Just got backed into - what now? Watched it happen after being woken up by it

  1. Is there damage? If so, make a report and contact your insurance provider. If there isnt any damage I’d just leave a “friendly” note on their windshield.

  2. While you really shouldn’t be sleeping at the wheel, it’s still rude of her to wake you up!

  3. Teenage women are scary drivers. My mom has been hit by 4 of them, all minor. However one of them that hit her on the wheel managed to crack her axel and she got neck pain, her insurance ended paying like 75 grand for the repair and neck therapy. Apparently her insurance tripled and it’s on her driving record now. One way to learn a lesson to not be on your phone

  4. Update - there is damage. Her tow hitch hit on the bottom side of the bumper above the grill. Screwed up the clear bra pretty bad. I will go find her and talk to her

  5. Sit in your car and wait, get her insurance information and make a claim on her insurance. Be prepared to block her in and call the cops if she won’t give it to you. Video the encounter

  6. Don’t do this. You have her plates. If she wants to leave, let her. Both the police and your insurance can get her info and insurance info from plates. All blocking her in does is give a chance for escalation.

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