Your taxpayer dollars at work….

  1. whats the point of including taxpayer dollars literally everything and everyone employed/built by the government is by your taxpayer dollars whats yhe point of including the title

  2. Yeah of course. The office of Weather Malfeasance, you haven’t heard of them. Obama started the office (Thanks Obama).

  3. no you dont get it, the taxpayers didnt pay for the wind, but for the heli, and if they hadnt paid for the helis then it wouldnt have happened

  4. This reminds me of when Hurricane Michael trashed Tyndall Air Force Base and a bunch of F-22 stealth fighters.

  5. No one is saying Uncle Sam can control the weather. We are saying that Uncle Sam can control. When to anchor it with its mooring straps which is SOP when a helicopter or plane is on the ground for:

  6. Ugh did they not have time to put on mooring straps? Was weather off for a training day. This should have been avoidable.

  7. I’m just a civilian, and def not a pilot, but you think something worth millions of dollars would be protected a little better. I don’t know, maybe anchor points with rope or chain. I know they can tie shit down. How else would they transport shit! I’m sure someone got in trouble for this lol I almost feel bad because I know it probably wasn’t even there fault

  8. Our sorry military where I am from *destroyed 5 “Żubrs” each cost 100M each (500 million total) to learn how to “master” driving the damn thing. “It's like putting a saddle on Godzilla... It's not gonna end well and something expensive will be destroyed” as conscript Illya De La Santos-Larionov put it during a video upload, he left Russia with family for asylum in USA (granted).

  9. Looks like we need to design another helicopter for a couple hundred billion dollars then cancel the program when we realize we could have just strapped them down , considering our advanced weather tracking and modeling capabilities and we knew the wind gusts were coming.

  10. Waiting for some but job on FB to post this pic with some rant about how god is mad abortion is legal or some crap….

  11. So you’re saying that the US NAVY can't predict the weather and either put the equipment inside or at least tie it down.

  12. They didn’t have time to tie them down, if the military stopped working because of a storm warning early in the day nothing would get done anywhere.

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