Death can come at anytime.

  1. Death and taxes are the absolutes, according to philosopher, humorist, cofounder of the USA, international celebrity, and, from what we can tell, all around good bro Benjamin Franklin.

  2. I've seen my fair share of people bite it from being struck with a vehicle. Most of the time it's instant but not always. The human body is astonishingly resilient. I do hope this poor person didn't suffer.

  3. Especially because it's not like a pine tree with lots of branches. They just happened to be right where the head of the tree fell on a tree that has almost nothing else going on.

  4. Bro. You never walked on a road like that before? I don’t feel bad , shit happens. But being on this sub always makes me check everything in my daily life. When I cross the street, what am I doing in this neighborhood, why am I hanging out with these dudes, have more seriousness than I used to be. I watch which girls I talk to etc you get the message

  5. YIKES!! The tree seemed PISSED!! 😤😤😤 Like that person kicked his dog, Or sleep with his wife, or ate out of his bowl in front of him…. WITH HIS SPOON!!😳😱😳

  6. Why has this subreddit devolves into violence and snuff films? I came here for scary (horror esque) content, not people getting hurt. Seems like every post i come across on the front page is someone getting killed or otherwise hurt.

  7. We can't see outside the frame of the video. Was the tree knocked down by wind, or was someone cutting it down and cut the last bit deliberately as the person walking was approaching? It seems completely random, but we dont' have all the information

  8. Might have been zoned out, but also your brain processing time from the time a threat is ID’d to taking action can be your enemy as well.

  9. I honestly don't want to laugh because someone died. But the actual visual of this just seems so comical, And so personal. But seriously may she rest in peace and and I hope this happened a long time ago and not recently so the Grieving families wounds have already healed.

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