Power lifter experiences blackout during lift

  1. Or at least use some kind of safety cage if you do. I'd rather have something to catch it than it land on my head like that

  2. Can't really spot a clean other than help someone dump it if it goes wrong. He got very lucky it landed the way it did and the ground absorbed most the weights impact. At first I thought he injured his wrist such as catching it badly. This was due to the shifting of his arm. But then he started to stumble. If I was working out with someone and saw that kind of stumble I'd tell them to dump it and go to help them if they weren't dumping it immediately. This is especially why you use bumper plates to clean so you have the option of dumping it since you can't really use safeties for it.

  3. You can hear his exhale at the at the top of the clean. That rush of blood with an unexpected amount of weight, the brain was like oh shit, reset.

  4. I don't care how much weight he's trying. Doing this alone on video for Internet credit doesn't make you a "power lifter." It makes you fucking stupid.

  5. now just a question from someone who doesn't power lift couldn't you have raised side to prevent to weight landing on you or would that just disregard the kind of lift this unit is attempting?

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