Woman gets arm crushed in factory accident

  1. I think it's propably shock or being filled to the brim with regrets, i mean i would regret being in that position regardless of who's fault is this, we also don't know the context of how this situation came to be.

  2. When I started working in a factory (not floor, admin), most of my orientation training was spent watching gore clips in factories and the guy explaining how to avoid it. Kinda fucked me on training cause I'm an analyst, I don't touch or come near machines.

  3. When I was on benefits I chose to take a forklift course with the bonus of getting my license at the end, first week was in a classroom and we had a presentation on work place safety.

  4. My work had a video of a person at the factory who had committed suicide using a 4 ton injection mold press. Just pulled the shoot out, crawled up and put his head between the press. Floor manager had it saved to his phone. That place was so boring and repetitive that I wound up leaving 2 months in after contemplating doing the same

  5. I work with hydroponics, so we have a lot of electrical next to and inside of tanks of water. Twice I’ve gotten shocked, once more badly than the other, and it scared the shit out of me and made me way more cautious. Both times it happened I was alone at work an no one would have found me for hours.

  6. I think about this when I see accidents on the side of the road. One day it might be mine or yours turn and you never really know. Accidents happen so fast.

  7. These things make me sad more than terrified. People get complacent, start skipping precautions, and have life-changing (or life-ending) accidents that were totally preventable.

  8. This Saturday I have to use an electric saw the first time for a project. I have mad respect for it and hope I will have all my limbs attached at Sunday. Just today I plugged in the saw to get a feeling for it and will practise of course but I still am anxious around it.

  9. I was actually relieved when I saw the video, I was fully preparing myself to see her head getting squished 😬 the internet has ruined me

  10. I'd go into a deep state of depression, oh no I cant use two hands to (insert activity) just because of this accident this one day that I could have prevented with precautions

  11. You can see where her left arm grazes over the button. This is also a machine malfunction. It should be a 2-stage safety system required to operate to avoid things like this happening.

  12. We ordered an industrial guillotine paper cutter. We had to request the safety switch, and the laser safety guide. It was an extra expense and did not come standard.

  13. Malfunction? Or on purposed disabled safety features by workers who wants save time? It is really common… I always have high respect to those machines and personally I would never do something on it without huge mechanical stop.

  14. It looks to me like an improper installation of the light curtain safety. I’ve worked on similar presses that were designed to activate the ram when the light curtain is clear to speed up operation. It appears she managed to get completely in front of the light curtain (vertical yellow bar) and trigger the press which should not be possible.

  15. When an arm gets this crushed, as in flattened, is there any way to reconstruct or are you better off just amputating?

  16. No it's gone. The muscles are completely torn apart, the bone is pulverized and the shards problably tore through the tendons.

  17. Considering this is one of those hydraulic press machines that apply a huuuge pressure, and what we see in the video is her arm getting completely "flattened" as you said, I think there's no way to reconstruct it. Bones have been completely crushed. Blood vessels may have suffered damage too and the risk of compartment syndrome is very high.

  18. My SIL got her hand crushed halfway up to the elbow by something like a plate rolling machine (the thing that flattens thin stuff to thinner stuff, or squezes things). They managed to save her hand/arm and while it took a while, she healed basically perfect.

  19. I once dated a guy who had gotten his arm caught in the rollers at a paper mill. He said it looked flat and the bones were crushed but they were able to reconstruct it. It looked pretty normal, just about 2/3 the size of his non squished arm.

  20. What on earth was she trying to do sticking her arm clear through to the other side? Trust in your equipment but don't encourage disaster

  21. Looks like she is attempting to fix something. Could be she is going out of procedure to fix the issue, could be there is no procedure, could be lack of training, too strenuous quantity demands etc.

  22. Most of the road accidents happens on the road from home to work, because it's the one we know the best and get everytime less and less cautious about it. It's probably the same. She has a factory work, where she does the same move 500000 times a day ... And she forget to be careful with the routine.

  23. Have you ever been cutting something like a whole pork loin and you nick yourself and you pull back to look at it and it takes a good 4-5 seconds before you start bleeding like crazy? Kind of the same principle.

  24. Tough ass woman! She stayed calm and was able to get it off her arm. Poor design of the machine to be able to depress the activation button by accident. Should be a guard over the button to keep this from occurring

  25. That button should have a safety cap over it or it should be located where the operator can't accidentally press it like she did. I see a lawsuit coming.

