The LAPD shot a homeless man in a wheelchair in the face

  1. They might have thought that the wheelchair was a pretty clear threat against their militarized weapons and gear

  2. They got to play with their toys. Look at their facial expressions and body language, not a single one gives a damn about that man, I bet they’re living a wet dream right now.

  3. It shows how people who are paid +150k to 'serve and protect' care for the homeless and mentally ill.

  4. I'm guessing this dude was near the crowd when the cops started shooting into it. I just can't believe anyone would actually target this guy and shoot him right in the face.

  5. It riles up the people. I mostly think those cops are just extremists who abandoned reason and work on hate and anger. Basically a representation of the society.

  6. Who thinks cops are brave anymore after being scared shitless to the point of drawing weapons on handcuffed black dudes, pregnant women and homeless people in wheelchairs?

  7. I want to hear from some cops. What the fuck do you make of this? How does this make you feel about your profession? Does it weigh on your mind, at all?

  8. Are the cops aiming those rubber bullets to everyone’s face? I’ve seen a lot of pics of people loosing eyes to being shit in face. WTF?! I feel bad for this man.

  9. Sadly, cops kill and brutalize disabled people at hugely disproportionate rates. Especially, Black disabled people already know to fear police even in average encounters like that article you referenced to.

  10. The cop punching the suicidal man laying in a hospital bed is quite possibly the most heartbreaking video I've seen when it comes to police brutality. You can tell he's in absolute agony before being assaulted. Then it turned out the same officer punched him in the lobby earlier right in front of hospital staff and other patients for no reason at all other than he was annoyed with him.

  11. If you hate this, you're gonna hate that cops routinely harass, assault and demonize homeless people every single day and have done since time immemorial. ACAB.

  12. LAPD actively targets and harasses homeless people every single day and has done so for decades. As someone who lived near downtown, I cant tell you how many times I saw LAPD just show up out of the blue to provoke homeless people that were minding their own business or the amount of times that they do sweeps and just confiscate all the possessions of homeless people on a street. The city even made it illegal to fucking sleep in your car in most places, so if you're homeless but have a car to live in, the city would rather have you out on the street. Fucking evil.

  13. It's all blending together for me there's so much of it. Literally dozens of pictures and videos a day of this kind of brutality. What the fuck is it going to take to change this shit permanently? They pretend to be on our side one day and then shoot us the next.

  14. That happened in 2015 and the page says it’s under investigation...... please tell me someone just forgot to update it

  15. There is a foto where one cop drives him away after that and at least seems to offer some help. I don't live in the US, so I don't know whether that's normal First shoot, than assist or what?

  16. For an entire country full of guns, the police sure are pretty confident that people don’t hold grudges... can’t speak for anyone else, but I wouldn’t exactly be happy if my family member became disabled or died at the hands of someone who lives in my community.

  17. Every single cop in this picture deserves to be punished. Either for pulling the trigger or for not arresting the cop who did.

  18. Christopher Dorner. Was one of their own. Went on rampage for revenge, and in process looking for him. The LAPD shot up some Grandma's.

  19. That's seems to be the whole point, they're almost trying to provoke violence out of these protests. If someone brings a gun and open fires on them, that'll give them justification to be even more totalitarian in every city. Remember, they only broke out the riot gear as "response to rioting", yet days later without any riots taking place, they're STILL in full force and just as aggressive, at every single protest instead of just the cities that have a history of turning into a possible riot.

  20. The entire institution of the police is unfit for purpose and should be scrapped. Do away with the bourgeois state while we're at it.

  21. No one deserves that kind of indignity - the summary of their life circumstances to lead to that experience has got to be awful. Of course, a high priority target for any self-respecting fascist.

  22. Aside from possibly not being fully in charge of his faculties or possibly being caught going to the bathroom/sleeping/whatever, if the police or other protestors touched him at all or he fell out of his chair when shot, that could cause it too. It's relatively common for victims of police brutality to lose pants and shoes along the way, you can see it in some videos, if you're being moved around and they don't fit right, they're gone. IIRC Daniel Shaver was famously shot while trying to pull up his pants when they started falling down after police officers made him play Simon Says on the floor.

  23. Mentally ill people often lack self awareness and end up doing stuff like taking off their clothes in inappropriate places. I see it quite often in urban areas. Since he is homeless, it is fairly likely he is mentally ill.

  24. Lots of wheelchair users wear loose or elastic pants to make it easier when they need to use the restroom.

  25. A lot of homeless people wear donated clothes. My guess is that they're too big for him and have slipped down.

  26. This is the reason why police officers are putting tape over their badge numbers and lying about it being a memorial for fellow officers with covid. Why their unions are denying to give the names of officers accused of assault.

  27. The response to police officers covering their badges and not giving their names should be to just ask the other police officers who work with them to identify them, and if they refuse, then to fire the whole department and arrest them all for the crimes that officer committed. They're a spoiled bunch at that point who can't be salvaged. See how many of them are willing to protect their own when they all get fired and put behind bars if they try to cover up their crimes.

  28. Don't give up too soon man. There is still hope as long as the people are actively out there fighting for their rights. I really hope Americans can make a better America than right now .

