got to take his gun out that he’s been hiding under his pillow waiting for the orange turd to tell him when to use it.

  28. They don't really show what the kids did, and the title of the video doesn't really help because it says that they disagreed and 'did nothing to him'.

  29. Snowflake with gun , Asian Woman for trump and what appears to be Gen z throwing water... this is a really annoying video to watch

  30. Wow. I've been noticing so many of the Trumpers are fragile little snowflakes who seem to be frightened of everyone and everything, but this one is the most fearful, most fragile of them all.

  31. One less gun owner. One less voter. One less Trump supporter on the streets. This is a good day.

  32. This man should not own a gun. He flagged an entire fucking crowd of people while holding it improperly. My guess is he's also pointing towards a 2 or 4-lane road with moving traffic as well.

  33. Trump's death squads are just itching to start gunning their neighbors down, and they'll be smiling when they do it.

  34. The fact that 67 million people in your country have decided that that self-absorbed, narcissistic, dishonest cunt of a thing is the man that represents leadership to them is mind blowing. He has polarised half of your population to the point where they would take up arms for him against their own country men. That is the stuff that you see in the news in third world lunatic fringe countries. I cannot imagine what it will take to bring your country back to some state of normality. There is nothing that could be done that will convince those people that they even have a problem. It will take generations to to recover from where you are.

  35. How are half the comments about them being annoying and they deserved it for throwing the water. First off to those who “read” the article, no they didn’t throw the water. It was some random dude who ran off. Even if they threw water at him how in the fuck does that constitute a gun being flashed. You’re insane if you think murder is ok for getting water thrown at you.

  36. It's funny to watch Asian Americans are rooting for Trump where he is spreading xenophobia through his campaign rallies.

  37. I can't wait for the video where one of these dumb fucks pulls a gun like this and gets shot the fuck up by someone who isn't a fucking coward and only feels like they can confront someone because they are armed.

  38. America is such a fucked up ridiculous country that their propaganda has actually convinced it's citizens that owning a firearm is somehow both necessary and that it, somehow, is a god given right for them to brandish it whenever the fuck they feel like it

  39. You Americans are so insane fucked up and behave literally like primal imbeciles. As soon as something doesn't matches your opinion, you get your guns and create nothing but fear in your surrounding.

  40. Fuck off nazi bitch. That little poor boy needed a gun to debate women. Republicans should only draw firearms into their own mouths if they actually care about justice

  41. If you're in public and pull a gun, you best be shooting it asap. You also best hope you didn't introduce deadly force to the situation or you're the bad guy.

  42. Bruh you retarded as dicknails if u think the guy with the gun isn't the most insane person in this video

  43. Seriously?? They didn’t make this for your entertainment. Keep your dumb comments to yourself.

  44. Because he has a loaded gun pointed at the other people's faces? Being at the wrong end of a gun barrel has more consequences than in the video games kid.

  45. So the nra says the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Seems like the only people who have guns in the states are bad guys. Its almost like good people dont feel the need to own something thats only purpose is murder?

  46. Reality is even if they tossed water on them we still don’t know what instigated that. Did they see trump hats and throw water or were they walking by and the guys were talking shit, then they talked shit back and threw water?

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