  26. Seems like a bad idea sticking your arm in a machine that crushes things whether in the process of crushing or not.

  27. I saw a similar video of a man who had his hand flattened in a similar machine. His hand was like a big, flat, five fingered pancake. Horrifying how unforgiving these hydraulic presses are. Very scary and unfortunate that some people are exposed to these dangerous machineries daily to make a living. Especially in countries that don't have OSHA type safety measures and proper training

  28. I didn’t knew thats how it would work! I thought it’ll just pop and boom, blood everywhere.. Hope that lady is ok tho

  29. I worked on a press like that for a time and those plates were SUPER hot and would burn the hell out of you if you weren’t careful. Makes me wonder if that’s the case here too.

  30. Just put your thumb in your mouth and blow. It works in cartoons. But seriously she probably lost her arm and got a settlement from the company. No light curtin or safety switch. An accident was going to happen.

  31. I knew a guy who did this with his hand intentionally. I saw him about 10 years later and what was left of it was mostly functional.

  32. As someone who wrote industrial software for 20 years, why the fuck was there no two hand anti tie down, and is that light curtain only for fucking show?

  33. What I hate the most about this is that you can see that the machine has a safety light curtain that is clearly disabled, the machine shouldn't be able to move with her covering the curtain scan zone.

  34. A staggering level of ignorance about safety around machinery. You can guarantee she never received any safety training when she was hired and she will get likely be entitled to nothing for her injuries.

  35. Always stay out of the line of fire when working with anything like this. Unless the machinery is isolated and de pressurized. Could have easily been avoided.

  36. I’ve dislocated my knee 4 times in the span of a year and the first time was the worst. I didn’t know how to put it back into place because I was twelve and it had never happened before. I was playing hockey in my garage and I wanted to shoot as hard as I could I did and fell over immediately I hit the ground opened my eyes and thought I broke my leg I took my hands off of my knee and it was hanging off the side of my leg. I sat in that garage for 3 hours waiting for help with a complete patellar dislocation it didn’t hurt if I didn’t move but it was cold and I had a t shirt and shorts on, so I started shivering and when my legs shivered my right leg with the knee would lock up. Like completely flex and I couldn’t release it flexing a tendon that isn’t in the right place wasn’t fun but I got loaded up into my moms suv and went to the hospital they took an hour to put it back in after they blew 4 veins trying to get a fentanyl Iv in and I had to completely learn how to use it again, it took 8 months of psychical therapy. Every time since I’ve just straightened my leg and it pops back in. (Hurts like fuck) but I still have to wear a brace whenever I do sports. I’m 15 now. shit blows I’m gonna have to have 2 surgeries before I’m 20 or I’m going to have the knees of a 50 year old at 30.

  37. A small part of me is convinced that it's a fake arm because of no blood/redness. Coping strategie I guess?

  38. There wouldn't be any bleeding as there was nothing sharp there. She got it crushed between two smooth surfaces.

  39. It lloks like she triggered the machine with her elbow. Would she still qualify for workmans comp? Just wondering because that arm is fucked.

  40. Even if she triggered the machine it's still a work place accident. She would have to be found criminally negligent to not get compensation. Accidently hitting an easy to hit switch connected to a very unsafe machine is not her fault.

  41. Pressure pushin' down on me Pressin' down on you, no man ask for Under pressure that brings a building down Splits a family in two, puts people on streets Mm-ba-ba-beh, mm-ba-ba-beh Dee-day-da, ee-day-da That's okay

  42. And if this is in America, she gets fired, and she can’t really sue them unless she has a really good lawyer. They might say something in the next safety meeting. “Hey y’all, watch where you’re putting your hands. Okay, enjoy your 12 hour shift with a 30 minute break!”

  43. def would blow my brains out after getting severely maimed like that. Hope her quality of life returns to any semblance of normal.

  44. That's exactly how my dad lost his fingers. It's because of him and his accident light curtains were then installed on the machines.

  45. Does it close automatically? Because I was thinking, move faster. Yeah she was incredible calm. Her arm was like all broken...

  46. I work in a metal stamping shop this is the second scariest thing I can think of next to a pin stop exploding in your face. My tool room guy showed me a pic of his old coworker at his last shop who sheared his index and middle finger off in a tool. Just ew glad I work the EDM wire cutter now!

  47. Correct me if I’m wrong but they are probably going to have to amputate it right? That thing is flat like wile.e Coyote falling off a cliff

  48. why is there no blood or injuries at all? should skin tear apart and blodd splatter all over the place?

  49. Even the pizza dough press at my work requires both hands to operate the machine, and immediately disengages if one of the two buttons isn’t being held down

  50. Isn't there supposed to be 2-simultaneous-press buttons? To avoid this exact situation? Good god, even a super cheap low tech wrist harness?

  51. Oh NO. Wow, she seems so very calm!! I’d been like them cartoons! Head exploding panicking screaming, acting like I just pee’dmy pants in public!! 😱😱😱😱

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