Anyone found a good solution to hide lock nuts?

  1. My fathers opinion was that a likely scenario was thieves removing SOME of your nuts before finding the lock and giving up. Leaving you to find out you are missing lug nuts on the road.

  2. Yeah, that’s probably why they came out with the second version of the lug covers. I hate the look though. I’m going with black titanium lugs and each one is a special design so it’s like having 20 lock nuts installed.

  3. You'd be surprised. 2015 accord.. Not in a dangerous neighborhood. Came outside for work, my car is on 2 milk crates stock wheels gone

  4. If you don’t have plans on putting back the wheel covers on, I think you’re better off with Rimgard. Wheel locks nowadays are useless.

  5. I have that same issue. Might have to take it off any spray paint it black. Let me know if there's a better option beside that star cap or buying a new set of blk lock nuts.

  6. i feel so stupid. i was today years old when i learned they’re called ‘lock’ nuts and not ‘lug’ nuts. what even in the hell is a lug nut…

  7. A lock nut is different than a lug nut. You need a special tool for a lock nut. That’s why 1 of his nuts (lol) is different than the rest. 1 lock nut per wheel.

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