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  1. For the confused, this is a parody commercial created by putting a Target logo over a PSA by Sandy Hook Promise and then the clip at the end is from an actual, entirely different Target commercial.

  2. I've seen this video countless times and it always strikes an emotional cord with me by the end with the little girl in the bathroom, but i couldn't help but laugh at that final "School takes a lot, Target has it all!" at the end.

  3. Every time I watch this her emotional deliverance fucking destroys my emotional guards. Maybe it's because I'm a father with a daughter of my own, but it cuts deep.

  4. Make sure you vote! 🤪 Voting is what makes this all better! Voting is what will make sure your local police officers are trained, well funded, and totally geared up to take on any issue like school shootings!

  5. As a mom, watching these children and knowing they are doing this all alone without their parents or sometimes even an adult to help, somehow hit me in a different way here. (I know they're actors, but the scene) I guess I've always seen the after math, but watching children worry about their lives ending without a loved one, holy fuck. Don't know why it never hit me.

  6. My fiancé is an elementary school teacher. She doesn’t know that every hour I google search for a school shooting just to make sure she’s okay.

  7. Speaking of shootings we literally just had one... Kinda ... Nobody got hurt bc they fled and later it was discovered that it was just an airsoft pistol but it scared the crap out of us.

  8. At 34s you can see the assumed shooter walking through the hallway while the girl is helping her friend with the socks. That terrified me.

  9. There’s this movie called Elephant by Gus Van Sant which is a bit of a non-linear multiple perspective take on a mass school shooting and it is disturbingly realistic. Loosely based on Columbine.

  10. Wow, that is actually fantastically well done and incredibly eye opening to sheep who don't think about stuff like this. If I was Elon Musk I would just form an Anti-Ad agency and make shit like this and push it far and wide on twitter instead of making stupid meme jokes.

  11. As a student/ educator in America the fear of a school shooting happening while I’m at work is a real fear of mine that is in my head every time I clock into work. Just because there is not a school shooting every day doesn’t make it any less terrifying.. there is so much other violence such as bomb threats and stabbings that go on daily that the media doesn’t report. My kids are my first priority and knowing in an emergency situation that I will be putting my life before my kids is not something I want to be thinking about everyday. The parents of these kids send them to school to learn, not to be killed.

  12. A relatively small percentage of our country has made this happen. The trouble is I don't know if we can ever get back from where at right now.

  13. I used to work at an amusement park when I was 19-21 (I’m only 22), but one night when I was working an active shooter was at the park. All the employees were unaware so we only found out by the screaming and running crowd. I remember the restaurant I worked at inside the park got flooded with guests, and since I was standing by the doors to the back of the restaurant, I got pushed with the rushing crowd. Once we stopped at a corner, I turned around and realized all the parents had pushed their children to the front of the crowd. So it was me, a freshly 21yo, standing in a sea of 2-14yo. I’ll never forget their crying faces, and the way this one girl was panicking. Oh my goodness I remember her trying to crawl under the grease trap because she was that scared. I saw this PSA not too long after the whole ordeal, and it’s quite realistic to the panic these poor babies feel. I’m glad this PSA was made because it felt like it was the perfect way for it to click in peoples heads that this is exactly what children feel everyday when they simply attend school. Very tragic.

  14. As a father of 4 school aged kids I never like seeing this whenever it’s posted but we’ll aware that this is just part of our society now. How fucked is that?

  15. I mean last I checked I can’t drive inside a hall and into a classroom and rapidly mow through a classroom full of small children with sedan.

  16. I tutor, and yesterday after school, we kept the doors locked because at a HS a couple blocks away there was a shooting.

  17. If the founding fathers could see what the incels of the NRA have done to their second amendment attempt to create local militias, they would nuke the far right from orbit.

  18. I don't think the founding fathers would be surprised that evil people are doing evil things. And I doubt they would change their mind about the second amendment.

  19. They were probably too busy thinking about which slave servant they were going to rape that night to have that kind of foresight

  20. Please, corporations, keep shoving our noses in it. Maybe then the general public’s outrage will reach a level where we actually fucking do something about it. These ‘thoughts & prayers’ politicians really need something to directly effect them and I’m past the point of thinking I’m wrong for hoping their families get caught up in a mass shooting.

  21. Wow, I'm so glad to not live in the one country where this seems to be a running issue which they can't fix even though the rest of the globe fixed it...

  22. Holy fuck. This made me cry. I have kids and I worry every day. Kids shouldn't have to go through this. You know this won't be aired on any major networks. Which is sad because this is reality.

  23. Because of the brave. Every school faculty member (who can) should carry and regularly train. The only problem is so many people working in education are wokesters.

  24. I actually watched this video not too long ago and seeing it again always reminds me I might not even graduate because of this :/

  25. ONLY americans can make something like this and show it to the world with a full grin. Its sad, honestly. That they had to have a lot of shootings in schools every year. And their politicians are masking it to be the cause of video games and such and not mental disorders or bullying or lacking in social experience leading to depression then to hasty dangerous decisions.

  26. What the duck have we devolved into? This is funny? I mean it would be, if people weren’t actively being targeted for torture and terror and murdered in mass. I’m all for satire… once there is some effort , at least discussing possible solutions. Otherwise this is just psychopathic.

  27. Seriously what in the hell this just seems wrong. Sure xid use scissors to stab a shooter if he was close enough and I guess it's better than nothing there showing us examples, but there example might get a child killed, just like it could save a child I guess.

  28. It’s a Target ad, as in: US school children are often a target for gun violence (hello from Canada). Pretty much on the nose there.

  29. Fucking americans think school shooting is the worst while countless childeren died in iraq just because america. Iconic

  30. Is that supposed to be funny!?? BECAUSE IT ISNT! In fact it’s so poor taste I’d goddamn make a complaint if I lived in the US!

  31. This gets reposted so often. It is a pretty accurate reminder of the state the entirety of America is in. Land of the free boys

  32. The vast majority of people have never and will never be involved in any kind of shooting, let alone at school. Most people don't even know anybody that has been involved in a school shooting. So to say this is the state of America is pretty silly.

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