We get it…It’s a Tesla

  1. In MMORPGs and FPSs, where you buy the epic mount or the rare wrap, and then use ALL THE TIME around other players for validation? That's this.

  2. hahah, I get it, it's funny. Was thinking of going the opposite direction on mine and adding either a Type R emblem or a Si emblem...or potentially both.

  3. Gotta go with the M badge. What with the Model 3 basically being the new BMW 3 series as an extremely popular entry level luxury sedan

  4. Geez la fucking ouise! I took the Tesla emblem off the back of mine and put the words but bro is straight clout chasing. I'm sure he mentions those when you meet em. "Hey I'm Chris the Tesla owner" 🤣

  5. Wow that looks horrible I would like to remove the emblem on the back trunk and add the actual letters where the emblem is looks nicer in my opinion

  6. Amazing how people have no shame or embarrassment. Nobody around them has the sense or courage to tell them how bad it is?

  7. Could have at least spiced it up with some black ones or those super blingy ones... if you're going to go all out... at least try a little harder.

  8. I remember one of my friends getting a bunch of Apple stickers and putting it everywhere on his civic thinking it looked cool. That atrocious abomination is first in the list of shitty car decisions taken. This is a close second.

  9. With glaring T logo light when you open the door. Quite lame if you needed to be reminded of yourself of what car brand you’re about to get in to.

  10. This reminds me of the car that Isaac Hayes drove in Escape From New York with chandeliers on the hood - y'know, bling that didn't make any sense. But hey, it's your car, do what you want. How about some of those light up Tesla logos, (front and back, natch) just to drive the point home at night?

  11. I'm in the Milwaukee area. There is a black Tesla running around with a large Tesla logo covering the whole hood. I'm a Tesla fan but really...

  12. Well, at least it’s a little classier than the peel and stick lime green CHEVROLET I saw on the windshield of a truck the other day.

  13. Hilarious. I took the opposite approach with mine. When I bought it nearly 4 years ago I had the both the hood emblem and rear emblem removed with my PPF wrap and didn't put the hood back on. I replaced the rear emblem with the work Tesla on the back.

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