Guy gets beaten

  1. All those kicks to the head, then gonna cry in front of the judge like a clown when you're charged with attempted murder.

  2. Nah this is Ireland, he would get a slap on the wrist and a suspended sentence. The guy getting his head kicked in would probably get done for assault too.

  3. Bet he felt like a real man 3v1ing and wailing on his head. What a puss. Walk away, don't taint your W with a disgraceful act.

  4. Never know what the guy did.. I am not defending it at All.. but let's remember people do some horrible stuff and sometimes piss off the wrong person.. just saying I've seen some videos on here that would warrant this type of beat down... If someone touched a kid or attacked an elderly person I could see getting to the point where you don't care and would keep kicking the guy... Again not defending anyone just playing devil's advocate.

  5. It’s something worse than a coward. What he did is something very telling about his lack of character. Any legit capable person would’ve heard the ruckus came out and stopped him quickly. Like point at him and say stop it, and if he doesn’t knock his shoes off.

  6. "Here, take this couple of months in jail, then you are free, because we are humane, and don't sentence harsh punishments".

  7. There’s a huge difference in giving someone a well deserved slap, and kicking and stamping on a guys head…all this proves is how little regard the shit stain on society has for anything other than his brutality. If the victim survives, it should be attempted murder at least…That was deliberate intent to kill.

  8. seems like the guy with the grey shirt did something (stealing or whatever) but he doesn't deserve that much beating

  9. Terrifying… although I’ll admit I laughed when the police accidentally rammed his head into the wall afterwards.

  10. So they arrest the gray shirt guy, who's been beaten by 4 bitches... And not doing anything about big pussy red jacket?

  11. Probably stood him up and pined him to the wall to keep him from falling down. He's a danger to himself trying to walk away.

  12. The two guys that show up at the end are also cops, they grab red jacket guy at the end of the video but he'd taken the jacket off. Definitely crazy how much they manhandled the dude that could barely stand though.

  13. This happened in Ireland, so I'm pretty sure they'll get a slap on the wrist if it gets as far as the court system.

  14. It probably wouldn't have helped but in a fight like that you have to seriously hurt everyone coming at you. Break arms, punch the big girl, strangle people. Don't go soft at all. The whole goal is for you to walk away and send them to the emergency room. Even if you're walking away to jail. But 4 on on 1? Not much of a chance.

  15. Those ladies are so fucking stupid just watching it happen with their hands over their mouth and then letting him keep walking back up to him

  16. He looks like he's a trades person due to the steelies and trousers so I doubt it more likely the chavy ones started it and ended it but we will never know

  17. Do they not have 911? Everyone just going to record and stand there? Why doesn’t anyone tell him not to move or try to get up? God, this is really fucked up

  18. Back in the day, the fight stopped once there was a clear winner. We had fights between people, now we have monsters murdering each other. No honor, no decency, no respect. They should all be locked up so decent folk can live without them.

  19. Dude In the red jacket lucky big momma was there to help. He was getting beat on before she dropped dude in grey. All those kicks to the head were unnecessary

  20. The fucking moron pig at the end letting the guys face smash into the wall after taking all those kicks. But yeah definitely there to protect the public

  21. Yeah spotted that too. You've got a guy with a potentially serious brain injury and spinal injuries so you stand him up then push him into a wall... Fkn moron

  22. WE NEED THE BACKSTORY OF THIS SO WE KNOW IF HE DESERVED IT OR NOT. A lot of assumptions in the comments don’t even know the reason of the start of the fight.

  23. Why kick someone in the head that is laying on the ground?!?!? Some serious low life and garbage of human being :/

  24. What a pussy only started beating once his fuckin mom got him on the ground fucker should get a job at Wendy’s

  25. Honestly, this is why I swing in ANYONE when I’m outnumbered man, woman, child, infant. Stay outta the fucking fight if you don’t want to get hit.

  26. So WTF, I post a video of a FDNY EMS Lieutenant getting stabbed to death (showing no blood) and it’s taken down, but the mods think that a dude getting his head stomped is ok. Makes sense.

  27. Fucking weak dog kicking a man while he’s down after having his fat gronk ugly bitches helping him dog shot him funny cos the dude in grey was doing decent getting it over red jacket scumbag then you got gronk bitches hitting him in the back of the head, makes me so angry seeing stuff like this red jacket over the top of him yelling shit like he’s a big man pathetic

  28. Disgusting that’s one thing should never do kick someone in the head. The guy in red should be done for attempted murder.

  29. I know there’s not much those women can do to get an angry frenzied man off of another, but man they were hopeless.

  30. The kid in the black and red better thank his fat mother for helping him cause that kid was ready to beat on him until fatty got involved straight trash everyone in that video

  31. Obviously don’t know any of the back story but that’s fucking horrific. You don’t kick someone in the head like that repeatedly when they’re already incapacitated, unless you literally want to kill them. Amazed the man stood up and was able to walk, but I suspect his injuries will catch up to him.

  32. Haha A man who did not want to hit a woman ended up with head problems ,Damn it, if a woman is participating in the fight, why don't you hit her? Whoever made this boy win the fight were the women He should have punched her hard and it would have been easy to defeat this little boy But always the mentality of a man is to respect the female even if she is fighting him Congratulations, you almost got killed!

  33. red&blue jacket guy is shit.., pure shit... dunno if the other guy deserved all that or not, but red&blue jacket is actual real pure shit anyway...

  34. holy shit... i cringed harder and harder each time he came back and kicked him. just walk tf away u psycho

  35. Don't know what's happening...but that fudger who keeps kicking the dude in the head while he's down...."sips drink" he's the one I'm gonna tackle to stop this...fudging greedy mf

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