A Vietnamese man with a mysterious flesh-eating disease that baffles doctors.

  1. "Tiền Giang province, Vietnam, 2015. A 51-year-old man baffled doctors with a flesh-eating disease which caused him to lose his eyes, nose, and mouth. The man’s problems started in 2004 when he began getting nosebleeds three to four times a day and his eyes constantly watered. Doctors diagnosed a deviated nasal septum, but a year later, the man discovered that whenever he drank water, it ran into his nose through a hole in the roof of his mouth. Several months later, the hole got bigger and he had further surgery after the bridge of his nose collapsed - but this also failed to help. At this point, with no further funds, the man was unable to get further surgery and had to resort to traditional herbs and medicine. By the time this video was recorded, he could touch and hear, could make sounds, and was in pain and well aware of what had happened to him. He died in February 2016."

  2. Thank God the poor man died. (Rather than live with this hell on earth of an existence). He lived with it for 12 fucking years. Fuck that.

  3. Odd the article titled with "virus" not nothing in the article confirms or even mentions any work up providing it's a virus. My first thought was cancer, an autoimmune condition like Wegner's granulomatosis, Hanson's disease, etc. Horrible for him and his family, whatever it was! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Uh kill me long before this point. If there is a hole in my face growing larger and there is no stopping it just fucking kill me

  5. I think there should be something like a jury which decides if it’s reasonable that someone would rather be dead then alive

  6. No kidding, I’m pretty sure that white circle at the back of his throat is pretty much his brain.

  7. Looks like a picture of gummas that I saw in med school. A type of infection related to syphilis. I think there’s a tropical variant that involved a lot of facial soft tissue erosion like this that was seared permanently into my amygdala along with Harlequin ichthyosis.

  8. The ground shakes... Drums. Drums in the deep. We cannot get out. A Shadow moves in the dark... We cannot get out... They are coming."

  9. I am scrolling down this thread waiting for someone to scream “it's all fake and made up for clickbait! It's all makeup!” I’m not seeing it yet and I'm getting nervous 😟

  10. I mean honestly, if my mom or dad was like that.... I think I'd take prison term to just put them out of their misery. That is horrendous and I can't imagine letting someone go on like that.

  11. Ok a few things...1. what is this? 2. How do I make sure I never ever come into contact with it? 3. What do you do for the person who catches it?

  12. is it spreading fast, or the person just did not worry about it untill it's too big to ignore?

  13. Why would you let him live. Holy shit, just fucking kill him he’d probably thank you if it was remotely possible

  14. There was a guy in the USA many years ago who lost his eyes, nose and sinuses to a fungal infection that started in his sinuses. He survived because the doctors amputated all those areas to stop the infection, now he wears a plastic face piece that's held on by magnets, and he has plastic eyes which make him a little less horrific to look at.

  15. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  16. Yeah, you're gonna have to hand me the gun my friends because I really wouldn't to be living with that.

  17. Now the world is gone, I'm just one Oh God help me Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please God, help me

  18. I wanna know if he's in pain, cause keeping him alive in a state of constant torture isn't very interesting to me

  19. Kinda looks like mucormycosis (flesh eating fungus that lodges in the nose of inmunocompromised people and eats through everything, close to 100% lethal ) or some osteosarcoma to me

  20. if this isnt a sign for me to unfollow this sub idk what is. goodbye folks. you r all stronger than i am.

  21. Ffs..it’s so much crueler to sustain a person existence in this state of being, surely the guy would prefer to be dead but then you never know, I wonder if anyone asked him?

  22. I’m sorry for sounding cold but if I were a doctor I’d be asking him if he really wants to continue living. This is beyond the worst pain I can imagine and I personally wouldn’t feel bad about ending it for him, all things considered. I’d probably want my life to end if I were in that position

  23. Calling Dr Kevorkian. Dr Kevorkian your needed ASAP. Poor Bastard. I guess all you can do is sit and watch and see how far it could go.

  24. I'd be eaten up and couldn't face something like that. I'd rather take a the coward route and not worry about showing face.

  25. Just kill me. Put me out of my misery and then y'all can sit around all fucking day and try to figure out what the hell it was. That is not a life worth living

  26. And, as a doctor, we look back 100 years and think “WTF??”. It will be the same 100 years from now. Maybe give us a break. Doing the best we can, and for the right reasons.

  27. Could this not be leprosy? I know we eradicated it for the most part, but he may be in a third world country where this may have slipped through the cracks.

  28. Heartless bitches . Keeping him alive to suffer more? Just end his suffering . People and their twisted sense of morality.

  29. Id have myself killed at this point, why suffer like this? Can he even talk or see anymore? It's like nightmares beyond my comprehension.

  30. Fuck me if this were me I'd want death, like nite nite put the fuck out goodbye fuck this nope me the fuck outta here.

  31. What horrible way to to. How can someone see this man suffer and think their is some God watching over us

  32. he was in pain so that discarts Leprae and it looks like Necrotizin Fascitis so must be an Staph/Streptococcus infection, but if he was inmunocompromised by something like HIV due to poor resources, then it could be any fucking weird virus, bacteria or fungi.

  33. Man the way he's holding that bracelet at the end brought a tear to my eye. That's basically the last of his senses, being able to feel touch. And he's making the most of it. Man is this so fucked up

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