  29. What is the cop’s name? I’d like to follow this story to see if he’s brought to justice.

  30. I think Americans should really consider open source documenting the names of all police officers in every single state. It really seems like taxpayers are financing the employment of thousands of serial killers across the nation. I don't think it's appropriate for Americans to not be aware they're near someone who's a danger to themselves.

  31. What about all those other cops that just watched it? Imagine continuing to work alongside a coworker who just shot a disabled homeless man in the face. It isn't just the one cop pulling the trigger in every one of these pictures. They aren't the bad apples. Look at this photo. It isn't that one cop. It's

  32. Supposed to be the best country in the world? Proper horse shit. That's only what Americans are told, I don't know a single person who thinks this, it's practically a 3rd world country in a 1st world costume, while the latter is rapidly fading at the moment.


  34. Well Im glad to live in America where at least I know Im free; to get shot by rubber bullets and stomped out by police and watch them kill minorities and Ill proudly stand up next to you while we're looting our own country; cause there aint no doubt we've fucked this land. In pepperonis rest the USA!

  35. Not sure why people are downvoting you without answering your question, but I believe it was a rubber bullet. It's likely that a real bullet to the head would be lethal, though you'd be surprised how much brain matter you can lose and survive.

  36. Rubber bullet. But people need to stop thinking of rubber bullets like it’s some quick moving wad of chewed gum. Rubber bullets are like if you shaped a hockey puck into a large bullet, then added a steel core. Shooting them at someone’s head can give a concussion, subdermal hemotoma, hemorrhage, or it can kill.

  37. Yeah, maybe he looked pretty dangerous to the police too. He could bump an officer with his wheelchair and it would hurt them really bad.

  38. There's not a shred of humanity left in these cops. The only way they can do this to someone in a wheelchair like that is if they really, really, deep down in their hearts, don't see them as human at all and would just as likely have shot him with live rounds if it was allowed for him to do so.

  39. The context here is that the LAPD was rounding up and arresting curfew violators. Curfew in LA was 6pm on June 2, which is when this video frame was taken.

  40. Careful, countering an exaggerated narrative gets you banned these days. Although, I would argue that any form of 'curfew' is just begging for more civil disobedience and fatal clashes.

  41. Ok since we’re talking truth now, OP is being fishy by posting the photo cropped, when u see the line of officers in full, u see the dumbass that shot him and over half of them are pointing at said dumbass. Idk if they will report him but they were clearly not happy with the guy that did it.

  42. Thanks for the context. Figured as much. No way some policeman shot some lone man in a wheelchair in the face but of course Reddit loves to believe otherwise. Reddit is cancer.

  43. He shouldn’t have been rolling up on them so hard. He clearly had a leg up on those officers. We can’t let them push him around like that!

  44. LA is structured strangely. For most cities, "downtown" is super gentrified and clean and heavily populated.. and while it's slowly moving in that direction, downtown LA is reaaly gritty whereas other neighborhoods are more associated with.. not being "a dump"

  45. Fuck these assholes police I bet they won't fight a citizen hand to hand without back up or any gear. Little ass bitches

  46. Was the guy in the group being fired at and take a stray round? Then when everyone moved back he was left? This just seems too prefect.

  47. What must go on in your head when you react to a situation doing this! Unspeakable ! I am ashamed as a human being.

  48. This photo is propaganda. It is a carefully chosen frame from a video designed to make you think that this homeless guy with his pants down was all alone, minding his own business, gunned down by the cops at close range.

  49. Slow down. I understand the sentiment but sometimes it can feel like we are generalizing. Of course you see these pictures and it breaks your heart, and we need to be clear about holding the officers who are responsible accountable. But many of us know police officers, they are family, friends, neighbors. I think it's important that we not overlook those people we love who believe they are doing the right thing, and got into this job to help people. So to be clear they are 100% a bastard piece of shit no matter how much you think they aren't. Your uncle Jimmy is a bastard. There are no good cops. You give up being a good person to become a cop.

  50. Can't understand why Donald trump hasn't got anything to say on this, he is normally so vocal on twitter but nothing regarding this!

  51. Police have been arguing violently for the last week or two that they are above the law. Shooting a helpless, crippled, old, homeless veteran in the face is a good way for them to underline that fact for the slow people who don’t get it.

  52. Because his supporters are on the side of the police. They’re the group that says “just comply, what’s the big deal?”

  53. I woulda shot him too. I mean look how ferocious and intimidating he is. Good thing none of those cops got hurt. Phew ..coulda gotten ugly. /s fuckin shit bags

  54. He still might be homeless after, since most homeless people suffer from mental problems. There have been stories where homeless struck big and in no time ended up homeless.

  55. Now this I can get behind, police brutality. This is what people need to be protesting! This is the problem, This should be in giant letters around the White House

  56. This sub is almost always for awesome things that are good, and I was super confused when I first saw this

  57. I support cops because not every cop is bad. Sure the one who shot that man is, as is the ones who were involved with George Floyd’s death are but assuming this is just as bad as making assumptions about race for the actions of one.

  58. Anyone have an article? I wanna know if this mans okay and what sort of state hes in. I hope to god he got medical attention and a decent lawyer

  59. This is why 150 million out of a 3 billion dollar budget isnt enough of a budget cut. They need to lose a ton of money and the money that they have needs to go mostly to proper training and less to military gear

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